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  • Eric B. Hare Stories CD Vol. 1
    Eric B. Hare

    Favorite stories told by the master storyteller himself - Eric B. Hare Volume 1: Mister Crooked Ears - Silver and the Snake - Me Me - Chinese Lady and the Rats - Little Engine - Bunny and Jim - The Big Yellow Truck - Pip, Pip the Naughty Chicken Visit to listen to sample tracks from…

  • Miss Brenda's Bedtime Stories Audio Book 5 CD Set

    The popular Miss Brenda's Bedtime Stories, volumes 1-5 are now available as audio books. With "Miss Brenda" reading the stories, these are sure to become favorites! These audio books are great for listening to in the car, or at bedtime, or for kids to listen to while following along with the book.

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  • Pathways of the Pioneers CD Collection
    Your Story Hour

    …Including more than 100 amazing stories, this series begins with God's call to William Miller, concludes with the death of Ellen G. White, and brings to life all the wonderful and difficult years in between. Dramatized by the creative team of Your Story Hour, these stories will inspire, delight, and…

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  • Eric B. Hare Stories CD Vol. 2
    Eric B. Hare

    Favorite stories told by the master storyteller himself. Available Tracks:* Sweet Potatoes* White Bean* The Hermit And The King* Jack's Quarter Visit to listen to sample tracks from this album.

  • Eric B. Hare Stories CD Vol. 3
    Eric B. Hare

    Favorite stories told by the master storyteller himself. Available Tracks:* Who Put The Fire Out?* What A Fool I've Been* Little Call* Guess Who Saw The King?* The Mean Old Mistress* Ronnie And The Robber* Impossible Fish Story Visit to listen to sample tracks from this album.

  • Johnny's Pants and other stories from Uncle Arthur CD
    Arthur S. Maxwell

    Seven well-loved stories told by Uncle Arthur on one CD! Stories:* Johnny’s Pants * Jimmy and the Jam Jar * Vera’s Victory * The Two Carolyns * Why the Dogs Ran Away * Ken’s Baby Brother * Hold Up Your Hand Visit to listen to sample tracks from this album.

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  • Packy, Pokey, Sally CD
    Ethel Neff

    The classic true adventure stories of a runaway elephant, bear, and monkey are back! Now on CD, Packy, Pokey, and Sally are ready to be enjoyed by a whole new generation of children. Packy, the Runaway Elephant A baby elephant escapes from the zoo and goes looking for a little girl named Eloise.…

  • Mouse in a Bottle CD
    Marvin Hunt

    These engaging stories for the novice and experienced storyteller teach character-building and biblical principles to the listening audience. Each story is accompanied by coloring and activity sheets designed for children ages 5-12. A great resource for teachers, educators, pastors, and children’s

    $19.95 $9.97
  • My Bible Friends - Audio CD
    Etta B. Degering

    …a bell-like tone alerts them when the story moves to the next page. Preschoolers will enjoy looking at the pictures while listening, and early readers can read along while the CD plays. There's no better way to introduce children to the exciting stories of the Bible! 2 discs approximately 130…

  • Parábolas de vida eternal CD (Espanol)
    Lourdes Chazarreta

    …of Eternal Life CD (Spanish) was made especially to help children understand the truths of the Kingdom of God. Young children sing familiar parables that Jesus taught while on earth set to words and melodies that will appeal to children. This is a musical way to instill these stories in little minds…

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  • His Story; Just In Time / In Our Time CD
    General Conference Education Department

    This item is not available via the web site. Please call your Adventist Book Center store at 1-800-765-6955 for pricing and availability. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Grade 10 Narrative questions for each lesson followed by a question bank. The answer key follows.

    $12.55 $5.97
  • My Bible Friends CD-ROM

    Based on the story of Noah's Ark in My Bible Friends, this CD features an interactive story with sound effects and music, fun animal games, and mini-encyclopedias that present a brief overview of natural history in areas related to the flood. Ages 3-8.

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  • I Can See
    Lila Cervantes

    …lived the life of a military wife, and presently lives in Southern California with her husband and their two beautiful children. I Can See is her debut album the CD is the story of her life. Every word that was penned and every tune sung was artistically created by a God who never forsook her. Her…

    $15.98 $4.97
  • Johnny's Pants
    Arthur S. Maxwell

    Seven well-loved stories to read along with the CD told by Uncle Arthur. Stories:* Johnny’s Pants* Jimmy and the Jam Jar* Vera’s Victory* The Two Carolyns* Why the Dogs Ran Away* Ken’s Baby Brother* Hold Up Your Hand

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