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  • Any Sacrifice but Conscience
    Walter Utt

    This dramatic sequel to No Peace for a Soldier continues the adventures of Henri Armand and the Cortots as they struggle to serve God and country during Louis XIV's persecution of Protestants in seventeenth century France. It will appeal to history lovers and avid readers alike.

    $16.99 $2.97
  • Hurue: A Boy of the South Seas
    Adelaide D. Wellman

    …and he was ready with a reply: “If the missionaries had never come here, the islanders might offer Weary as a sacrifice to their heathen gods, as they used to offer any one they didn’t like. Besides, Ora, if the missionaries had never come, you and I might have been killed when we…

  • Jesus 101 - Series Set
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …attained by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. And THAT, my friend is GOOD NEWS! Click here to find this book as an eBook. LUKE The news is in! The best good news ever – JESUS died for ALL Luke uses the nouns “Savior” and “Salvation” more than any other Gospel writer.…

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