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  • Best Ever Mission Stories
    Charlotte Ishkanian

    …Bible reading at school. Adventist children from all over the world have helped others to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Their inspiring stories will influence others of all ages to become mission-minded and share the love of Christ with those in their families, neighborhoods, and around the…

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  • Showers of Grasshoppers and Other Miracle Stories From Africa
    Bradley Booth

    …ready to harvest. Then the grasshoppers descended from the sky like raindrops in a torrential storm. Showers of Grasshoppers and Other Miracle Stories From Africa chronicles the experiences of believers whose faithfulness in the little things prepared them to be faithful when times were the hardest,…

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  • Best Ever Mission Stories II
    Charlotte Ishkanian

    In book two of this series you will find examples of many ordinary young people who dare to do extraordinary things for God and others. Adventist children from all over the world have helped others learn about Jesus. Join Harmony, Jeremy, Jenisah, and 23 others, as they share the love of Christ in…

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  • The Best Amazing True Mission Stories
    James H. Zachary

    …inspiring collection of thrilling, true mission stories The day of miracles is not past. From Africa to America, from the South Pacific islands to Siberia, miracles are taking place as God works to bring individuals to Himself. In Amazing True Mission Stories you’ll read about:* the criminals…

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  • Mission Pilot
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …miracle in this modern-day story of mission service. Eileen Lantry’s exciting work allows readers to participate in David’s high calling. An adrenaline-pumping, honest and sometimes humorous book about a man passionate to follow his Lord wherever he leads, Mission Pilot will take you to…

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  • Guide's Greatest Rescue Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …pipe. Living with four family members for two and a half years in a trench five feet wide, seven feet long, and just 20 inches deep. These stories will remind you that even in the worst situations, we can depend on God for help. After all, He’s leading the greatest rescue mission in history!

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  • My Favorite Prayer Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    The third book in Joe L. Wheeler’s Favorite Stories collection. Dusk was approaching as Lynn set out. The path lay before him dark and mysterious, but he was a good woodsman, and without hesitation struck out rapidly, making surprising progress through the quiet forest. Snap! The sound of a…

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  • Mindoro Miracles
    Adventist Frontier Missions

    Many people don't believe miracles happen today but Mindoro Miracles is full of amazing stories from the mountain jungles of the Philippines. AFM missionaries established a thriving church and today committed Alangan men and women lead six growing churches. Run time: 30 minutes.

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  • Scar Across the Heart
    Bob Prouty

    …I grew to know the people, the more deeply I felt the gulf that separated us; and the more I learned, the stronger was my impression that I knew almost nothing at all. If you enjoyed Bob Prouty’s book Mission: Africa, said to be the best mission story of the decade, you will enjoy this sequel.

  • Silence of My Love -The sequel to Flee My Father's House
    Kay D. Rizzo

    Locked deep within Jamie’s heart were emptiness and confusion beyond the comprehension of a five-year-old boy. Refusing to let words describe his hurt, Jamie withdrew into his own little world. Would Chloe leave him the way his mommy and baby sister had? Silence of My Love, book two of the…

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  • Foolish Prayers, Fabulous Answers
    Ethel Coon, Glenn A. Coon

    …as the authors of The ABC’s of Bible Prayer, the Coons share stories from across the country of those who asked, believed, and claimed God’s promises, and were lavishly rewarded for their faith. While these stories took place decades ago, rest assured that God is still in the business…

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  • These Fords Still Run
    Barbara Westphal

    …rock had pierced the top of the car and landed between the two men on the front seat. . . .They could only pray for the women back at the lonely mission station. . .” To know Orley and Lillian Ford is to understand how Seventh-day Adventists have carried the gospel to nearly every country.…

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  • Miracle On the Mountain
    Bradley Booth

    …"Help us, Li Hua!" they cried. "Pray to your God, or we will all surely die!" Miracle on the Mountain is a collection of twelve extraordinary mission stories of faith and courage from around the globe. Stand alongside Li Hua and Segfred as they face certain death. Walk beside Genya and Won Tak as…

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  • Alice Princess (eBook)
    Alice Princess Siwundhla

    …the beloved story of Alice Princess, a little African girl who lived in a mud hut near Lake Malawi, and how her life was changed by the power of our church's mission program to share the love of God. An autobiography originally published in 1965, this book brings inspiring mission stories to a new…

  • Crimson Coats & Kimonos
    Herbert Ford

    …right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. This is the story, stranger than fiction, of a daring young teacher and his students who tackled an impossible mission and made it possible. It is an account not only of great music superbly performed, but of a…

  • Tell it to the World
    C. Mervyn Maxwell

    "The Story of Seventh-day Adventists. For many years, Tell It to the World has served as a source of stories, historical information, and inspiration to Seventh-day Adventists. This popular history of the Great Second Advent Movement has now been revised and updated, but it still focuses on the…

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  • Impaled
    Ernest H. J. Steed

    …lands and share their faith. Each of these missionaries sacrificed comfort and security to serve the Savior they loved. Impaled is the fascinating story of a young married couple, Brian and Valmae Dunn, twentieth-century missionaries to the South Pacific island of Malaita. They made the ultimate…

  • Run for Your Lives
    Dallas and Genevieve Kime

    Dallas, Gene, and Graham Kime were far from their U. S. homeland when the bombing of Pearl Harbor turned them from missionaries into fugitives. They that knew the Celebes, where they lived and worked, would soon be captured, and they would have to run for their lives. Within a few days, enemy planes…

  • The Big Four: Secrets to a Thriving Church Family 2Q12
    S. Joseph Kidder

    …produced thriving Seventh-day Adventist churches that are rapidly growing the kingdom of heaven. No matter who you are, The Big Four's inspiring stories and practical, proven methods will equip you to experience personal and collective revival, ultimately leading to powerful ministry and evangelism.

  • Never Lose Hope
    José H. Cortés

    …impression of having entered a hostile and alien world; it struck me that I was being dragged down into the very bowels of hell.” This is how the story begins of a young pastor, separated from his pregnant wife, who is suddenly thrust behind bars because of his religious convictions. There he…

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  • Second Chance
    Jim Ayer

    With God, nothing is impossible. And one rebellious young man was about to find that out for himself. Jim Ayer lived to get high—and to convince everyone he met that they should get high too. So one fateful day when he was 19, God interrupted his marijuana high with a fantastic view of the…

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  • Chains In China
    Bradley Booth

    The interrogator slapped the table with his hand and stood to his feet. “If you do not want my help, there’s nothing more I can do for you here! However, I feel I must tell you that from this day forward, things will not go well for you here at the Wu Xi Prison. . . . If you are stubborn…

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  • J. N. Loughborough: The Last of the Adventist Pioneers
    Brian E. Strayer

    …his ground. His close friendship with James and Ellen White did not exclude him from receiving rebuke from Ellen concerning his character flaws. And his diminutive stature did not prevent him from making enormous contributions to the mission and structure of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  • Adventist Churches That Make a Difference Bible Book Shelf 3Q 2016
    May Ellen Colón, Gaspar Francisco Colon, PhD

    …that are making a difference. The stories are interspersed with material that will equip your church to carry out, more effectively, Jesus’ ministry method of reaching people: socializing, sympathizing, serving, and saving people. “It was His mission to bring to men complete restoration;…

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