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  • An Anxious Kind of Mind
    Randy Fishell

    …you’re currently a housebound agoraphobic, follow the steps outlined in this book, and you’ll be amazed at just how far you can go. In An Anxious Kind of Mind you will discover:* How OCD, panic, and agoraphobia manifest themselves in one’s life.* The role of genetics in anxiety and…

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  • Siempre Gozosos (Espanol)
    Juan O Perla

    …corazones y nuestras mentes. Always Joyful (Spanish) The 2009 adult devotional is an invitation to rejoice in the Lord always. The author shares his hope and his joy on every page and God's call for us to not to be anxious about anything, but present our every petition in prayer with thanksgiving,…

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  • The God Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (A Study Guide)
    James Berglund

    …I promise you that He wants you! From the day you walked away from His church and from His heart, He has pursued you like a lost treasure. Like an anxious mother staying up until her daughter returns home from her date, He eagerly awaits your return. With each sunrise He reminds you that He renews…

  • Donkey Cart Kids
    Bobbie Montgomery

    …hermit with his strange partner, ride in a pioneer parade through one town, spend a stormy night in an abandoned house, and share a birthday celebration with an ancient Indian. All the while, as Betty put it, "The angel guards watched over us." Donkey-Cart Kids is an adventure you will never forget.

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  • Claims Upon My Heart -The Sequel to Silence of My Love
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …that will change the rest of her life. She still longs for her father's understanding and wonders if the wall of silence between them will ever crumble. Anyone who has read Flee My Fathers House and Silence of My Love will be anxious to read this next book. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Green Ink
    Donna June Taylor

    …frustrated by overly sensitive Anita’s anxious craving for love and attention. Green Ink is both serious and funny, happy and sad. Sometimes it is exciting, often thought provoking. Without moralizing or sermonizing, author Donna Taylor weaves an intriguing pattern that eventually reveals a…

  • Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying
    Mike Jones

    …in your life. Mike also tells the story of his divorce and 16 years out of the church, then describes what it was like trying to come back. This is an excellent book for inactive or former members. Order a copy and check it out. You just may want to share it a friend or loved one. Mike wrote this…

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