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  • Beware of Angels
    Roger J. Morneau

    Deceptions in the last days "I told God I would do anything for Him. But I never thought He would send an angel to tell me to destroy people. Firing those shots was the most difficult thing I had done to please Him." –Sharon Lee Hatstead Sharon Lee was a devoted, fourth-generation Seventh-day…

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  • It Must Have Been an Angel
    Marjorie L. Lloyd

    …the soul. The people out there need warm, nourishing food to satisfy a present need. God is "a very present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:1), and angels are His messengers. Hourly, daily, weekly, yearly, these messengers watch over and protect God's people, how many times we will never know this…

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  • Ellen, The Girl With Two Angels
    Mabel R. Miller

    …have shown you. Tell them I am coming soon." But Ellen was worried. "Jesus, I'm afraid. I can't speak to people." "Ellen," Jesus promised, " your angel will always be with you. And I will send an extra angel anytime you are in danger." So Ellen, the girl with two angels, became a messenger for God."

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  • The Truth About Angels CHL
    Ellen G. White

    …about angels and their involvement in events on earth, as she described what God brought to her mind. Beginning with Lucifer’s rebellion in heaven and continuing to the work of angels after the end of sin, this volume provides a behind-the-scenes view of the existence and activities of angels

  • Visions and Dreams (eBook)
    Jack J. Blanco

    …what they saw—towering images, strange beasts, and an assortment of cryptic symbols and events. Some of the visions and dreams were explained by angels; others were sealed for future generations. Narrated in modern language without the interruption of chapter or verse, these ancient stories and…

  • The Green Cord Dream
    Alex Bryan

    In 1842, fifteen-year-old Ellen Harmon had a dream. “[The angel] handed me a green cord coiled up closely. This he directed me to place next to my heart, and when I wished to see Jesus, take it from my bosom, and stretch it to the utmost. He cautioned me not to let it remain coiled for any…

  • In the Presence of Angels
    Timothy E. Crosby, E. Lonnie Melashenko

    "A collection of inspiring, true angel stories. Experience the remarkable presence of angels in the lives of ordinary people in this expertly compiled collection of contemporary angel stories. Much has been written about angels. Some books look at them through New Age eyes and others portray them as…

  • Beware of Angels DVD
    Lifestreams Media

    …dreams, promoting the immortality of the soul and universal consciousness—pretending to respect Jesus and the Bible. Beware of Angels contends that there is a trustworthy filter for angelic messages from beyond. You can know the truth. Your life literally depends on it. Run Time: 69 Minutes

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  • Even the Angels Must Laugh-Again!
    Jan S. Doward

    "WARNING! Do not read this book in church! Trying not to laugh out loud when reading these stories may result in ruptured internal organs! Have you ever been in church and witnessed something so funny you almost suffocated trying to contain yourself? And because it happened in church, where the tone…

  • Mini El Centinela: ¿Quiénes son los ángeles? – Paquetes de 100 solamente (Espanol)
    El Centinela

    …definiciones seculares acerca del ministerio angelical. Ideal para compartir. Mini El Centinela - Angels - In Packages of 100 A biblical presentation about this subject which tries to counteract the new secular definitions about the angelical ministry. Mini El Centinela delievers one truth-filled…

  • Three Angels Puzzle
    Pacific Press Publishing Association

    The Three Angels Puzzle contains 513 pieces.

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  • Angels Over Manilla
    Ruth Wheeler, Hazel Wilcox

    …So begins the exciting true story of Hazel Wilcox and her family, missionaries in the Philippines at the outbreak of World War II, and of the angels who watched over them through bullets, bombs, hunger, and sickness and even while they sang Christmas carols as bombers screamed overhead.

  • Toward A Theology of the Remnant
    Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

    This ground breaking book has been released by the Biblical Research Institute. It is the first full exegetical and theological study of the remnant as it applies to Adventist ecclesiology. Contents: The Remnant in the Old Testament The Remnant in Non-Canonical Jewish Apocalyptic Works and in Qumran…

  • Teologia do remanescente (Português)
    Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

    Desde seu início, o movimento adventista tem tido uma forte consciência de sua identidade profética como povo remanescente. Mas o que isso significa no contexto do século 21? Profundo e esclarecedor, este volume representa um aexcelente contribuição na…

  • Message, MIssion, and Unity of the Church
    Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

    Ecclesiology: Message, Mission, and Unity of the Church, is the result of the work of Adventists theologians who together have been exploring the biblical understanding of the nature and mission of the church. We have been told that “the church of Christ, enfeebled and defective as it may be,…

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  • Angels And The Unseen Conflict
    Donald E. Mansell, Donald E. and Vesta West Mansell

    …end notes from the author will challenge the reader's thinking in chapters such as "Angels Before and After the Flood," "Angels at the Time of the Exodus," "Angels Involved in Jesus' Birth and Early Life," "Angels in Ellen White's Life," and many others. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Three Angels Over Rancho Grande
    Viola M. Payne

    …three angels. In this story of the old West and the settling of the New Mexico territory , God guides the life of Pat Martinez and his children, including Max Martinez, who went on to be a missionary, church leader, and patriarch of the church in the Texico Conference. Three Angels Over Rancho…

  • Ellen White: Friend of Angels
    Paul B. Ricchiuti

    …last time angelic visitors would come to Ellen's aid. Who Was Ellen White really? Prophetess? Visionary? Fearless defender of the Advent faith? Reformer? Prolific writer? Preacher? Yes. She was all these things. But that's where most of our knowledge stops. In Ellen White: Friend of Angels, author…

  • Good News Tracts 17: Angels (pkg of 100)

    Good News Tracts 17: Angels (pkg of 100) This tract is great for giving out to family and friends as a witness of the great truths in God's Word. Each tract is 4 pages long and 5 6/8" x 8½".

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  • Guide's Greatest Angel Stories
    Helen Lee Robinson

    Heavenly angels walk the earth today. Sometimes they assume human form–usually in answer to desperate prayer. Police arrive at a critical moment, then vanish. A stranger of authority greases the way through customs. A friendly house along a dangerous path turns out later not to exist. A…

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  • My Favorite Angel Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …each of us looks back over our lives, rare will be the person who doesn't see incidents like these, providential rescues, times when our lives were spared by unexplainable deviations from natural law and natural probabilities, when God stepped in, through His angels, to save us." Joe L. Wheeler

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  • Angel Stories of the Bible
    Madge Haines Morrill

    …Author Madge Haines Morrill re-tells stories of the Bible where angels played important roles in the lives of humans. These stories will be enjoyed by all ages and would be a great book for families to read on Sabbath. Angel Stories of the Bible reminds us that we are not alone on this earth.

  • Guide's Greatest Angel Stories (eBook)
    Helen Lee Robinson

    …the file to your device, please visit for a complete listing of eBooks and availability on other eBook stores. Heavenly angels walk the earth today. Sometimes they assume human form–usually in answer to desperate prayer. Police arrive at a critical moment, then vanish.…

  • Los mensajes de los ángeles DVD (Espanol)
    Quiet Hour Ministries

    …con nuestros vecinos, amigos, familia y nuevos creyentes. Este DVD hace el compartir tu fe simple y efectivo! 3 Angels' Messages Sharing DVD (Spanish) This DVD reveals how the 3 Angels’ prophecy is being fulfilled today. Presented in a friendly and contemporary way, it is an ideal solution for…

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