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  • For the Love of China
    Herbert Ford

    …availability. In war-ravaged China, American missionary Denton Rebok dodges bombs, bullets, and bandits to become one of the all-time great "China hands." Wielding a combination of Oriental psychology, bravado, faith, know-how and above all else a love of China, he sees his dream of practical…

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  • China Nurse
    Mary S. Ogle

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. When Elisabeth Redelstein was small, she wanted to be a nun. But…

  • The Long Road to China
    Joy Swift

    …poverty-and disease-ridden people of China. And help he did. In the face of severe illness, devastating fires, attacks by bandits, and war-time invasions, Harry Miller remained committed to offering the Chinese the hope of salvation and healing. The Long Road to China is Harry Miller’s amazing…

  • The Bright Side of China
    Bob and Treva Burgess

    …live in China. “Offering rich vignettes from their two-year ADRA assignment in China, Bob and Treva incidentally reveal their amazing diplomacy when facing potentially sticky situations. Assuming day jobs as professors at a Chinese University in order to validate their residence in China, they…

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  • Chains In China
    Bradley Booth

    …a starvation diet, Chen looked for every opportunity to tell his fellow prisoners and prison officials about the loving God he served. Chains in China illustrates the nightmare of tribulation God’s people have often endured for the cause of Christ. It is a chronicle of relentless devotion and…

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  • The Indomitable Gertrude Green (eBook)
    Max W. Hammonds

    …school with its long hours and hard work didn?t faze her. Carrying the workload of two or three people didn?t bother her. Accepting a call to China as a missionary nurse in 1936  . . . well, she was understandably bewildered at first, but certainly not frightened. Challenging an arrogant Japanese…

  • The Man Who Couldn't Be Killed
    Stanley Maxwell

    …prisoner's faith or the power of his God. The Man Who Couldn't Be Killed is an unforgettable story of faith and miraculous deliverance in Communist China at the height of the Cultural Revolution. Mr. Wong's unflinching courage for the Savior and the miracles that saved his life will inspire you to…

  • Adventist Girl, Set Four
    Sandy Zaugg

    A China adventure for a new Adventist girl! It’s 1925 in Portland,Oregon when a missionary—Dr. Miller—visits nine-year-old Alice Stewart’s church on Sabbath. Suddenly, everyone seems to be talking about China! At first, Alice cares more about her new birthday dress. But when…

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  • China Doctor
    Raymond Moore

    …your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. This is the life story of Harry Willis Miller, great American medical missionary to China. Dr. Miller’s contribution to the cause of Christianity has been no less important than his contribution in the field of medicine. Through his…

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  • With Our Missionaries in China
    Emma Anderson

    …“A million a month in China are dying without God.” God has wonderfully blessed the heralds of the Advent message in China since they entered that great country in the 1900s. This book will help the reader to understand the work of missionaries in China, their surroundings, methods,…

  • Invisible Escort
    Rose Christensen

    …and looked at us with compassion. "To China! Going to China? China will be blown off the map before you get there!" He'd been reading the papers, this doctor who gave Jerald and me our physicals as we made ready to sail for mission service in China late in the summer of 1939. Japan had indeed…

  • Light the Paper Lantern
    Ruth Wheeler

    …If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Pastor Warren often studied the map of China and the territory lying to the South of Chungking, where hundreds of villages and many great cities, some with 100,000 inhabitants or more, dotted…

  • Un Santuario en el tiempo, quinta parte DVD (Espanol)
    LLT Productions

    …actuales al concluir la crónica del séptimo día. Este relato de alcance mundial va desde los revolucionarios Taiping en China hasta los millones sabatarios nativos de Africa y aún la remota villa de Paruima en Sudamérica. Abarca desde la heróica resistencia…

  • Un Santuario en el tiempo, Quinta parte VHS (Espanol)
    LLT Productions

    …actuales al concluir la crónica del séptimo día. Este relato de alcance mundial va desde los revolucionarios Taiping en China hasta los millones sabatarios nativos de Africa y aun la remota villa de Paruima en Sudamérica. Abarca desde la heroica resistencia de…

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  • Silence of My Love -The sequel to Flee My Father's House
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …D. Rizzo, finds Chloe struggling to be a surrogate mother to orphaned Jamie in the harsh flatlands of Kansas. Chloe’s dreams of reaching China stall as adversity and a little boy’s silence lead her down a path of experience she never bargained for: How could anyone find love and…

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  • Praise a la Carte
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …of praise.” Come in and sit a spell at Kay’s turn-of-the-century oak table. Sip hot cinnamon-apple tea from her Grandma Chloe’s china cups while you savor the flavor of God’s promises. Nibble on an oatmeal-raisin cookie from Kay’s Mama’s Depression-ware cookie jar…

  • Lantern Light
    May Cole Kuhn

    …Lantern Light is the true story of Gentle Blessing, a young Chinese girl growing up in upper-middle-class China. Blessing has the chance to go to school and become a nurse. Along the way, she experiences many interesting new things, for there is never a dull moment when living in China.

  • En algún lugar del mundo (Espanol)
    Helen Lee Robinson

    …de países con lugares y gente de lo más intersesante Irak, Singapur, Australia, México, India, Zimbabue, Brasil, Perú, Egipto, Francia, Alemania, Madagascar, China… Somewhere In the World (Spanish) Devotional for juniors. Let's travel the world in 365 days.

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  • Flee My Father's House - Book 1 of the Chloe Mae Chronicles
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …hills of Pennsylvania. It tells the story of a young woman’s fight for independence and her dream to help the dying women and children in China. This sweeping drama begins with an agonizing choice that will set Chloe Mae’s feet on a path of pain and discovery. Escaping from certain…

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  • The Adventists 2 DVD
    Martin Doblmeier

    …story of how for more than a century, Seventh-day Adventists have brought healthcare to some of the world's most remote regions. Filmed in Haiti, China, the Amazon, Africa, Peru and the Dominican Republic, The Adventists 2 is a collection of six stories that explores how people of faith are doing…

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  • Dragon Tales
    Celia R. Brines

    …their heritage and customs differ from ours, their hearts are the same. In Dragon Tales, author Celia R. Brines remembers her work with the women in China, and celebrates the true stories of women she found to be loyal, appreciative, and self-sacrificing. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • The Adventists Trilogy 3V DVD Set
    Martin Doblmeier

    …is the story of how for more than a century Adventists have taken their health care message to the far reaches of the earth. Filmed on location in China, Malawi, Peru and the Dominican Republic. * The Blueprint, the story of Adventist Education, takes the viewer into one of the largest faith-based…

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  • Passport to Adventure (2017 Junior Devotional)
    Rich Aguilera

    Join “The Mud Guy” on his exciting adventures around the world! * Visit the Hong Kong Bird Market in Kowloon, China* “Remember the Alamo” in San Antonio, Texas* Negotiate for souvenirs in Santiago, Cuba* Learn about tough love in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts* Marvel…

    $16.99 $15.97
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  • The Seventh Day DVD 5 Volume Set
    LLT Productions

    …steaming South American jungle; --from the massacre of a thousand Jews in the Palestinian desert to the bloody Taiping Revolution in 19th-century China; --from the divisive heresies of the early Christian era to the fiery executions of the "heretics" in Red Square. Hal Holbrook hosts this remarkable…

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