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  • Who Was Ellen White - for Kids
    Jerry D. Thomas

    One of the unique challenges in our church is to understand the ministry of Ellen White and how it should impact us as Adventists. This can be especially difficult for children. If we want them to become lifelong Adventists with faith in the Bible and in our church’s doctrines, then we must…

  • Guide Special - Ellen White: Light to Defeat the Darkness / Slam Dunk

    …be found online regarding Ellen G. White—some of it true, some of it false. So how do we teach our kids about Mrs. White’s life, ministry, and contribution to the Seventh-day Adventist Church? This Special Ellen G. White Issue of Guide® is an excellent way to explain Ellen…

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  • Family Favorites With the Micheff Sisters CD
    Micheff Sisters

    …of finishing this great work so that we can all go home to heaven. That is why we made this CD. This album is dedicated to 3ABN’s Kids Time Ministry. We pray as you listen to this CD and sing along with us, you too will realize how very much Jesus loves you." – Micheff Sisters Song List*…

  • The Fragmenting of Adventism
    William G. Johnsson

    …success? Do our schools produce committed Christians, or do they turn our children into disinterested skeptics? Will the Adventism that galvanized the GI Generation fizzle in the hands of Generation X? Will independent ministries split the church? William G. Johnsson has served as editor of the…

  • Beleeza Quests- The Rains Came
    Treasure Quest Ministries

    The Rains Came is the first in a series of audio adventures from Treasure Quest Ministries In Beleeza during the reign of the great King Treelor there was peace and fun throughout the land. The first in a series of twelve audio adventures, "The Rains Came" revolves around two young squirrels, Andrei…

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  • Christian Storytelling
    Eric B. Hare, Arthur W. Spalding

    …original work and delivered a manual for Christian storytelling that became must-reading for every aspiring pastor, teacher, and children's ministries leader. The timeless principles of this book will transform anyone who reads its words with the desire to touch young lives with life-changing,…

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  • Mouse in a Bottle CD
    Marvin Hunt

    …to the listening audience. Each story is accompanied by coloring and activity sheets designed for children ages 5-12. A great resource for teachers, educators, pastors, and children’s ministries personnel. Every church and school should have this collection of stories to practice or use at a…

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  • De mujer a mujer 2014 (Espanol)
    Pilar Calle de Hengen

    …de tus ruegos ni deja sin respuesta tu oración sincera, por más sencilla y humilde que sea. Woman to Woman (Spanish) Women's 2014 Devotional Meditations on the home, children, education, ministry and Christian character will help you start the day with a heart full of gratitude.

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  • Thankful Heart DVD
    Kids In Tune

    …the first release by Kids In Tune, a children’s choir at the Madison Campus SDA Church in Madison, TN. Noticing the number of children and musical talent in their church, Gissela Kroll envisioned this choir becoming an important ministry for the children. With the goal of instilling in them a…

  • La familia: la clave de todo (Espanol)
    Jansen and Gloria Trotman

    …Trotman believes that "most of this world's problems start in our families. If we save our families we can save the world." This book is written for pastors, laymen, parents, and children. It challenges the whole church to contribute to the sacred ministry of reconciliation among our families.

  • The Long Road to Armageddon
    Marvin Moore

    …expounds on God’s provision to save His children through the life, death, and ministry of Jesus. It also looks at God’s end-time church; what it looks like; the dangers of fanaticism; and stresses how essential it is for God’s children to develop a deep spiritual connection to the…

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  • The Grace Pipeline
    Shelley J. Quinn

    …character - in us. The Grace Pipeline is a practical and inspiring guide that shows how the grace of Christ transforms His children by His indwelling presence through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, to refine, perfect, and empower this end-time generation. "I believe The Grace Pipeline will provide…

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  • Blessed Are They: True Stories of God's Love in Action
    Céleste Perrino-Walker

    …through various ministries. They are the stories of those whose lives have been transformed through a ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, or an associated lay ministry.* Summer camp gives parents of special needs kids a much-needed break.* Day care program allows children of beggars to go…

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  • Forever Stories DVD
    Carolyn Byers

    …local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Take your children on a fascinating visual journey through the events of the great controversy, from the rebellion of Lucifer to the new earth. The Forever Stories DVD will help children love the Bible stories and grasp the meaning for their lives.…

  • God Wants To Hear You Sing
    Christian Edition

    …music to all who attend their concerts. It is a full faith ministry. Their music is heard across the nation on hundred of radio stations, and satellite stations around the world. Their recordings are an important part of their ministry – they have performed thousand of concerts for all…

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  • Called to Serve DVD
    Adventist Frontier Missions

    …we face as Jesus comes is how we served our fellow man--did we feed, clothe and visit the least of his children? See how the Georges sacrificed 14 years of their lives to bring healing, ministry and the gospel to the Palawano tribe deep in the mountains of the Philippines. Feature Runtime 29 minutes…

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  • Wounded Healer
    Kay D. Rizzo, Tom Sanford

    …a healer of thousands of like-wounded boys and girls through the ministry of Project PATCH is the stuff of miracles. And this book tells the story.From Sanford’s own troubled past to the heartbreaking stories of the children he and his wife Bonnie have rescued, Wounded Healer is an emotional…

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  • Messenger of the Lord
    Herbert E. Douglass

    The Prophetic Ministry of Ellen G. White. God called a seventeen-year-old girl, frail and in poor health, to proclaim His Word and guide His people. For the next seventy years Ellen White served as the Lord's messenger--writing, preaching, counseling, traveling, warning, and encouraging--as she…

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  • God's Gift - Our Choice, Student Text Vol. 2
    General Conference Education Department

    …people in Christ’s time, and the early life of Jesus. Unit two is about the early ministry of Jesus up to the turning point in His ministry – the feeding of the 5,000. Unit three continues the ministry of Jesus through the final week of His life. Unit four centers on the final week of…

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  • 101 Questions About Ellen G. White
    Ellen G. White Estate

    …101 of the most frequently asked and often most controversial inquiries. He exposes many of the myths that have developed and introduces readers to the real truth about this inspirational author. An enlightening volume on the work and ministry of Mrs. White. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Para jóvenes enamorados (Espanol)
    Samuel Peguero Colón

    …lacking in any home where there are young people or adolescents." Omar Lebreault-MA., MDiv.Greater New York Conference, NY, New York, USA. UU. "My children have acquired emotional maturity by reading 'For Young Lovers.' It was one of the first books to be given to them as a teenager." Rafael D.…

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  • Learning to Walk With God
    Dwight Hall, Cari Haus

    …It’s a journey. A path that leads Dwight, his wife, and their children to a better way of life. It is about learning to walk with God–something you can do right where you are. Today, Dwight shares his faith through the ministry of Remnant Publications. Since 1985, Remnant has printed and…

  • The Blueprint: A Manual for Reaching the Cities
    Rico Hill, Jared Thurmon

    ministry with a new twist. They explain the dream that inspired the method and describe how this model can serve as an effective prototype for modern urban outreach. Now imagine standing in the middle of a major city. Try to see it through God’s eyes—a city filled with His children. Now…

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  • Messages to Young People
    Ellen G. White

    …for Teens Several generations of youth have been nourished by this uncompromising call to duty, purity, and service. The author, who began her ministry when only 17 years of age, invites Seventh-day Adventist youth to examine their reading, dress, music, and social life, and discard cheap amusements…

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