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  • The Heart Mender
    Sally Streib

    …was a disgrace. All she ever wanted was to be loved. Her heart was empty. Sally's parents abandoned her. She searched for someone to love and be loved by only to be rejected. Could anyone fix these two battered hearts? Enter Jesus. The Heart Mender. Witness how he interacted one-on-one with Mary,…

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  • Heartlift
    Jill Morikone

    …Are you held back from following God, even though your heart longs for Him? Do you doubt you can ever be truly forgiven, experience joy, or walk in victory with Jesus? You're not alone! The book you hold in your hands comes from that real broken place, Real stories of real pain. Real battles--and…

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  • Waiting and Longing
    Randall L. Roberts

    …sky?” (Acts 1:11, NIV). Let’s be honest. We’re tired of waiting. We want to see Jesus – and we want to see Him now! With hearts broken, we long for a world where sin is a distant, quickly fading memory. It is time to shift our focus – to move beyond thinking more about…

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  • 40 Days: Prayers and Devotions on God's Amazing Miracles Book 7
    Dennis Smith

    …Christians question their reality, in today’s broken world it seems most everyone could do with a miracle of some kind. Dennis Smith reminds us that miracles do still happen today. However, God’s Word must be received into the heart by faith for the miracle to become a reality. John…

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  • The Woman at the Well
    Patty Froese Ntihemuka

    My cross was inside of me—a stabbing guilt and a heart that was so numb that it didn’t even know it was feeling pain. My choices, my decisions, my husbands, my lies--and my son, my only child, who now resented me and wanted nothing more to do with me. How had everything gone so wrong?…

  • After God's Heart
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …soothe a crazed king. David, the only person in the Bible called a man after God’s own heart, inspires us with his vulnerability and his yearning for intimacy with God. Each of us, in our own broken way, yearns for such an intimacy with God. So join the author in exploring how a man like…

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  • A Heart of Flesh
    LaVonne Neff

    …out to have air murky with factory soot, garbage in the ditches, and apartments that smelled like bacon grease. Into this atmosphere of broken dreams Rebecca Cohen was born. She was kicked in the head by her father’s heavy boot and hitched to a plow like an animal by her brothers—it…

  • Sam Ocampo and Friends
    Sam Ocampo

    …sure to warm the heart as you listen and reflect on these beautifully, inspired songs. Songs include: 1. I'm Gonna Sing / When the Saints / Swing Low / This Train 2. In This Very Room 3. Say 'I Do' 4. Sing Your Praise to the Lord / El Shaddai 5. Because of Who You Are 6. A Broken Heart 7. Friends 8.…

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  • Count It As Joy
    Melody Shelton-Firestone

    …uniquely rich, smooth and warm alto voice. Count It As Joy is dedicated to her family. Melody travels across America singing songs that mend broken hearts. She performs regularly on 3ABN and her music is broadcast around the world via satellite. Songs include:* GOD'S GREATEST GLORY* WE HAVE THIS…

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  • Sometime Before Dawn CD
    Dona Klein

    …At the Cross* The Night Watch* Until Then* My Father Watches Over Me* Golgotha’s Hill* Wonderful Peace* It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn* Just When I Need Him/Blessed Assurance* Healer of Broken Hearts* I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before* Sometime Before Dawn – Reprise

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  • Sweethearts Again
    Glenn A. Coon

    …to determine availability. The fascinating experiences in this work are all actual, personal, and in every way accurate. Old hearts, estranged hearts, and broken hearts actually become..... Sweethearts Again. It's unbelievable that marriages which began with such love and promise can dissolve into…

  • When Death Isn't Fair: Coping With Overwhelming Grief
    Joy Swift

    …Joy Swift has plumbed the depths of grief, and gone the distance. By revealing more of her incredible story, she charts the path of healing for broken hearts. The author explains how to understand the stages of grief, and the significance of individual differences in the process. She explains how to…

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  • An Evening with Michael Harris DVD
    Michael J. Harris

    …sharing his personal testimony of how God rescued him from a life of drugs by the way of the "One Step Program." This DVD captures the heart of a man who was once broken but now delivered and set free. An Evening with Michael Harris concert songs include:* Were It Not For Grace* I Believe In A Hill…

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  • Gift From the River
    Loron T. Wade

    …would you? But that’s exactly what God did. The stories in this book tell of the myriad ways God invents to pour out His love on broken humanity. There is no heart so hard that He cannot soften it, no obstacle so great that He cannot overcome it, no human so isolated that He cannot find them.

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  • Gift From the River (eBook)
    Loron T. Wade

    …would you? But that’s exactly what God did. The stories in this book tell of the myriad ways God invents to pour out His love on broken humanity. There is no heart so hard that He cannot soften it, no obstacle so great that He cannot overcome it, no human so isolated that He cannot find them.

  • What God Hath Joined
    Patty Froese Ntihemuka

    …boy could own her heart so completely? Those sparkling eyes and glossy curls . . . that impish grin that got her every time.” As Leah looked at Josiah, she remembered his father’s laughing eyes and promises of a beautiful life. But that was before all the broken promises and a tragedy…

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  • Will I Ever Learn: One Woman's Life of Miracles and Ministry
    Hyveth Williams

    …She submerged herself in a world of power and politics, drugs, the occult, broken relationships, pain, and emptiness until there was nothing about her to suggest a divine destiny. Only God knew what was in the heart of this cigar-smoking, hard-drinking, profane woman–because He had put…

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  • Journey of Joy Leader's Kit
    Carla Gober

    Are you still on the path, or have you fallen off the cliff? Is your life's journey a joy or a jumble of dead ends and broken dreams? Does it seem that you can never get it together? Let Carla Gober guide you on your personal journey in this series of DVD Bible studies. A theologian, university…

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  • Pictures of Jesus
    David B. Smith

    …goats, the lost coin, the wedding feast. Through these and others, Jesus introduced His Kingdom – a new order in which evil is defeated, brokenness is healed, and love prevails – in ways that His followers could understand. These vibrant accounts of daily activities made His Kingdom…

    $16.99 $8.97
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  • Rest Beyond The River
    David Tank

    …CD David takes a fresh look at some of the great songs in the church hymnal. Available Tracks:* He Leadeth Me* Every Flower That Grows* Morning Has Broken* A Quiet Place* We Gather Together* Great Is Thy Faithfulness* Near The Cross* Sweet Sweet Spirit* In The Heart Of Jesus* Savior Like A Shepherd

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  • Christ's Way to Restoration
    Philip G. Samaan

    …wily deceiver will take full advantage of these impending crises by contending for every single soul, sparing no one, even the very elect. The brokenness and rebelliousness, instigated by him in heaven, will culminate in impacting every sphere of human existence. Christ's strategy of redemption will…

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  • Martin Luther Audio Book 3-CD set

    …the mightiest powers of earth. He sometimes doubted whether he had indeed been led of God to set himself against the authority of the church. In anguish of spirit he threw himself with his face upon the earth and poured out those broken, heart-rending cries, which none but God can fully understand.

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