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  • The Hero of Babylon
    Charles G. Bellah

    …The book of Daniel contains many adventures, with perils and pitfalls in every chapter. It tells the story of men of God, willing to turn away from sin whatever the cost. In The Hero of Babylon by Charles G. Bellah, the book of Daniel is retold in story fashion to appeal to a more youthful audience.

  • Amazing Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation

    …the Messiah appears. From Revelation: Letters to the seven churches, seven seals opened, seven trumpets, the great red dragon, seven-headed leopard beast, the three angels' messages, the seven last plagues, the great whore Babylon, victory over Satan, Satan bound for 1,000 years, the New Earth.

  • Babylon Rising
    John Bradshaw

    …with the mark of the beast. Is "Babylon" a shadowy secret society, an out-of-control government or a dictator who rises in the middle East? Or could it be that many people today are looking for Babylon in all the wrong places? In Babylon Rising, It Is Written speaker/director,…

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  • Out of Babylon
    S. Joseph Kidder

    …thrown into the street unconscious, kicked out of the family forever—all because of his new faith. And so began his long journey from the Babylon of his secular life in Iraq to the amazing love of God and the importance of surrender to His plan. He didn’t know then the many struggles…

  • Search for Certainty, 23. The Mystery of Spiritual Babylon Revealed, pkg of 100
    Mark Finley

    The Mystery of Spiritual Babylon Revealed

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  • The Open Gates
    Thurman C. Petty

    From Babylon’s Ashes, Freedom for the Jews Yahweh had promised a deliverer. The gates of Babylon would be opened, and His people would be free. Times had changed since King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. Babylon was immersed in political turmoil. A series of ill-fated kings had fought for possession of the…

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  • Vision Of The Apocalypse
    The New England Youth Chamber Ensemble

    * Introit * Psalm 90 * The Day of the Lord * The First Angel * Chorale * Babylon is Fallen * Chorale: Love not the World/The Third Angel * Here is the Patience of the Saints * No More Sorrow * The Resurrection * No Night There * Gloria -- Sanctus * Salvation, Glory and Honor

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  • Organizing for Mission and Growth
    George R. Knight

    …Contents 1. Organization Is the Devil Gospel Liberty Versus Organization, Church Organization as "Babylon": The Millerite Experience, Post-Disappointment Resistance to Organization 2. Redefining Babylon (1844-1859) The "Gathering Time" and Connectionist Forms of Organization, Problems in the Camp…

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  • The Watchers
    Bradley Booth

    “For thus says the LORD: After seventy years are completed at Babylon, I will visit you and perform My good word toward you, and cause you to return to this place” (Jeremiah 29:10 NKJV). Caleb climbed up on a stack of crates to examine some wooden cartons near the ceiling. Some were…

  • Scripture Mysteries Episode One: The Forgotten Dream
    Anchor Point Films

    2,500 years ago the King of Babylon had a dream. It has been said that this dream revealed the history of Earth from that time until today. Is this true? In order to find out, we need to search in the Biblical book of Daniel. Scripture Mysteries is a documentary series that seeks to understand the…

  • Meditations on the Book of Ezekiel
    Leslie Hardinge

    …Babylonian captivity--appealing, molding, chastising, scolding, accusing, forgiving, yearning, wooing. See the picture of Israel in the land of Babylon needing deliverance and restoration. Discover how this imagery is used to describe today's Israel of God in their final struggles against the powers…

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  • Gate of the Gods
    Thurman C. Petty

    …soldiers rapidly pursued the fleeing survivors. He mourned the loss of so many brave warriors, but quickly focused on his quest—to expand Babylon’s control of world trade. Egypt was only one of the nations to be conquered; before long Lebanon, Phoenicia, Syria, and Judah would feel the…

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  • Daniel Reveals the Future
    Robert J. Wieland

    …local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Daniel lived and worked at the political and administrative hub of two successive world empires - Babylon and Medo-Persia - holding very high positions in both. He was a man of impeccable character who became God's mouthpiece for the unveiling of a set…

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  • Search for Certainty Sample Set
    Mark Finley

    …Secret 20. Growing as a Christian 21. God’s Church Identified 22. Prophets and Prophecy/Visions and Dreams 23. The Mystery of Spiritual Babylon Revealed 24. Holy Spirit and Unpardonable Sin 25. From Disappointment to Triumph 26. The Mark of the Beast and the Mystery Number 666 27. The United…

  • En busca de certidumbre (Espanol)
    Mark Finley

    …Secret 20. Growing as a Christian 21. God’s Church Identified 22. Prophets and Prophecy/Visions and Dreams 23. The Mystery of Spiritual Babylon Revealed 24. Holy Spirit and Unpardonable Sin 25. From Disappointment to Triumph 26. The Mark of the Beast and the Mystery Number 666 27. The United…

  • Life of Daniel Board Game
    Bible Journeys

    …of Daniel is the newest release in the Bible Journey games. It’s an exciting way for the whole family to follow Daniel on his way from Israel to Babylon. See how God protected him and revealed to him visions of the future. The Bible Journeys games help the whole family learn more about the Bible,…

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  • Prince of Dreams
    Bradley Booth

    …daring to be a Daniel. Daniel had heard Prophet Jeremiah speak the word of the Lord. “Behold, I will send for Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant, and will bring him against this land, and against its inhabitants, and will utterly destroy them, and make them an astonishment, and…

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  • Secrets of Daniel
    Jacques B. Doukhan

    …did King Nebuchadnezzar forget his dream? Why did Daniel undertake his three-week fast during Passover?Jacques Doukhan re-creates the world of Babylon, explains obscure allusions, and finds hidden patterns within the prophesies that help to clarify their meaning. His research in ancient Jewish…

  • Secrets of Revelation: The Apocalypse Through Hebrew Eyes
    Jacques B. Doukhan

    …Judaism. He argues that the prophecies of Revelation foretell the eventual discrediting of secularism (Egypt), the resurgence of conservative religion (Babylon), and a final coalition of the two movements in the climactic events before the second coming of Christ to defeat sin and save His people.

  • A igreja remanescente (Português)
    Ellen G. White

    …e crêem que Ele estabeleceu neste mundo um movimento que deve proclamar Sua verdade nestes últimos dias. God's Remnant Church (Portuguese) A compilation from the writings of Ellen G. White. Read about God's love for His church, the remnant church not Babylon, and the church triumphant.

  • The Way out Is Up!
    J. O. Wilson

    …the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Jesus will lead the procession made up of people of every nation of the earth. God calls his people out of “Babylon,” out of confusion, doubt, and unbelief. This book seeks to show the reader that the “remnant” will be that kind of people.

  • Fire in the Gates
    Thurman C. Petty

    …likely places where people will hide. And soon dozens of Jews are led to the city square inside the East Gate in preparation for their march to Babylon. The prophet Jeremiah watches from atop the northeast corner of the Temple walls, overlooking the gathering area. He knows that many of these…

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  • Blinded by the Light: The Anatomy of Apostasy

    …What turns a faith-defending college professor into a doubt-disseminator? How can a dyed-in-the-wool believer turn on the church and call it Babylon? The Adventist Church faces a rising tide of rebellion, congregationalism, liberalism, and legalism. Strident voices are raised in censure. Polished…

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