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  • Man-Eaters of Malekula
    Roy Brandstater

    …courageous men and women who accepted without question the call to share the good news of Jesus among the cannibalistic peoples of the South Pacific. These young missionaries accepted the challenge and faced the dangers of serving a heathen and hostile people who were a law unto themselves—who…

  • Let's Talk
    Jan Paulsen

    …gathering regularly to have these conversations, carving out a space to move forward together as a church. Paulsen, who served as Adventist world church president from 1999 to 2010, made appeals early in his administration to officials from all the church’s world divisions, calling on them to

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  • Africa Adopted Us
    James L. Fly

    …couple comes to love and “adopt” the African people they came to serve, but a story of how the African people come to love and adopt the missionaries as their own,—as people they knew really loved them. And as you read, you’ll come to love them all. Click here to find this…

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