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  • Ten Who Left
    Fred Cornforth, Tim Lale

    …swinging back door and then take dramatic steps and keep the family whole. What better way to find out when members leave than to ask them? In Ten Who Left, that is just what Fred Cornforth and Tim Lale have done. Each of these 'exit interviews' concludes with questions for discussion or reflection.…

  • Ten Who Came Back
    Pat Habada, Tim Lale

    …difference today? Will you welcome them? What will you say? If you’ve never left the church, you surely know someone who has. Ten who Came Back explores the thoughts, feelings, and fears of ten people who left the church but have come back with renewed dedication. Each of these stories is…

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  • Why Our Teenagers Leave the Church
    Roger Dudley

    …troubled hearts. Some who never left explain what kept them in the church. Many who left want to return. "Without God, life is hell," wrote one. If you want to know what the youth of your church are not telling you, read this book. It includes the responses of a group of kids who were asked to…

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  • The Secret of The Cave
    Arthur S. Maxwell

    …life jacket, the windowpane, the lost peat moss, the rusty clock spring, or the strange prints in the earth with McCullem's Cave? Who milked the old lady's cow and left a note for her saying, "Don't worry about Nancy this morning!" Roy determined to find out. Since there seemed to be a connection of…

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  • Him Big God Day
    Stanley Maxwell

    …“The supervisor grabbed Umie angrily, and slapped his left shoulder. ‘You get ready for work!” he shouted. Him Big God Day is a collection of remarkable, true stories about God’s faithfulness to those who honor His holy day. These stories will take you from the Kalahari…

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  • Lure of India
    Elva B. Gardner

    …of the 1900s, they left father and mother, home and country, to serve as teachers and missionaries at a mission school in India. The small village of Kottarakara became their home for seven years. This book was written in appreciation of a lovable, patient, hospitable people who accepted Joe and…

  • Detective Zack Series V1
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …wonder-filled journey with his family in their minivan to enormous caves where trickles of water form long, pointy rocks; riverbeds where dinosaurs left huge footprints; and to mountaintops were seashells are stuck in the rocks! The Mystery at Thunder Mountain When things in the Cherokee cabin start…

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