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  • Living the Life of the Lifegiver Mp3 CD
    Ellen G. White

    …the Lifegiver on audio CD combines two books previously published as Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing and Christ’s Object Lessons. This combination makes available to you the compelling book ever written on Christ’s parables with the most insightful book ever published on His Sermon on the Mount.

  • The Clear Word New Testament MP3 CD
    Jack J. Blanco, E. Lonnie Melashenko

    The Entire New Testament on One Disc! The Clear Word lets the power of ancient texts come through today. As the meaning of Scripture becomes more transparent, you see more of God’s grace and love. The Clear Word has renewed the devotional lives of thousands of people. Let it renew yours. The…

    $39.95 $29.97
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  • Moments With God - Audio Book CD
    Brenda Walsh

    …to your life at that moment. Over and over, you will find words of comfort to share with friends or loved ones who may be facing a crisis. Moments with God overflows with encouragement and inspiration. On each page, you will find a message of hope and love that will lift your heart toward heaven.

  • ¡Es Navidad! CD (Espanol)
    Lopez Brothers

    Este álbum cuenta con 10 villancicos de los más gustados cantados por los Hermanos López a las edades de 11, 13 y 15 años. Los cantos son:* Pequeña aldea de Belén* ¿Oyes lo que oigo yo?* Ángeles cantando están* Se oye un canto *…

    $15.98 $6.97
  • Keeping It Real CD
    Becky De Oliveira

    Yesterday I read The Velveteen Rabbit to my 5-year-old son. "This is the greatest children’s book ever written," I sobbed as I choked through the book’s explanation of what it means to be "real." "By the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out, and you get…

    $19.99 $3.97
  • No More Broken Strings CD
    Jaime Jorge

    …learning how to play the violin. The songs are a compelling companion to the book, and an indicator of Jaime’s thoughts and feelings as he looks back, and ahead, on God’s great blessings and gifts He has bestowed on him. Song List* Great Is the Lord * Beyond the Rainbow * It Is Well *…

  • Between Hell & High Water - 8 CD set
    Kay Kuzma, Brenda Walsh

    …They will give you courage, faith, and hope as you face your own times of trouble, knowing that whatever happens, God will be there. This audio book delivers on the riveting accounts that Brenda Walsh and Dr. Kay Kuzma experienced. Listen as they tell their story from hearts transformed by this life…

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  • My Bible Friends CD-ROM

    Based on the story of Noah's Ark in My Bible Friends, this CD features an interactive story with sound effects and music, fun animal games, and mini-encyclopedias that present a brief overview of natural history in areas related to the flood. Ages 3-8.

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  • The Clear Word MP3, Old Testament
    Jack J. Blanco, E. Lonnie Melashenko

    …eloquently reads all 39 books of the Old Testament in his recognizable, rich tones. Each chapter begins as a new track, enabling you to return to your spot quickly and easily, or select a specific book or chapter. Total time for 3 MP3 CDs is nearly 70 hours. Also available on Audio CD. New Testament…

    $69.99 $49.97
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  • Prophets and Kings Audio Mp3
    Ellen G. White

    …stories are vividly retold on these audio CD’s: Solomon, Elijah, Daniel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah, among others. Prophets and Kings is the second in a five-volume set that covers all of human history from the beginning of our time–and on into the future. This audio book begins with the reign…

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  • Three Angels, One Message Audio Book
    John T. Anderson

    …word is used. His careful investigation uncovers the full meaning of these messages by comparing scripture with scripture—and reveals just how urgent God’s warning is to every human on this planet today. Read by the author John T. Anderson. Approximate Running Time: 13.5 hours on 11 CDs.

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  • Radical Protection Audio CD 2-Disk Set
    Derek J. Morris

    Do you sense the need for radical protection? Listen as Derek J. Morris reads his best-selling book. You will discover the peace and protection that God alone can provide!

    $9.95 $7.97
  • The Sabbath

    …Sabbath sharing CD is a great way to introduce friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers to the Word of God. "Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." The Lord says, "If thou turn away thy foot from the Sabbath, from doing thy pleasure on My Holy Day; and…

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  • Play Today III CD
    Signs Publishing

    The CDs include instrumental accompaniment tracks for each song for pianists to play along with and/or for churches to sing along with. A booklet with the words for each song is also included in the CD.

    $15.98 $9.97
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  • Kids' Time Praise CD

    The talented Jimmy Rhodes and Brenda Walsh have teamed up on organ and piano to create accompaniment tracks featuring over sixty favorite songs kids love to sing! Why accompaniment tracks? Many churches today are unable to provide music in their children’s divisions due to lack of a musical…

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  • Ellen G. White Writings CD Rom
    Ellen G. White

    EGW Writings for Folio Views enables you to read, search, and study the complete works of Ellen G. White on your Apple Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows computer. The Letters and Manuscripts infobase has been added to the disc as an additional resource. Many reference resources have also been included:…

  • A Guide to Successful Parenting, Audio CD Set with Workbook
    Nancy Van Pelt

    …while learning new strategies that will bring peace and happiness to your home. The CDs and workbook cover these seven major areas: CD 1 (1 hour): CD 2 (1 hour): CD 3 (1 hour): This 3-CD album also contains three copies of the 64-page workbook, A Guide to Successful Parenting. Additional copies of…

    $24.99 $8.97
  • A Guide to Successful Dating, Audio CD Set with Workbook
    Nancy Van Pelt

    …target areas explored in this seminar and workbook are: CD 1 (1 hour): This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. CD 2 (1 hour): CD 3 (1 hour): This 3-CD album also contains three copies…

    $24.99 $9.97
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  • The Clear Word Audio, Old Testament
    Jack J. Blanco, E. Lonnie Melashenko

    …a specific book or chapter. Each disc is labeled with the total passages covered, as well as with a CD number for easy organization. Average disc running time is 70 minutes, totaling over 72 hours. Also available on MP3. New Testament and complete Bible packages are also available on CD and MP3. See…

  • Forgiveness: The Mystery and Miracle
    Annette Stanwick

    Are you struggling with painful life experiences? Annette Stanwick searched for a release from her misery, and found the answer in forgiveness. You too can have this burden lifting experience. This 4 CD set also includes a Personal Application Guide booklet.

    $29.95 $9.97
  • The Pilgrim's Progress Part 2 MP3 Disc
    John Bunyan

    …their path of faith. Now join the adventure in Part Two, adapted from Bunyan's own sequel. Featuring 58 actors, sound effects, and music. Easy to understand Old English. One MP3 CD - 8 Hours. MP3s is a compact disc that can be played on any computer, most DVD players, and many newer CD players.

  • Christmas With The Harp DVD
    Judy Wolter-Bailey

    …via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Christmas With the Harp CD features 15 familiar Christmas songs including It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, Away in the Manger Medley, O Little Town of Bethlehem and The Lord's…

    $19.98 $14.97
  • WWJD? Radio
    Keith Knoche

    …The CD includes twelve original songs by Keith Knoche and Jeff Wood, performed by the WWJD Kidz and addresses common problems and solutions for children today. Available Tracks:* What Would Jesus Do* You're Not Alone* Clean Talkin* Have You Seen Him* Honor Your Father and Mother* Look in the Book*

    $9.98 $5.97
  • The Pilgrim's Progress Part 1 MP3 Disc
    John Bunyan

    …classic. It has been said no book except the Bible has been translated into as many languages. Features 77 actors, sound effects and music. Easy to understand Old English. One MP3 CD - 6 Hours. MP3s is a compact disc that can be played on any computer, most DVD players, and many newer CD players.

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