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  • Truth Left Behind
    Steve Wohlberg

    …rapture of the Church and the rise of Antichrist has captured the imaginations of millions. This gripping, but fictional, story dramatizes a widely accepted view of Revelation’s mysterious prophecies, and how earth’s last days might be fulfilled. But could these bestsellers about missing…

  • Saga of an Ordinary Man
    Goldie Down

    …hemophiliac patient. This is the saga of an ordinary man with an extraordinary determination to serve his God and fellow men. Through it all, he accepted the promise, “My grace is sufficient for thee” and is determined to serve his Lord for as long as his life is spared. Click here to…

  • Alaskan Adventure
    Eleanor Jackson

    …it is not a paradise for ordinary people. But Mac and Eleanor Jackson were not ordinary people. During the years of the Great Depression they accepted the call to go to Alaska as missionaries to establish Adventist work in Juneau, Palmer, Fairbanks, and other places. Anyone who enjoys adventure…

  • Lure of India
    Elva B. Gardner

    …as teachers and missionaries at a mission school in India. The small village of Kottarakara became their home for seven years. This book was written in appreciation of a lovable, patient, hospitable people who accepted Joe and Judy’s queer foreign ways into their midst for more than ten years.

  • The Heart Remembers
    Helen Godfrey Pyke

    …relationships between a daughter, mother, and grandmother who have cherished grudges against each other because of their painful past. Yearning for acceptance in spite of their mistakes, yet withholding forgiveness from each other as punishment, they find that their misunderstandings and fears have…

  • Maranatha: Le seigneur revient (Française)
    Ellen G. White

    …meilleur des plus récentes versions de la Bible, pur nous toucher puissamment et nous amener à une plus grande compéhension et acceptation de notre bienheureuse espérance en la venue du Seigneur. Maranatha - Evening Devotional 2015 (French)* A book of meditations that had…

  • Man-Eaters of Malekula
    Roy Brandstater

    …have stood more brave and true than the courageous men and women who accepted without question the call to share the good news of Jesus among the cannibalistic peoples of the South Pacific. These young missionaries accepted the challenge and faced the dangers of serving a heathen and hostile people…

  • Making Of King James Bible
    Vision Video

    …people. With the new king’s blessing, a committee of 47 professors began the daunting task of creating a translation that was accurate, acceptable to all, and beautiful enough for the king! While Shakespeare’s rich language lit up the stage, this committee penned a beautiful translation…

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  • Ciencia contradice evolución (Espanol)
    Marco Terreros

    …Contradicts Evolution (Spanish) Does the theory of evolution have a scientific base? On the one hand, the theory of evolution appears to be accepted by the majority, but on the other hand, scientific facts and recent discoveries in various fields have come up with some very different conclusions…

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  • Lonely No Longer
    Mark Finley

    …their loneliness vanishes. But in this relationship they also find a new security—a new assurance unknown before. An assurance that they are accepted unconditionally. An assurance of their personal salvation. An assurance that they are of infinite value. And yes, an assurance that they will…

  • Highly Effective Marriage
    Nancy Van Pelt

    …one ways to love your wife * How to decide who submits to whom * How to replenish an overdrawn love bank * Five ways to make your spouse feel accepted * How to put pizzazz back in the bedroom Plus scores of other suggestions to banish boredom, rekindle the old flame, and create the marriage of…

  • Steps to Christ (French) (Vers Jesus)
    Ellen G. White

    …Sa copieuse spiritualité et les bons conseils qu’on trouve dans ses pages font que cet ouvrage a été largement accepté dans le monde entire. Après l’avoir lu une fois, on l’étudie de nouveau comme un guide sur le chemin du salut. Ses…

  • Companion to the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal
    White and Hooper

    Learn More About the Great Hymns of the Church! For many worshipers, hymn singing is a mere routine in the church service, accepted but not necessarily enjoyed. For others, the pleasure of making a joyful noise to God often obscures the words that are being sung, and thereby this essential part of…

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  • Petunia the Ugly Pug
    Heather Grovet

    …Pug, by Heather Grovet, is the 7th book in the beloved 'Julius and Friends' series. This story about a pug with a face only a mother could love, delights while it teaches about kindness to God’s precious animals, and loving acceptance of ourselves. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Alabanza y adoracion CD (Espanol)

    …en este álbum. Praise and Adoration CD (Spanish) God-centered message through music. Forgiven’s three CDs have received great acceptance in the church, including the prompting of an invitation for the group to participate in the 2005 General Conference session. Many of the songs…

  • Mary's Song

    …light and the angel of God delivers the remainder of his stunning message. Mary's mission is to become the mother of the promised Redeemer. She accepts her commission, the angel fades from view, and Mary of Nazareth holds within her soul the greatest mystery of all eternity - that the Almighty God…

  • Investigating the Judgment
    John T. Anderson

    Attitudes among church members toward the doctrine of the investigative judgment and the 2300 days range from blind acceptance to open hostility. Some question the need for investigation: Doesn't God know everything? But then why have any judgment at all? Could God be interested in showing Himself…

  • The Voice of the Spirit
    Juan Carlos Viera

    …of Prophecy books 'grew' over the years? What about charges of plagiarism against Ellen White? Was she guilty? Or were her practices completely acceptable for one of God's prophets? How should we interpret her words regarding the earth being '6,000 years old'? Does God inspire the prophet's words or…

  • En espíritu y en verdad (Espanol)
    Adriana Perera, Ed.

    …to God, professionals and experts in the camp of music, theology, pastoral ministry, medicine, psychology and the history of the church have accepted the challenge of writing In Spirit and In Truth: a book that sheds light on the subject of music and worship in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church…

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  • Jungle Adventurer
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …Him. What counts with God is not the great things we do but the little duties done cheerfully. Elder O. E. Davis was one of these people. He accepted God's orders for him to establish a mission station among the Mount Roraima Indians in western British Guiana. Nothing could stop him--not blisters…

  • Help For the Harvest
    Gloria J. Bell

    …following up. You'll learn to:* get meaningful conversations started * incorporate prayer into your ministry * help people feel relaxed and accepted at an evangelistic meeting * lead positive in-home visits * respond to disagreements and common objections * gauge degrees of interest and commitment…

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  • Heaven's Open Door
    Erwin R. Gane

    …have definite bearing not only on the time in which the seals apply but also in the nature to the events and messages described. The author accepts the principle that the Bible is its own interpreter and seeks to study with this principle in mind. He believes the Lord has given us a thoroughly…

  • Lucas: el Evangelio de la gracia (Espanol)
    J.Vladimir Polanco

    …in each chapter of his gospel a portrait of an awesome God, who delights to shed his grace on us all. In these pages, Lucas reveals how Jesus accepts the marginalized, the excluded, the poor, women, the rich, the religious, the sinners; in short, a Savior who from East to West opens the arms…

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  • Glimpses Into the Life of Ellen White
    James R. Nix

    …were part of the closing remarks given by Ellen White at the last General Conference session she attended. Sixty five years earlier she’d accepted the call to be the Lord’s messenger. She was seventeen years old. She made it her lifelong ministry to uplift Scripture and to point people…

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