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  • Better Choices - Fresh and Healthy Cuisine
    Frank J. Hurd, Rosalie Hurd

    …health. BETTER CHOICES is bursting with color photos and illustrations on every page. A user-friendly index, 15 food charts, a lifestyle quiz, weekly menu planner, 3 glossaries, and a complete nutrition analysis of each recipe is included. Discover how easy it is to make better choices, and share…

  • End-Time Living
    Mark Finley

    …consequences of choices we made “back then.” What choices are you making today? How do you want to live your life in the future? Mark Finley, speaker emeritus of the It Is Written television broadcast, shares essential Bible truths in this book to help all of us make better decisions in…

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  • David's Revenge
    Brad Watson

    …their ordeal and the lies that follow, David and his friends face challenges and choices. But David’s most important task is finding something better than revenge. David's Revenge is a story of friendship, choices, perseverance and hope. “This book is epic.” – Braydon, age 13

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  • More Choices
    Cheryl Thomas Peters, James A. Peters

    Eat Well, Live Well More Choices features a wealth of recipes, resources, and ideas for creating flavor-rich meals using the natural goodness of plant-based foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, seeds, and whole grains. Simple instructions make it possible to create nourishing meals in minutes.…

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  • A Guide to Successful Dating, Audio CD Set with Workbook
    Nancy Van Pelt

    …know-how along with how to live a pure life in the midst of a sexual jungle. Through this series, those in their dating years can learn to make better choices and be successful in life. The teaching of dating standards and sexual values has been left to others–the media and peers. Here is an…

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  • God's Gift - Our Choice, Student Text Vol. 2
    General Conference Education Department

    …God’s love for all people and how following His guidance, with the help of the Holy Spirit, leads to better relationships within the family and with others. Volume 2, God’s Gift Our Choice focuses on the reasons why there were four Gospels, the land and people in Christ’s time, and…

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  • Live More Happy
    Darren Morton

    …feeling better and finding happiness. Over the past decade, neuroscience, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine have exploded as areas of cutting-edge study, research and healthcare. The research indicates that almost half of our enduring happiness can be influenced by our daily choices and…

  • Human Sexuality
    Ron and Karen Flowers

    …“the big talk,” hoping to educate your child about sexuality in better ways? Are you concerned that too much information about sex will encourage sexual activity? How can you help your teen make wise choices about sex and avoid STD’s and teen pregnancy? Does your child have the…

  • Simple Solutions (Diet & Stress): Is What You're Eating, Eating You?

    …is marginally deficient in a nutrient, stress may make the condition worse. * The effects of chronic stress are intensified by a rich diet. * Food choices can help or hinder a person''s stress sensitivity and how intensely they respond to stressful situations. * Eating right is just as important as…

  • Staying Healthy For Life
    Donald R. Hall, DrPH, CHES

    …longer and feel better? That is the focus of this book from Dr. Hall. Reading this book will help you know how to take better care of yourself, prevent disease, feel your best, and live a long life. There are no guarantees, but research shows that if you make healthy choices, you greatly improve…

  • Vibrant Life Tracts, Sample Pak (1 of each tract)
    Vibrant Life

    …4 1/4". Titles in the series: * Foods that Help Fight Cancer * Forgiveness: A Key to Better Health * The Healing Power of Prayer * You Can Stop Smoking * 16 Ways to Reduce Workday Stress, * Water: The Clear Choice * Tired of Being of Tired * Diet & Exercise: What They Can do for Type 2 Diabetes…

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  • Praying Like Crazy For Your Husband
    Tamyra Horst

    As wives, we know our husbands better than anyone else does. God has given us front-row seats to our husbands’ hearts. We know their strengths and talents; we know their weaknesses and struggles. We know them more intimately than anyone else does. And we can pray for them in ways no one else…

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  • The Time of the End
    James L. Hayward, Sr.

    …with the new earth. Material has been gathered from almost 100 of Ellen White's books, magazine articles, and letters, and other writings with a choice of the most concise, yet clear, statements possible that deal with each subject presented. The compiler's notes have been kept to a minimum,…

  • Adventures In Galilee
    Bradley Booth

    …to really know, even though the crowds flocking to see Him grew larger each day. One thing was certain. Life in Capernaum had changed for the better since Jesus came to town. But then Tabitha became deathly ill and died. What was it Jesus had said to her family? Not to worry, she was just sleeping?…

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  • The Very Strange Story of Blaze the Cat
    Nancy Beck Irland

    …story—the beginning of Blaze’s life-long pursuit of trouble. Blaze’s adventures will entertain and teach Christ’s loving lessons about sharing, trust, and making good choices. Children will see how Jesus can use the sticky predicaments we get into to help us love Him better.

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