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  • Donkey Cart Kids
    Bobbie Montgomery

    …hermit with his strange partner, ride in a pioneer parade through one town, spend a stormy night in an abandoned house, and share a birthday celebration with an ancient Indian. All the while, as Betty put it, "The angel guards watched over us." Donkey-Cart Kids is an adventure you will never forget.

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  • Hay Lugar en la Cruz
    Los Mensajeros

    …and many different places where people need hope. They are very thankful to God for their many years of music ministry. Hay Lugar en la Cruz celebrates their 20th anniversary, and they hope to continue to praise His name until the soon coming of Jesus. Available Tracks:* Yo Presiento* La Piedra…

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  • Father & Son CD
    Keith Knoche, Philip Knoche

    …Ken Smith, The Fellowmen, Bart Vogel, and Phil and Keith Knoche performing seventeen of their digitally remastered songs. A full 84 minutes in celebration of God’s love. Available Tracks:* The Bridge* The Light from Heaven* Pass Along Love* Lord Remember Me* Home Again Heartbeat* The Music…

    $15.98 $3.97
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  • Adventist Family Traditions
    Céleste Perrino-Walker

    …allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Celebrate the Adventist Home Adventist family traditions are unique and special. They set us apart and mark us as a group of believers. They are memories…

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  • Praise a la Carte
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …Kay’s Mama’s Depression-ware cookie jar while you “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Kay D. Rizzo invites the reader to relax as she shares favorite recipes for body and soul. Join her in celebrating God's goodness, mercy and joy. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Jaime Jorge Live! 25 Years of Music DVD
    Jaime Jorge

    …join Jaime Jorge during this memorable evening to bring you an unforgettable DVD containing concert footage, interviews and a documentary, celebrating 25 years of music. Songs Include: 1. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God 2. The Impossible Dream 3. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus 4. Sweet By and By 5.…

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  • Dragon Tales
    Celia R. Brines

    …their heritage and customs differ from ours, their hearts are the same. In Dragon Tales, author Celia R. Brines remembers her work with the women in China, and celebrates the true stories of women she found to be loyal, appreciative, and self-sacrificing. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • A Great Song
    Ursula Weigert

    …field of classical music with humility, integrity, kindness, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the classical music repertoire. Finally, it is the celebration of a world-class conductor who is also an exceptional person, loved and respected by concertgoers and musicians worldwide. Click here to find…

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  • Notes of Joy (2018 Woman's Devotional)
    Carolyn Rathbun Sutton

    Did you know that God delights in you? That at the very thought of you, He rejoices over you with singing? Notes of Joy is full of stories that celebrate the beautiful bond shared between the heavenly Father and you, His precious daughter. God’s Word promises us that, through His Son, our…

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  • That Will Be Christmas CD
    Pam Tucker (Lister)

    This collection of songs is a celebration of our Creator God who in love came to earth in the form of a baby. The angels heralded His birth, Mary and Joseph’s experience, Christ’s purpose revealed in the Cross, and what this season is truly all about. This CD is a hallelujah overheard…

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  • Os dez mandamentos (Português)
    Loron T. Wade

    …poderosas implicações desses antigos princípios? The Ten Commandments (Portuguese) On May 7, 2006, people of faith everywhere celebrated the first annual Ten Commandments Day. “The Ten Commandments are the heart of all moral code and must be restored to the heart of our…

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  • Guide's Greatest Christmas Stories
    Helen Lee Robinson

    …to a girl's prayer just in time for the Christmas play. A little girl locked in a dark room finds her lost grandfather. German and Allied armies stop fighting to celebrate the Prince of Peace. To alter your altruism permanently, dip deep into this collection and revel in the riches of Christmas.

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  • Manos a la obra (Espanol)
    Antonio Rosario

    …life of the church leader. * How to gain a consensus on church projects. * How to work as a team. * How to work with opposition to our personal mission. * Celebrating successes in the church. This book is useful for small groups, training sessions, prayer meetings and as a series of sermons.

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  • Senda de sangre/La pasión (Espanol)
    Alfredo Campechano, Ellen G. White

    …Santa, y como nunca antes llegará a apreciar la magnitud del sacrificio del Redentor. Way of Blood/Passion (Spanish) Every year Christians celebrate the Passion Week and remember the suffering and death of Jesus. Do we really understand what it is all about? Why did God have to resort to such…

  • A Love Song for the Sabbath
    Richard M. Davidson

    …to spend a loving 24 hours with His people. Ideas the author has taken from Jewish tradition can add touches of beauty to your own family celebration of Sabbath. Using as his outline Psalm 92, written as a song for the Sabbath, he reveals how each one of us can know the exquisite joy of God’s…

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  • Walking With Angels
    Brian D. Jones, E. Lonnie Melashenko

    …are more popular than ever. They appear on T-shirts and trinkets. They even "star" in movies and TV shows. But are heaven's angels celestial celebrities . . . or messengers of God? Lonnie Melashenko, speaker/director of the Voice of Prophecy, and co-author of the hugely popular book, In the Presence…

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  • God's Amazing Creation (eBook)
    Vicki Redden, Dee Litten Reed, Joelle Reed Yamada

    …each day about our wonderful, incredible world that God has made. Amazing facts are crammed in each lesson like how many mosquitoes a brown bat can catch in an hour or how horned toads protect themselves. God's Amazing Creation celebrates nature and will connect children early on to their savior.

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  • Sabbath Action Blast (eBook)

    …afternoon, you don't need this book! But the rest of us...well, we'll be mentally high-fiving those creative people who've found ways to really celebrate God's special day! In these pages are 101 of the best Sabbath activity ideas that Guide editors have ever seen—nearly two years' worth of fun!…

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  • Heartwarming Stories of Adventist Pioneers Book 1 (eBook)
    Norma J. Collins

    …perspective. You'll get to know the pioneers. None of them were perfect--but all of them did their best, by God's grace, to spread the message of Jesus' soon return and the good news of the seventh-day Sabbath. You'll laugh, cry, and celebrate the God who uses imperfect people to do His work.

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  • Out of the Blue
    Charles Mills

    …Under these circumstances, a pilot doesn’t slow to a stop—a pilot potentially glides to a crash. Wendy Hanson had woken up early to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. She couldn’t help but look into the towering mountains surrounding her quiet valley. She could see an airplane in…

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  • 40 Days: Prayers and Devotions On the Lord's Supper Book 6
    Dennis Smith

    Celebrating the Lord’s Supper is perhaps our greatest opportunity to behold the love of God and to be changed into the loving, loveable Christians God has called us to become. There is no greater revelation of love in the universe than the sacrifice of Christ, which is represented in the…

  • Adventist Hot Potatoes
    Martin Weber

    …away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. These potatoes are HOT (but we don’t have to get burned) Are celebration churches of the devil? Is the church lowering its standards? Do Adventists believe in eternal security? Will God kill sinners or simply let…

  • Gold for My Girlfriends
    Kay Kuzma

    …‘gold’ in this book as Dr. Kay Kuzma shares how to prepare . . . and live in the ‘golden years’ with true joy, perseverance, and celebration for each new day. Whether you are dreading retirement or looking forward to it, Kay gives you a reason to get up in the morning, smile,…

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  • The Call of the Cosmos DVD
    Illustra Media

    …agnostic astronomer’s honest recognition of a supernatural designer…and the convergent revelations of nature and Scripture. The Call of the Cosmos is a celebration of science and the character of God—an unforgettable film with a message that will touch your mind and heart.

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