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  • Baptizing the Devil
    Clifford Goldstein

    …it’s hard to imagine two views of creation more at odds with each other. Why, then, this irresistible urge to “baptize the devil” by seeking to harmonize evolution with Genesis? Though we can’t know individual motives, the overarching answer is tied to the contemporary belief…

  • Vida sem limites (Português)
    Clifford Goldstein

    …of life? you were not on this journey by chance, but for a special purpose? If you knew these things were true, would you live safe and defeated? Or would you set out to live a larger life—a life without limits? In this enlightening book Clifford Goldstein takes on some of life’s biggest…

  • Radical Evidence
    Derek J. Morris

    “Show Your face, if You dare.” Clifford Goldstein was an angry young atheist, shouting at a God he didn’t believe in. Of course, there are many people like Goldstein who wonder if there is any real evidence for a living God and His Redeemer Son. Here, Derek Morris introduces you to…

  • Touch Points -- Is This All There Is
    Clifford Goldstein

    Where can we find satisfaction? Nature? Science? Art? History? Anyone looking for it here in the world will be disappointed with anything they find. Many people are living lives feeling that all is worthless. Depression is the natural result from this kind of thinking. Luckily, this tract can turn…

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  • The Gospel Flies by Night
    Gerhard Padderatz

    …here? Where are we going? If there is a good God, why is there so much pain and injustice in the world? How should we live? What happens next? Clifford Goldstein writes that the dialogues allows us ‘to be voyeurs. We can listen over the shoulders of Mr. Padderatz and Mrs. Naumann as they talk about…

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  • I Hope
    Nathan Brown

    …– Clifford Goldstein, editor, Adult Bible Study Guide, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists “In a world increasingly infected by by bombast and oversimplified generalizations, Nathan Brown uses words as a surgeon uses a laser to perform a delicate operation. I Hope is a book that…

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