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  • The Benefits of Belief
    Julian Melgosa

    …attendance and Scripture reading are intimately connected to health, happiness, and longevity. In Benefits of Belief, Dr. Julian Melgosa uses research and personal stories to reveal the amazing benefits everyone can obtain from following the Lord’s ways and living the Christian life. Jesus…

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  • Life Matters - Signs Special - The Benefits of Belief
    Signs of the Times

    This Life Matters special shows that persons who practice their faith tend to live longer, possess greater hope, and have a lower risk of substance dependence. It also explains why prayer, church attendance, and other religious practices help people recover from illness and suffer less from…

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  • Crer faz bem (Português)
    Julian Melgosa

    …attendance and Scripture reading are intimately connected to health, happiness, and longevity. In Benefits of Belief, Dr. Julian Melgosa uses research and personal stories to reveal the amazing benefits everyone can obtain from following the Lord’s ways and living the Christian life. Jesus…

  • Beneficência social (Português)
    Ellen G. White

    …obra ordenada por Deus como o meio mais apropriado de chamar a atenção das pessoas do mundo para Cristo e o cristianismo. Social Benefits (Portuguese) Spirit of prophecy instruction in the delicate work of reaching hearts and winning souls through neighborly kindness. This is a type…

  • Juicing for Life
    Beverley Ramages

    …and tasty recipes, there is useful information on:* Selecting the right equipment to get started* The values and benefits of the ingredients, and * The health benefits of each recipe All of which will be useful as you begin to develop drinks for your own requirements – for example:*…

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  • Foods that Heal
    George D. Pamplona-Roger, M.D.

    …started on the pathway to better eating. The author explores the nutritional value of nuts, grains, sprouts, and vegetables, and explains the benefits and dangers of various types of food. What about soft drinks? Coffee? Salt? Sugar? Wine? Meat? Dairy products? Pasta? Olive oil? Is meat addictive?…

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  • From Prodigal to Prodigy
    Jeremy J. Anderson

    …Christ. As an answer to prayers and support of his parents and grandparents, God kept him in His hands and brought this Prodigal son back home. From Prodigal to Prodigy shows you how to turn from your prodigal ways while sharing the benefits of breaking free from sin and claim your inner prodigy.

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  • Rest At Its Best
    Creation Health

    …at your best. Optimally, rest includes a good night’s sleep as well as time to relax and rejuvenate daily, weekly and annually. The true benefits of rest are misunderstood and often unappreciated. The stress and pressures of life can accumulate over time and can create a generalized "dis-ease"…

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  • Live More Active CHIP with DVD
    Signs Publishing

    …to overcome the challenges that often drain our motivation. Includes a DVD with an overall introduction by Dr. Darren Morton, two activity workouts—one on strength training and one on flexibility—and a general overview of the benefits of the CHIP program; 35 minutes of programming total.

  • Eco Health
    Sharon Platt-McDonald, MSc RHV, RM, RGN

    In Eco Health Sharon Platt-McDonald helps you discover a safer, more environmentally friendly modern lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Those who take her practical advice are sure to benefit in many different ways.

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  • Ten Choices for a Full Life
    Katia Garcia Reinert

    …incorporates chapters on the importance of cultivating healthy relationships, how to focus on what is true and worthy of praise, and the health benefits found in engaging in unselfish service. Ten Choices for a Full Life makes a clear and compelling case for changing to a healthier lifestyle, and…

  • The 30-day Diabetes Miracle

    …solutions that are easy to understand and simple to embrace as part of your daily routine. As a result, you’ll begin to experience the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle without unpleasant side effects. And in just 30 days you can begin to:* Achieve and maintain your ideal weight…

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  • God's Gift In Time
    Walt Thompson

    …its warmth to the cold world just outside our door. As you consider the Sabbath in the pages of this book, may you be challenged to accept the benefits of the Sabbath for your own life and to share your influence in restoring the Sabbath to its rightful place in the world around you. Click here…

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  • Golden Tips For Those Golden Years
    Sharon Platt-McDonald, MSc RHV, RM, RGN

    It is a fact that many of us are living longer because of the benefits of modern medicine and generally improved health care systems. With this in mind it becomes essential that we prepare to enjoy these bonus years as best we can. In this book, Sharon Platt-McDonald (MSc, RHV, RM, RGN), an…

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  • God's 800 Number: Prayer
    Dr. Manuel Vásquez, Nancy Vasquez

    …to us that connects us to God. To call, all you have to do is kneel, close your eyes, and say: “Father.” The cost? Free. But the benefits of making this call are wonderful and eternal. Manuel and Nancy Vasquez have drawn from their years of experience in pastoral ministry and…

  • One Sentence Journal: a three-year record
    Creation Health

    …and powerful tool to transform your life. It takes just moments a day. Yet the effect it can have over time is life-changing. Journaling has many benefits including:* Stress reduction* Personal development* Enhanced creativity* Emotional healing* Problem solving* Decision making* Capturing ideas*…

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  • The Story of a Lost Day
    Francis D. Nichol

    …important matter. First published in 1930 and rereleased as part of the Heritage Collection, this book gives the reader an opportunity to study the benefits and losses of the reforms of the calendar. Some things cannot be adjusted by legislation without doing harm to essential justice and the free…

  • El camino de la salvación (Espanol)
    Ricardo Norton

    …Bible was being read by the people, and its benefits were incalculable. The nations where these postulates were accepted knew freedom and progress. In the short book, with ownership and simplicity, Dr. Ricardo Norton develops these concepts and puts these benefits within the reach of his readers.

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  • 9 Ways to Prevent Diabetes
    Donald R. Hall, DrPH, CHES

    …and graphs included to emphasize the importance of the studies he uses to back up his information. Anyone with a family history of diabetes, or anyone who is at risk of diabetes or has an elevated blood sugar can significantly benefit from this little book. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • The Case for the Investigative Judgment
    Marvin Moore

    …thinking of dedicated Adventist scholars. In this book, he aims to help the readers understand this foundational doctrine and gain its spiritual benefits – based solely on the evidence from Scripture. I believe this book has immense potential for dispelling doubts and questions about the…

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  • Becoming Vegan Express Edition
    Brenda Davis , Vesanto Melina

    …into the implications of becoming vegan--for individuals, for animals, and for our fragile planet. It includes new information on the health benefits of vegan diets and a blueprint for clean eating. This streamlined 'express" version is extensive yet easily understandable for anyone who wants…

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  • Failure is not Final
    Roger Hernandez

    …why we fail, what lessons we can learn from failure, and how we can react in a healthy, optimistic way to failure. You will discover that positive benefits can accompany negative experiences. Hernández states, “Just because you have failed, doesn’t mean you are a failure. Failure…

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  • Never Give Up
    Patrick Nave

    One of the side benefits of having a drug dealer for a father was that word soon got out around the neighborhood, and no one messed with you. We lived in a shroud of secrecy, drove cars that were stolen, kept the blinds shut, and never had a friend come into our home. We were raised in darkness.…

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  • Wellspring Healthy Cooking: Your Instructional Guide to Restored Health
    Lifestyle Center of America

    …DVD set is jam-packed with practical tips and advice. You will learn the safe, easy and fast way to chop onions. You will discover the surprising benefits of microwaving a lemon before you squeeze it. And you will see what happens when you squish a loaf of white bread and then a loaf of wheat bread.…

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