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  • Bedtime Bible Stories
    Autumn House

    Having child-friendly text and illustrations made to spark children’s imagination and speak to their hearts, Bedtime Bible Stories will be enjoyed over and over, night after night. It is sure to become a “read-it-one-more-time” book to be shared with someone special.

  • Sweetest Stories Ever Told
    W. H. B. Miller

    …determine availability. The sweetest stories ever told are to be found in the Bible. In this book written for the younger child, you will hear stories of the Savior-Jesus, in a way that will appeal to a young listener. Great for reading to little ones at bedtime or during family time, you will draw…

  • The Bible Story Audio CDs
    Arthur S. Maxwell

    …can enjoy the beloved stories of the Bible anytime, anywhere! This audio edition of The Bible Story books is ideal for listening in the car, at home for family worship, at bedtime, or even at church in the children's rooms. Perfect for your auditory learners. The Bible Story is a timeless treasure!…

  • Hero Tales of the Bible
    Arthur W. Spalding

    …written in easy to understand language, Hero Tales of the Bible is a great book for the younger reader. This book would also be good for family Sabbath readings or for reading to your child at bedtime. Within its pages, you will read stories about the girl who watered the camels, the boy whose…

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  • Abraham
    Ruth Redding Brand

    …Lot’s choice. Sodom’s doom. Every sparkling chapter includes imaginative, true-to-life conversations. The main story line is on a fifth-grade level. The Bedtime Bible stories are for toddlers. The Did You Know? boxes, for more advanced readers, delve deep into ancient culture, explaining…

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  • Our Friend of Galilee
    Gladys Rosser

    …your family on Sabbath or reading to your child at bedtime, Our Friend of Galilee is full of descriptive short stories about Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection. Both children and adults will enjoy the author’s style and imagery in re-telling these popular stories of the Bible.

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