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  • Changed Too
    Carlos Camacho

    …God really, and what does He want from me? • Is Change really possible? • Do you feel yourself at a crossroads and don’t know where to go? Life can get messy. There aren’t always easy answers. Are you there? Then Changed Too is exactly what you’re looking for. It tells…

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  • El Centinela edición especial: Palabras Que Transforman (Espanol)/Life Changing Words (English)
    El Centinela

    …principios para una vida saludable* La expresión del amor* El triunfo del amor This special edition of El Centinela features Signs of the Times too! One side is in Spanish, and the other side is in English. Same message, different languages. Share one today! Topics include:* Compassionate…

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  • My Favorite Life-Changing Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …nearer. “Jim! O Jim!” Suddenly it was within the barn itself, and cramming everything into the box again, Jim shouted, in a tone not too pleasant, “All right! I’m comin,’” and bolted down the ladder. What he wanted was freedom, freedom from all the orders and…

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  • Thirteen Life-Changing Secrets
    Mark Finley

    …it! All these people responded to the touch of God. And when they did, something incredible happened. Their discoveries about who He really is flooded their lives with happiness. As you share their experiences, you’ll discover 13 secrets that can make an exciting difference in your life, too.

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  • Exploring Hebrews: A Devotional Commentary
    George R. Knight

    …the major themes and patterns of the book, but a bolder vision of God. "The study of Hebrews," claims author George Knight, "has changed my life. It will change yours, too." Now you can download an 86 page study guide to print out that will help you with your study of Exploring Hebrews.Click on the…

  • Determined!
    Mabel Latsha

    …restaurant. This man had spent a winter in a secluded cabin, where, by chance, he had found two books that had changed his life. The message this man brought to Harry changed his life too. In this book you will find how God directed the lives of these two men. Harry became more and more determined…

  • The Vegetarian Advantage
    Donald R. Hall, DrPH, CHES

    …to avoid the pitfalls made by many new vegetarians. Meal planning guidelines and pointers on how to adopt a plant-based diet will teach you how to become a smart vegetarian. Make the change today and you, too, can enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Vegetarian Advantage 2V DVD
    Urban Health Project

    …nutritional needs are being met and how to avoid the pitfalls made by many new vegetarians. Meal planning guidelines and pointers on how to adopt a plant-based diet will teach you how to become a smart vegetarian. Make the change today, and you, too, can enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life!

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  • Learning to Walk With God
    Dwight Hall, Cari Haus

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Don’t Put It Off! Dwight was looking for a practical, heart-changing religion. He wanted to walk with God like Enoch, Moses, and Elijah,…

  • Exalting His Word
    Shelley J. Quinn

    …in God’s Word are His own precious gifts for you, and He is longing to pour out the riches of His grace on your life so that you, too, can be changed into His image. If your hearts desire is to experience God’s transforming power and to know His perfect will for your life, this book…

  • Faces Around The Manger DVD
    Richard Stenbakken

    …narrative. This is done in order to bring us face to face with our own faith, doubts, fears, flaws, potentials, and needs – that we, too, may be changed. Details in harmony with the customs of the day, and some literary creativity, are used to flesh out the characters and their stories.…

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  • Las ventajas del vegetarianismo (Espanol)
    Donald R. Hall, DrPH, CHES

    …nutritional needs are being met and how to avoid the pitfalls made by many new vegetarians. Meal planning guidelines and pointers on how to adopt a plant-based diet will teach you how to become a smart vegetarian. Make the change today and you, too, can enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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  • Cracking the Code: Behind Enemy Lines
    Ellen G. White

    …the root of the problem—where it all started. You will be taken behind enemy lines and crack this top-secret code. Then it’s completely up to you to make the ultimate difference. The only difference that can and will change our children, family, and friends before it is forever too late.

  • George Mueller: Champion of Orphans
    Fern Neal Stocker

    …one day he met Jesus Christ, and his life changed radically for the better. The remainder of his life shows what God can do for a person who resolves to serve God 100 percent. George Mueller died on March 10, 1898. at the age of 92. But not until he changed the lives of countless orphans in England…

  • Spotted Boy and the Comanches
    Mabel Earp Cason

    too much on that, except during the summer when the Comanches were active. Thad Conway loved his life in Texas--until one day when he was snatched away by the Comanches and his much-loved pony was given to another boy, a Comanche. Thad was carried off a prisoner. From that day on, his life changed

  • My Heart Will Go On
    Joy Swift

    It was a mother’s agonizing cry. And a crime too horrible for words. Four innocent children, brutally murdered. One surviving child would die twenty days later from a terminal illness. But these precious children weren’t the only victims that dreadful fall of 1977. Many more…

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  • Questioning Death
    G. G. Albert

    …a story too. But even though it was very difficult to recall the tough times and re-live the emotions once again, I am going to share my journey with you anyway. And I'm going to do this because through my experience, heartache and all, I have learned some things that have completely changed my life…

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  • The Teachings of Jesus (Bible Book Shelf 3Q2014)
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …did when they were first spoken. Those words, and the life Jesus lived as He spoke them, transformed the disciples into leaders who changed the world. They can change us as well. What would it have been like to follow the footsteps of Jesus from town to town, around the Sea of Galilee, and down the…

    $13.99 $4.97
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  • There's More to Jesus
    Shawn Brace

    …was more than 130 years ago in the bosom of a young doctor under a rain-drenched tent at a California camp meeting in 1882. It changed his world. It is still changing lives. Nelson and Brace share this book because they crave for us what God gave that youth, and what He has given them. They want…

  • Transformation
    Jim Ayer

    Ever wonder why your life does not reflect the powerful change that is supposed to be part of a Christian “experience”? Do temptations beat you into submission and leave you wondering if you’re not trying hard enough, or if God isn’t holding up His end of the bargain? Ever…

    $14.99 $6.97
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  • Amish- PBS Documentary
    Vision Video

    …migrate from homesteads in Pennsylvania toward more open farmland. Those staying where the land is too crowded to farm have developed an amazing variety of cottage industries. But all such changes are made very carefully, in order not to sacrifice spiritual covenant and community for the sake of…

  • I Hope
    Nathan Brown

    …– Church – World A collection of editorials, essays and stories to encourage your faith, challenge your life, grow your church and change your world. “Nathan Brown continues to be one of the most provocative and challenging Adventist writers of this generation. I Hope is no…

    $12.99 $5.97
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  • Gaining Decisions for Christ
    Louis Torres

    Learn How to Lead a Soul to Christ! If you want to be used by the Holy Spirit to change lives, but have been frustrated by failure, this short manual is for you. One of life's greatest thrills is leading a soul to Christ. But many fail because they merely disseminate information. Now successful…

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  • Forever His
    Marvin Moore

    …Forever His will change your mind and lighten your heart. Moore leads you step-by-step through Paul's letter, helping you unpack God's wonderful plan to save you from your sins and addictions. And it all happens through a relationship with Jesus. You can't be too sinful for that…

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