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  • Heaven Bound
    Fountainview Academy

    In the Spring of 2003 Fountainview Strings toured the Ukraine and shared 21 concerts at Bible seminar sites sponsored by Outpost Centers International. Heaven Bound is a collection of songs from that tour. This album features songs by both the strings group and choir. Selections include Seek Ye…

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  • Wayfaring Stranger
    Fountainview Academy

    We're only strangers here on a journey to our real home, Heaven! These songs of hope and inspiration are sure to lift your spirits wherever you are on the Heavenward journey! Journey on, as you enjoy these favorites, played so simply yet with deep musical themes from the heart.

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  • Satisfied CD
    Fountainview Academy

    Jesus satisfies. Have you ever felt lonely, ever been tired, ever needed inspiration? Jesus offers everything we ever needed or wanted in endless supply! Trust Him! May Jesus be especially near you as these sacred favorites bring you hope, encouragement, inspiration, and most of all, satisfaction!…

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  • He Is Our Song Wire-O

    This youth songbook features 156 group songs, and is designed especially for academy and college use. It includes classics such as Side by Side, action songs, scriptural songs, antiphonal canons, plus many other praise songs. Guitar chords are included.

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  • Martin Luther
    Vision Video

    The original film classic of Luther's life was released in theaters worldwide and nominated for two Academy Awards. The film traces his life from a guilt-burdened monk through the monumental events that led to a break with the Roman Church. This film is in black and white and retains the stirring…

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  • Fundamentals of Christian Education
    Ellen G. White

    There is no doubt that Ellen White had a profound interest in Christian education—she wrote numerous articles, pamphlets, and books on the subject. Flowing throughout these writings is one constant, abiding theme: education is to bring the student ever nearer to God. It begins at home and…

  • Never a Dull Moment
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …in the academy girls' dorm, Dean Rizzo sometimes felt like the old woman who lived in the shoe. Other times she felt like a mother hen. Or a referee. Or maybe a drill sergeant. If you want peace and quiet, comfortable routine, and the familiarity of the humdrum, keep your distance from an academy

  • He Is Our Song

    This youth songbook features 156 group songs, and is designed especially for academy and college use. It includes classics such as Side by Side, action songs, scriptural songs, antiphonal canons, plus many other praise songs. Guitar chords are included. He Is Our Song youth songbook, with guitar,…

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  • Those Were the Days
    Merikay McLeod

    Merikay McLeod’s writing career began to crystalize during her junior year of academy—the year at Grand Ledge Academy upon which she bases this book. She went on to work at Pacific Press® Publishing Association as an assistant book editor; as an editor at Santa Clara University; as a…

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  • The BLUEPRINT: The Story of Adventist Education DVD
    Martin Doblmeier

    …encourage parents that their children should be in Adventist schools, it will also encourage everyone to support their local elementary school and academy with their time, talents, and dollars. From the streets of Bronx, New York, to a Native American reservation in Arizona—from a riverboat…

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  • Beautiful in His Time
    Sandra Vincent

    …Read this touching story to discover how, “in His time,” God answered the prayers of a desperate woman and the needs of a troubled child. Share Sandra’s tears of joy as she listens to Noreen’s letter of thanks during “Parent Recognition” at academy graduation.

  • The Long, Long Trial
    Olivine Bohner

    …school, always keeping her vision “beyond the pail” (the scrub pail, of course). Willing to work at anything, even furniture making in an academy shop, she stands stoutly by her determination to get an education. Colporteuring, school teaching, and nursing follow; then later marriage and…

  • Sister Mary Lou
    Chester E. Westphal, Wilma Ross Westphal

    …availability. Mary Lou Pfannenstiel grew up with the strong desire to become a nun. She gladly accepted the life and routine at St. Joseph’s Academy and looked forward to the day when she would take her vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience and become the bride of Christ. Then doubts began…

  • Pioneering the Message in the Golden West
    Harold O. McCumber

    …reached California. By 1946 the church operated a medical school, two senior colleges, a large publishing house, four sanitariums, and numerous academies and grade schools. This book seeks to inform the reader of the values and principles on which the Seventh-day Adventist Church movement was…

  • Down the River Road
    Paula Montgomery

    …If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Book 2 in the Becka Bailey series. Academy! Becka felt her heart thud as she walked up the steps to her new school. A freshman, a stranger, and alone, Becka felt very small and very frightened.…

  • Camporee Of Doom
    Seth J. Pierce

    …Pappenfuss is a pastor’s kid. And he’s a well-known goof off in a small church school in Iowa with the large name of Davenport Christian Academy. He could hardly wait to go to the Pathfinder Camporee. What fun he would have! Or so he thought. Peter Paul discovers that one can be punished…

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  • Learning to Walk With God
    Dwight Hall, Cari Haus

    …of course, But it was this search–for peace, meaning and purpose–that impelled a teenage Dwight Hall in and out of two Christian academies, into the Airborne Rangers and eventually into starting a successful manufacturing company. Many though Dwight was living the great "American Dream."…

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