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  • A Child's Steps To Jesus 3 Volume Set
    Linda Porter Carlyle

    Thousands of adults have become acquainted with Jesus through the book Steps to Christ. Now, through stories based on these topics, young children can learn the same truths. Think of this three-volume set as an introduction to Christian living for preschool children. With these basic beliefs in…

    $49.99 $29.99
  • Pasitos hacia Jesús – 2 tomos (Espanol)
    Linda Porter Carlyle

    …pueden iniciar una amistad con Jesús que durará toda la vida. Childs Steps to Jesus 2V (Spanish) A wonderful two-volume set in Spanish for the preschool age child. Stories based on the book Steps to Christ will help them get acquainted with Jesus and the basic beliefs of the…

    $24.97 $12.97
  • Steps to Christ Coloring Book for Kids
    Ellen G. White Estate

    …found in Steps to Christ, is designed to help children take their first steps towards a personal relationship with Jesus. Coloring has always provided a wonderful opportunity to be expressive as well as meditative. This interactive coloring book aims to provide a creative outlet for your child while…

  • Perfect In Christ
    Helmut Ott

    …pleasing to the Father.” Ott goes on to say that “the Father’s inheritance is not restricted to those who achieve sinless perfection. God holds each child responsible only for what He knows is reasonable to expect of him at every advancing step of his experience. Christ’s

  • David Asks Why
    Melanie Troxell

    …a young child to understand—God is love. David Asks Why unites a child’s curiosity with a creative adaptation and age-appropriate paraphrase of Ellen White’s Steps to Christ. In the questions David asks and in the answers he discovers, you will find the help you need to guide your…

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