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  • When Death Isn't Fair: Coping With Overwhelming Grief
    Joy Swift

    …justice. How to enlarge one's coping range. And how to come to terms with God by understanding why He allows such tragedy in the first place. Born out of suffering, this book will encourage the comforter and empower the bereaved as they walk through the valley of the shadow and back into the light.

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  • A Guide to Parenting
    Jeffrey Brown, Pattiejean Brown

    …an action you took or failed to take, an argument with your son or daughter, memories of a child who has left home, or the painful journey of bereavement. Through the stormy waters of dating, entertainment, education, discipline, abuse, grief, service, and family time, family specialists Jeffrey and…

  • Promises for the Last Days
    Ellen G. White

    …by J. R. and Phyllis Bailey is divided into 37 areas with promises for everyone from youth to elderly, from mothers to missionaries, the poor and the sick, the sinners, those who are bereaved, lonely, or tempted. These comforting passages were taken from more than 40 different Ellen White sources.

  • Goodbyes Are Not Forever
    Joy Swift

    …murder of four of her children and the death of a fifth child from cancer eighteen days later. This follow-up book is for anyone who has lost a loved one, especially a child. But it is also for anyone who would like to know how best to help those bereaved. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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