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  • Hannah's Girls: Ann
    Ruth Merkel

    …train too. "Stay away from that Weston family!" Ann's brothers were told, and they did--most of the time. This is Ann's story--the first in the series of six true stories about Adventist girls: Ann, Marilla, Grace, Ruth, Elaine, and Erin. Ann was born in 1833. Her great, great, great granddaughter,…

  • Whom Shall I Fear?
    Ann Vitorovich

    How do you pick up the shattered pieces and move on, when your life is being torn apart? Is there something, or Someone, you can really believe in, and depend on, to get you through? For Mara, life was a literal war zone. Her true story takes us back in time to battle-scarred Serbia in World War I.…

  • ¿De quién temeré? (Espanol)
    Ann Vitorovich

    Para Mara la vida era una zona de guerra literal. Su historia verídica nos lleva a la Serbia deteriorada por la Primera Guerra Mundial. La violencia destruyó la familia de Mara...y también su corazón. Cuando finalmente llegó la paz, Mara buscó un nuevo…

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  • Any Way Out
    Ann Vitorovich

    They had dreamed of this moment for years, and on that snowy day in January their dream finally began coming true. Identical twin brothers Voja and Cveja Vitorović would escape from Communist Yugoslavia—Voja defecting from a tour group in Rome, and Cveja taking his chances at the heavily…

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  • Lenora
    Ann M. Gimbel

    …to determine availability. Author Ann Gimbel’s happiest childhood memories surround listening to Lenora tell stories of her life growing up on the waterways of one of Norway’s port cities. When the stories got to “Dear Jesus, help me!” Ann shivered on the edge of her chair in…

  • Glimpses of Our God Bible Book Shelf 1Q 2012
    Jo Ann Davidson

    …the enormity of the task and their place as creatures before God. We can speak safely of God only on our knees. In Glimpses of Our God, Dr. Jo Ann Davidson paints vivid word pictures of a Holy God. She states, “Unless a person is truly faced with God’s piercing holiness, there will…

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  • Sunshine in My Window
    Nora Ann Kuehn

    …and solid family values that will leave you holding your sides in laughter one minute and dabbing your eyes with a handkerchief the next. Author Nora Ann Kuehn takes you into Kate Gills’s world and shows how with God, not only are all things possible, but all things have a time of beauty. This…

  • Thunder: The Maverick Mustang
    Nora Ann Kuehn

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. A sharp peal of thunder rumbled, and the pony started to rear and…

  • Vislumbres de nuestro Dios (Espanol)
    Jo Ann Davidson

    La mayoría de los adventistas saben qué es la teología: el estudio de Dios. Pero, lamentablemente, nuestro pensamiento acerca de Dios tal vez no abarque todo lo que podría. Es necesario ampliarlo y enriquecerlo con todo lo que Dios ha revelado respecto de sí mismo…

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  • 52 5-Minute Sermons for Kids
    Anne Pilmoor

    You want your children to learn and remember biblical truths they can apply throughout their lives—but you are short of time? You’ll find this book helpful, as it’s packed with simple yet memorable object lessons that you can show your children at home or at church, reinforcing…

  • Ben's Sunflower and Wendy's Big Worry-knot
    Anne Pilmoor

    This large book with colorful illustrations contains two stories. Ben's Sunflower is a thoughtful story about forgiveness. Wendy's Big Worry-knot is a delightful story about how to overcome fear and worry.

  • My Gifts
    Anne Pilmoor

    What is the best gift you have ever received? Our gifts are given in order for us to bless others, as Ellen G. White’s book, Christ’s Object Lessons, makes clear in the chapter on Christ’s parable of the talents. We present some of her thoughts from that chapter here, along with…

  • My Bible Counting Book
    Anne Pilmoor

    Children will enjoy this book as the story of the disciples on Lake Galilee develops on each double page. They will enjoy practising their counting skills too. The simple text and bright colourful illustrations will make this a favourite counting book for nursery-aged children

  • This We Believe
    Leo R. Van Dolson, Erwin R. Gane, Raoul Vitale, Ann Vitorovich

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Believing with great conviction and sincerity that something is…

  • A Better Parent
    Anne Woods Bell

    Helpful hints on building good relationships with your children.

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  • Time with God
    Judy-Ann Neal

    How do we come to know the invisible God? In Time With God, author Judy-Ann Neal shares how the daily practice of prayer journaling and biblical reflection can become a life-changing, transforming power in the life of a Christ follower. Time With God shares 12 powerful strategies guaranteed to…

  • Hannah's Girls: Marilla
    Ruth Merkel

    …and the war seems close indeed. This is Marilla's story--the second in the series of six true stories about Adventist girls: Ann, Marilla, Grace, Ruth, Elaine, and Erin. Ann was born in 1851. Her great, great granddaughter, Erin, is a teenager today. When Erin was born, grandmother Ruth wanted her…

  • The Birthday Party - I Can Read Series
    Rose Gamblin

    Children will be able to read the nice story of Ann all by themselves.  They'll watch her as she invites her special friends to her birthday party. The I Can Read series is a great new group of books to make reading fun and give new readers a sense of accomplishment. Each book features a vocabulary…

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  • Christmas In My Heart Book 22
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …By Margaret Weymouth Jackson 5. Christmas Emergency By Ann Howard 6. Christmas on Dock Street By Seth Harmon 7. Lesson in a Stable By Clarence S. Hill 8. Think Big By Elizabeth F. Noon 9. Happy Miracle By Charles G. Muller 10. When Polly Ann Played Santa Claus By Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd 11. Christmas…

  • Christmas In My Heart Book 25
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …by Louia Cottrell [Molly Blackwell] 8. The Angel Said By Olive Rambo Cook 9. Star in the East By Nelia Gardner White 10. Christmas Choice By Nora Ann Kuehn 11. Shopping With Grandmother Minton By Daisy Crabbe Curtis 12. The Farthest Hill By Maxine Lane 13. Christmas in Peters Garden By Blanche…

  • Tears to Joy
    Mike Tucker

    …author Mike Tucker shares from his heart his struggles through the heartache of grief after the death of his wife of more than 40 years, Gayle Anne Whitacre Tucker. Her death affected every corner of his life, both personal and professional. He didn’t only lose a wife but a ministry partner…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 5
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Miracle By Kathleen R. Ruckman 5. By Special Delivery By G. E. Wallace 6. The Man Who Missed Christmas By J. Edgar Parks 7. The Blue Christmas Tree By Anne E. Schraff 8. To Springvale for Christmas By Zona Gale 9. Christmas Angel By Ethelyn M. Parkinson 10. Somebody in the Corner By John Sutherland…

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  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …The Gifts of Joy* The Season's Greetings* Christmas Emergency* Christmas on Dock Street* Lesson in a Stable* Think Big* Happy Miracle* When Polly Ann Played Santa Claus* Christmas Express* Barby* The Man Who Had Nothing to Give* Once Upon a Time* Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowChristmas In My Heart…

  • Hannah's Girls: Grace
    Ruth Merkel

    …big sister Ann. One hundred years have passed since Grace skated on Wolf River and whispered secrets with her friends. But her timeless adventures will still inspire and intrigue today's kids. This is Grace's story--the third in the series of six true stories about Adventist girls: Ann, Marilla,…

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