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  • Lessons from Battle Creek
    James R. Nix, Alberto R. Timm

    Battle Creek is much more than a geographical location for the student of Seventh-day Adventist history. The name brings to mind the first institutions that shaped the future of the denomination: the world-famous Battle Creek Sanitarium and its medical founder, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg; the Review…

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  • The Battle for Freedom
    Erwin R. Gane

    …Adventist Book Center to determine availability. The book of Galatians is in many ways a revolutionary document. So many of our recent theological battles have swirled around the words of Paul to the Galatian churches. He was in a fight for freedom. Judaizers challenged Paul’s assertion that…

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  • The Final Battle DVD

    …The last chance is offered. Lucas makes up his mind. You, too, have a decision to make. In this war there is no neutral territory. The final battle has already begun. This 100 min. DVD is presented in 4 languages. Originally in Portuguese and dubbed in English. Spanish and French also included.

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  • The Battle For You
    Gordon Kainer

    …We are all finite beings, trying to grasp the nature of an infinite God. God’s Word is the revelation of a grand story. The chronicle of a battle between evil and redemption. It’s the only story that really matters. The patterns are not instantly visible, but Gordon Kainer shows us that…

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  • Bill's Battle Of The Bull
    Errol Wright

    "There's a stray bull in our cow paddock!" Bill's Battle of the Bull tells 28 stories of growing up in the Australian bush - and shares the many lessons learned. The author, Errol Wright, was born in New Zealand but migrated to Australia in 1939 with his family where he grew up in the Forster/Taree…

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  • The Battle Is the Lord's
    James W. Gilley

    Spiritual strategies for victory in your daily struggles When we think about "enduring to the end," we’re focused on the "Time of Trouble." But our greatest challenge may be the "enemy within." Fear, worry, stress, anxiety—these are just a few of the "times of trouble" that we face on a…

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  • The Battle for the Bible
    David Marshall

    The Battle for the Bible Is . . . The story of how the Bible was written, who wrote it, and when. The story of how the sixty-six books of the Bible cam to be regarded as special and were brought together. The story of how the Bible survived the centuries and how battle after battle was fought over…

  • Battle of the Spirits: Supernatural Forces are Mustering for Earth's Last Battle
    G. Edward Reid

    Supernatural Forces are Mustering for Earth's Last Battle The Great Controversy Is Drawing to a Close! Every person on earth; all the beings in heaven; and all the forces of evil will soon be involved in earth’s final battle. The war that began in heaven is nearing its end! In the struggle for…

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  • Victory Out of Chaos
    Merlin L. Neff

    …local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. "The Christian life is a battle and a march. But the victory to be gained is not won by human power. The battle which we have to fight--the greatest battle that was ever fought by man--is the surrender of self to the will of God, the yielding…

  • The Fighter
    Ken Vogel

    …Guinea in the 1940s and 1950s, this is the story of a tribal warrior. Whether in ancient times or modern, the role of the warrior that goes into battle is often glorified. But when it comes to recognizing true bravery, often the highest awards and accolades go to those who have risked their lives…

  • El conflicto de los siglos- Tapa dura (Espanol)
    Ellen G. White

    …desde su origen en el cielo miles de años atrás hasta su próxima conclusión. The Great Controversy, unveils the often unseen battle between Christ and Satan, and looks ahead to the day sin’s reign will end, and Jesus will rule as King of kings and Lord of lords.

  • The Great Controversy DVD Vol 1
    Golden Eagle Films

    This exciting and informative documentary series traces the history of the greatest war ever fought-a conflict that began thousands of years ago and has touched every continent and culture. The battle is still raging and the prize at stake is the soul of every human being who has ever lived.

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  • Radical Protection
    Derek J. Morris

    …times of earth’s history. The cosmic battle between good and evil is real—put on the whole armor of God! —Jack Blanco, author of The Clear Word At last a book that deals with the real battle—the cosmic conflict for your soul. I have witnessed this battle firsthand, and I encourage you to read…

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  • The Great Hope
    Ellen G. White

    As you look at the world around you, do you sense a battle between good and evil? Are you alarmed by the multiplying of natural disasters? Do you wonder how a God of love can allow so much suffering? What really happens after you die? Purchase in cases of 200 and save. Visit to…

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  • The Great Hope - Case of 200
    Ellen G. White

    This product is a case of 200 books. Single copies of this title are also available. As you look at the world around you, do you sense a battle between good and evil? Are you alarmed by the multiplying of natural disasters? Do you wonder how a God of love can allow so much suffering? What really…

  • 25th Anniversary Music Special

    …A city of many firsts, and the birthplace of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Battle Creek, Michigan, is a fitting location for celebrating 3ABN's 25th Anniversary as the first Adventist Television network. The Battle Creek Tabernacle was home to Ellen White, the visionary whose writings provide…

  • Pilgrim's Problems
    Karl Haffner

    …anger, guilt, and pride. If you’re a pilgrim with problems, Pastor and author Karl Haffner has good news: “The battle is not in trying to stop sinning. The battle is in trying to keep trusting. God does the changing. We do the trusting.” In Karl’s engaging and colorful style,…

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  • Angels and the Unseen Conflict
    Donald E. Mansell

    The unseen battle for your soul! Seventh-day Adventists believe that behind the scenes of earthly affairs, good and evil angels are engaged in a cosmic contest for the domination of the world through the control of human minds. In Angels and the Unseen Conflict Elder Mansell traces the role of…

  • Confrontation
    Ellen G. White

    Jesus’ Battle With Satan Once in a lonely desert Jesus, the Creator, was put to the test by Satan, His most cunning creature, and the fate of the world hung in the balance. Emaciated by 40 days of fasting, He faced the most enticing sophistries of the great deceiver and met each seductive…

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  • The Curse
    Cheryl Summers

    God knows how Satan is working, and sends his angels to watch over his children, to protect them from the Devil's power. And the battle is constantly going on between the angels of God, and the Devil's angels. The angels of God are clothed with a complete armor, the panoply of heaven, and, although…

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  • Sam Ocampo and Friends
    Sam Ocampo

    …beautifully, inspired songs. Songs include: 1. I'm Gonna Sing / When the Saints / Swing Low / This Train 2. In This Very Room 3. Say 'I Do' 4. Sing Your Praise to the Lord / El Shaddai 5. Because of Who You Are 6. A Broken Heart 7. Friends 8. Battle Hymn of the Republic 9. America the Beautiful

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  • It’s Going to Be All Right
    Arthur A. Milward

    Arthur Milward’s pen traces hauntingly poignant stories of his emotionally traumatic childhood, his young son’s battle with leukemia, a Nazi officer’s unexpected anguish, a 6-year-old’s abandonment by her parents, and others caught in the frailty and cruelty of life on this…

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  • Magic Kingdom

    …Cartoons target these young impressionable minds. What are their "magic" messages? Could underlying content be more than just for children? It is a battle between God and the powers of darkness for dominion in the hearts of the innocent. This documentary will examine the deeper story lines of some…

    $19.95 $9.97
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  • Prayer Warriors
    Ron Halvorsen

    …awesome forces of evil tremble and fall back. Prayer Warriors are not ordinary Christians. They are extraordinary. And as the age-old battle between good and evil rages to a climax, God needs a highly trained cadre of prayer experts to take the battle straight to the enemy. Will you be one of them?

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