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  • Testimonies for the Church 9 Vol Set
    Ellen G. White

    The nine volume-set of counsels from the Spirit of Prophecy contain spiritual commentary of a general nature, along with many letters of intimate instruction to members of the church during Ellen White’s time. This staple of Adventist literature is being reintroduced in a beautiful new…

  • God's Love Song
    Ginny Allen

    The 2013 sharing book for women comes from beloved speaker and prayer warrior Ginny Allen. Through personal stories, examples and Bible truths, Ginny shares a picture of a God that loves us, changes us, and uses us. Women from all walks of life will resonate with the experiences and truths related…

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  • My Offering CD

    Pete McLeod has returned to Chapel Music with this new CD My Offering after being absent for a number of years. You can enjoy his traditional style in this album. Songs Include: * We Give Our Love To You* At the Name of Jesus* I Remember* Rest In You* My Offering* Sippin From My Saucer* Simple Song*…

    $12.98 $9.97
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  • Instruye al niño CD (Espanol)
    Lourdes Chazarreta

    Enstruye al niño CD (Espanol)* El Perfecto Cuerpo* Enoc caminó con Dios* El Soñador* Los Diez Mandamientos* Enfrenta al Gigante* Elias: Jehová es el Señor* Gracias, Buen Padre* Lávate en la Sangre* Cristo Ama a los Niños – Medley* Instruye al…

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