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  • William Miller
    George R. Knight

    …to earth, reeling in shock and grief – the laughingstock of a jeering world. The bible, they were utterly certain, had said Jesus would return on October 22. He hadn’t. “Has the Bible proved a failure?” asked Hiram Edson, voicing the giant question haunting the wounded flock.…

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  • Help, Lord, I Blew It Again
    Mike Jones

    …for having blown it again—look to Jesus. As you do, you’ll find the compulsion to sin fade, and as He changes you into a different person, He will become the great passion of your life.” Click here to find this book as an eBook. Click here to find this book in electronic format.

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  • The Birthday Party - I Can Read Series
    Rose Gamblin

    …her as she invites her special friends to her birthday party. The I Can Read series is a great new group of books to make reading fun and give new readers a sense of accomplishment. Each book features a vocabulary list, reading comprehension questions and special activities that go with the story.…

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  • Pilgrim's Problems
    Karl Haffner

    …have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. We are all spiritual pilgrims on a journey to God’s front door. And if you’re honest, progress on that journey often comes slowly! Stuff gets in the way and trips us up. Stuff like greed, failure, loneliness,…

    $10.97 $8.97
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  • The Third Coming
    Céleste Perrino-Walker

    Eternity doesn’t begin for everyone at Christ’s second coming. Some must wait for the third coming. Who will be with Jesus when He comes the third time? Who will be raised up in the resurrection of the wicked? Some of the people in this gripping end-time scenario will be saved. Some will…

    $11.99 $0.47
  • The Team
    Kim Allan Johnson

    …Church to be one. It’s a big order we cannot accomplish on our own. Jesus’ disciples spent years in His presence but were not one until Pentecost. Kim Allan Johnson author of The Gift and The Morning shares in this new book a vision of the Church as a team. The word “team”…

    $13.99 $0.97
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  • The Lord's Prayer Through Primitive Eyes
    Gottfried Oosterwal

    …New Guinea understand the prayer and allows us to incorporate new concepts in our own personal prayers. The meditations of this book from a beloved professor, and the many new insights from a culture few of us will ever see, make this book unforgettable. Study questions at the end of each chapter.

    $13.99 $2.97
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  • Archangel
    Miguel Valdivia

    …the stories recorded of angelic intervention in biblical times, to the “coincidences” in our own lives, these powerful stories challenge us to open our eyes to the angels who walk beside us; to recognize the ongoing war between good and evil. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

    $13.99 $3.97
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  • Grace Notes
    Stuart Tyner

    Features short, choice quotations from Pastor Stuart Tyner's book Searching for the God of Grace and pairs them with a corresponding gem from Ellen White. The result is 52 weekly readings that will invigorate your spiritual experience and cause the treasure of God's grace to appear in a fresh, new…

    $8.99 $0.97
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  • God For Us
    James W. Gilley

    …Through personal stories and life experiences, John’s pictures of Jesus become alive and relevant. In God For Us, Gilley’s second book on the gospel of John, you will discover the attributes of a true disciple – humility, loyalty, and love. “Jesus is Love personified,…

    $14.99 $2.97
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  • Really Living 2
    Don C. Schneider, Ken Wade

    …stories will make you laugh and cry; they will inspire and challenge you to get to know Jesus better, to share Jesus more compassionately, and to live your life in service for Him. Enjoy these stories and discover for yourself the secret to Really Living. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

    $14.99 $3.97
  • Lord, Save My Church
    Richard W. O'Ffill

    …the life of Christ, we must confront our assumptions and prejudices in light of the gospel. In the ninety-some brief assertions and defenses in this book you will find much to ponder. You will agree with many. Pay special attention to those you don’t. The Holy Spirit may be trying to tell you…

    $13.99 $2.97
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  • Grounds For Belief
    Ed Dickerson

    …for games. Some to condemn and some to praise, but all, including you, are welcome there. Don’t be shortchanged! Come along and eavesdrop on the conversations taking place at the café. And don’t be surprised if they turn philosophical and then spiritual, or if you find grounds…

    $12.99 $1.97
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  • MindWaves
    Arlene Taylor

    …involves knowing your unique brain. Drs. Arlene Taylor and W. Eugene Brewer will show you how to get acquainted with your gray matter in their book, MindWaves. Four factors play an important role in defining who we are personally: gender brain preference, extroversion-introversion preference,…

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  • The Lamb Scroll
    David Edgren

    …were in place, they placed sticks on the altar, as Isaac said, “Father, we have the stones, we have the sticks, and we even have the fire. But we have no sacrifice!” A look of pain crossed the face of the old man. He reached out and placed a hand on his son’s cheek. “God will…

    $11.99 $3.97
  • We Shall Be Changed
    Christy K. Robinson

    Significant change doesn’t usually happen overnight! Have you ever heard of first-year medical students performing delicate brain surgery? Of babies suddenly waking up one morning speaking complete, intelligible sentences? Or of budding musicians holding sold-out concerts at Carnegie Hall?…

    $15.99 $2.97
  • The Gospel of Love and Real Evangelism
    Peter J. Prime

    "God is love" with the two greatest commandments is the only authentic truth. Without it, there is no authentic reality of being or well-being and well doing for the world, the church, the family and the individual. All is worthless, all is hopeless and all is at an end. Hate as the antithesis of…

    $12.99 $2.97
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  • Reckless Love
    Bruce Manners

    Adventist beliefs as stories of grace. Whether exploring them for the first time or you've heard it all before, Reckless Love takes a fresh engaging and practical look at the core beliefs of Seventh-day Adventist Christianity. Much more than a collection of dusty doctrines, these biblical…

    $13.99 $4.97
  • Julia
    Helen Godfrey Pyke

    After five years without rain, times were hard for the folks living alongside the Little Missouri River in western North Dakota. While there was always hope that things would improve soon, for the Steiner family, things were about to become even more difficult. A devastating accident and the…

    $12.99 $5.97
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  • Transformation
    Jim Ayer

    …like me who will be transformed if they are but given the chance to see Jesus in your book.”—Richard Peters. Within the pages of this book author Jim Ayer invites you into his own intensely personal journey and unfolds the practical wisdom and understanding God has provided for every…

    $14.99 $6.97
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  • The Choice
    Dan M. Appel

    Life in Gentry County looks ideal on the surface . . . but as shocking secrets are exposed, a battle line is drawn, and everyone is forced to choose a side. Brenda’s husband had been dead four years. Then he came home again. Just like that. He unlocked the door with his keys, hung his coat in…

    $14.99 $7.97
  • Worship Bible Book Shelf 3Q 2011
    Rosalie Zinke

    “Fear God … and worship Him.” God has commissioned Seventh-day Adventists – all of us – to call people’s attention to the three angels of Revelation 14. But what does that really mean? In Worship, Rosalie Haffner Zinke shows us what true worship looks like through the Bible’s stories of the Old…

    $12.99 $0.97
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  • On Becoming Shryock
    Richard A. Schaefer

    …trained to bring healing to body, mind and soul. It is a story of inspriation--and suprises. Of those who know the name Harold Shryock from the 13 books and more than 600 magazine articles he wrote for Seventh-day Adventist publishers, few know of the personal struggles and challenges he faced as a…

    $13.99 $0.97
  • Bill's Lunch - I Can Read Series
    Rose Gamblin

    …themselves. They'll learn how to be kind when others aren't. The I Can Read series is a great new group of books to make reading fun and give new readers a sense of accomplishment. Each book features a vocabulary list, reading comprehension questions and special activities that go with the story.…

    $2.99 $0.97
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