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  • Fire on the Mountain
    Norma Youngberg

    …know. His tiny mustard seed of faith begins to grow. In this mission adventure, first published 40 years ago, Norma Youngberg weaves a classic story about the struggle between good and evil in every heart. It’s a story that’s as fresh as ever for a new generation of young readers. With…

  • Winchee
    S Ross Goldstone

    …could tell a story like him. Stories of close landings, lives being changed, hope being shared, the gospel going to the Pacific islands. These stories are worth treasuring—an inspiring record of pioneer aviation and mission, and what God can do when we go on an adventure with Him.”…

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  • Bill's Bush Adventures
    Errol Wright

    …tree on the hill near the cow stalls. Bug chunks of wood were thrown in all directions and a fire burst out in what was left of the trunk. The fire blazed like a gigantic torch . . . Bill's Bush Adventures tells 40 stories of growing up in the Australian bush - and shares the many lessons learned.

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  • The Meanest Man in the Army and Other Grace Stories (eBook)
    Stuart Tyner

    …Testament are just right for family worship time. Each story opens with a full-page picture for children to color and concludes with endnotes for parents to explore the deeper biblical background. Are you looking for a story time adventure in which good news wins out every time? Sit down with this…

  • Just Plane Crazy

    This is the wonderfully fun, true story of three boys' adventures one summer as they attempt to raise enough money to buy a mission plane. Rick, Tim, and Marcus are obsessed with flying. So much so that they decide to begin raising money for a real mission plane. With their allowance only trickling…

  • Finding the Right Path
    Jan S. Doward

    …because your parents probably gave this book to you, don't assume it will put you to sleep. Finding the Right Path is filled with entertaining stories that show how the Pathfinder pledge and law really work and can make an exciting difference in your life. Enjoy! Unclassified: For parents and…

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  • The Great Sleepy-Time Stew Rescue
    Charles Mills

    …Great Sleepy-Time Stew Rescue brings the ingredients of friendship, family ties, greed, homelessness and compassion together in a culinary caper that finally leaves a good taste in everyone's mouth. And hidden within the story are some of the requirements for earning the Pathfinder Cooking honor.

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  • Any Sacrifice but Conscience
    Walter Utt

    This dramatic sequel to No Peace for a Soldier continues the adventures of Henri Armand and the Cortots as they struggle to serve God and country during Louis XIV's persecution of Protestants in seventeenth century France. It will appeal to history lovers and avid readers alike.

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  • Secret of the Desert Lights
    Sandy Zaugg

    Lizards and Lights and Laws, Oh My! This fun true-adventure story for children ages 9-12 combines a riveting mystery with learning the difference between principles and rules. The second book in a series of stories that teach about various aspects of Christian life and shows the importance of…

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  • Alaskan Adventure
    Eleanor Jackson

    …Mac and Eleanor Jackson were not ordinary people. During the years of the Great Depression they accepted the call to go to Alaska as missionaries to establish Adventist work in Juneau, Palmer, Fairbanks, and other places. Anyone who enjoys adventure will be thrilled by the spirit of these pioneers.

  • High Adventure in Korea
    Theodora S. Wangerin

    …fascinating stories of God’s saving grace and transforming power in the lives of Koreans. Each in itself is a story of faith that will never grow old. Those who have adventured for God in lands afar know that it is the greatest thrill in the world. This book is a collection of personal stories

  • When God Calls, Expect Adventure
    Lester Hawkes, Brad Watson

    …lead to incredible adventure. “The vision of men and women like Lester and Freda Hawkes was—and still is—God’s mission! I hope the stories in this book will help refresh our collective memory and inspire a new generation of readers to expect adventure in God’s…

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  • Adventure for God in Okinawa
    Iona Clark Jensen

    …Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Perhaps the first time you heard of Okinawa was when you heard stories about how World War II moved to this tiny island. Here is the story of how Okinawa recovered from the devastation the war had brought and the huge challenge for Adventist…

  • Stories of My Grandmother
    Ella M. Robinson

    …1-800-765-6955 for availability. What is it like to have a prophet for a grandmother? Ella Robinson knew. Her grandmother was Ellen G. White. In Stories of My Grandmother she tells what Ellen White was like as a grandmother and real person. Although God had given Mrs. White great responsibilities,…

  • Little Stories for Little People

    …Book Center to determine availability. From mission stories to animal stories, from adventure to history, from miracles to parables, this book has it all. This special collection from 1918 contains more than a hundred heartwarming stories and poems. Each one is just the right length to satisfy…

  • God's Adventurers
    Roxy Hoehn

    adventurers? This book contains stories about William Miller, Joseph Bates, Ellen White, Uriah Smith, and others who were God’s Adventurers. Some were grown up when they began their work for God—others were still young. Primary-aged children will discover that exciting adventures and…

  • Mystery on Colton's Island and Other Stories
    Mary Duplex

    …As the search begins, four young fortune hunters weave through a maze of bookcases, trees, and waterfalls. Dead ends abound. Will anyone ever solve the mystery? Mystery on Colton’s Island and Other Stories is an exciting collection of adventure stories that will fascinate young readers.

  • More Amazing True Mission Stories
    Jim and Jean Zachary

    …DVD or computer, won thousands to Christ—using only a Kwame tree! These adventures and others await you in More Amazing True Mission Stories from Around the World. God is still on the throne and these stories prove it. Share them with someone who needs to be reminded—even if that someone…

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  • Really-Truly Stories 5 Volume Set
    Gwendolen Lampshire Hayden

    …these thrilling adventure tales about real children by Gwendolyn Lampshire Hayden will entertain readers of all ages. Through these stories come lessons that touch on obedience, trust, diligence, unselfishness, bravery, and friendship. Suitable for beginning readers and bedtime stories, and full of…

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  • Jungle Adventurer
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …the Mount Roraima Indians in western British Guiana. Nothing could stop him--not blisters on his feet, not blackwater fever or even death. This story covers three months and ten days detailed in a brief six page diary detailing his visit to the Indians. Many primitive Indians now live in the hope…

  • Great Stories for Kids 5 Volume Set
    Jerry D. Thomas

    Great Stories for Kids 5 Volume Set is a collection of stories packed full of adventure for you to read by yourself or with your family. The stories are funny, exciting, and full of good ways to handle the problems that every kid has. Kids--you'll love reading stories like "The Braggard and a Bear."…

  • Shoebox Kids Bible Stories - Book 2
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …in the Shoebox Kids Bible Stories series! As Sammy, Jenny, Willie, DeeDee, Chris and Maria (the "Shoebox" kids) meet at church, they find that their Bible stories have a strange way of fitting into the things that happen to them every day! Each week brings a new adventure in learning what the Bible…

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  • Shoebox Kids Bible Stories - Book 3
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …The third book in the Shoebox Kids Bible Stories series is the best yet! Each week brings Sammy, Jenny, Willie, DeeDee, Chris and Maria a new adventure in learning what the Bible means in real life-at home, at school, or on the playground. The Bible stories in this book start with God sending water…

    $7.99 $2.97
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  • The Midnight Raccoon Alarm And Other Stories
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …raccoon alarm? If you like stories full of adventure, surprise, mystery, and fun, you'll love The Midnight Raccoon Alarm. Find out about "Beemer's Screamers," solve the "Mystery of the Missing Reindeer," and run from the "Attack of the Mutant Killer Mega-Wasps!" Besides stories about camping, purple…

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