23 Psalm

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  • Reflections On the Lords Prayer
    Vision Video

    …God's presence in a deeper and more beautiful way! These meditations on The Lord's Prayer with Ken Curtis build upon his previous series on Psalm 23. Ken was diagnosed with advanced cancer with little prospect for survival. He pursued a combination of traditional and alternative medicine,…

  • Reflections On Beatitudes
    Vision Video

    This series builds upon two previous Reflections collections – Psalm 23: “You don’t have to be afraid anymore,” and The Lord’s Prayer: “You don’t have to feel alone anymore.” The programs are presented by Ken Curtis, who was diagnosed with advanced…

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  • After God's Heart
    Elizabeth Talbot

    What is it about Psalm 23 and its writer that minister to us? Whether we live in green pastures and waters of rest, or find ourselves in the valley of the shadow of death, we all can relate to the song of this sling hurling ancient shepherd boy who cried a lot and whose songs could soothe a crazed…

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  • Best of the Best
    D A Delafield

    …the Bible. But if you had to choose twelve chapters from the Bible above all others to take with you, which ones would they be? Matthew 5? Psalm 23? Genesis 1? Revelation 22? In the Best of the Best, author D. Arthur Delafield selects the twelve chapters from Scripture that are the most meaningful,…

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