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  • Best Ever Mission Stories
    Charlotte Ishkanian

    Vladimir [vlah-DEE-meer] lives in a small town in Ukraine, a country in northern Europe. He helps his family with their garden and animals. Many of the people in the Ukraine do not believe in God. Find out what happens when Vladimir gives a Bible reading at school. Adventist children from all over…

  • Best Ever Mission Stories II
    Charlotte Ishkanian

    In book two of this series you will find examples of many ordinary young people who dare to do extraordinary things for God and others. Adventist children from all over the world have helped others learn about Jesus. Join Harmony, Jeremy, Jenisah, and 23 others, as they share the love of Christ in…

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  • Fire on the Mountain
    Norma Youngberg

    …mustard seed of faith begins to grow. In this mission adventure, first published 40 years ago, Norma Youngberg weaves a classic story about the struggle between good and evil in every heart. It’s a story that’s as fresh as ever for a new generation of young readers. With illustrations…

  • John Byington
    Brian E. Strayer

    Probably the image most Adventists have of Elder John Byington is based on the only photograph they’ve ever seen, which portrays the aged patriarch as a silver-haired, balding, bearded, wrinkled, scowling preacher in a black frock coat and white shirt buttoned tightly around his neck. But John…

  • Discipleship Bible Book Shelf 1Q 2014
    Dan Solis

    …called the Old Testament, would play a significant role. Discipleship is a powerful, practical and deeply spiritual resource for anyone who has ever wanted to know how to lead people into God’s kingdom. Dan Solis establishes the foundation of this instruction through a solid connection to…

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