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  • Reinvent Your Sabbath School: Discover How Exhilarating a Ministry-driven Class Can Be
    Chris and Yolanda Blake

    …book tells you how. Chris Blake, former editor of Insight magazine, is associate professor of English at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. Books he has authored include A Reason to Believe, Insight’s Most Unforgettable Stories, and Searching for a God to Love. Yolanda Blake is a teacher and…

  • Swimming Against the Current
    Chris Blake

    …after you should have turned out the lights. Blake has produced essential reading for anyone who wants to know more fully what it means to follow Christ.”—Bettina Krause, special assistant to the president, General Conference. “Chris Blake writes with thought, humor, warmth, and…

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  • Searching For a God To Love
    Chris Blake

    Author Chris Blake has revised and updated his best-selling book of a decade ago. Do you have questions? Do you have doubts? Have you been hurt? Are you aching for something more? Great. You qualify to take the journey this life-changing book defines.

    $13.99 $6.97
  • Searching For a God To Love / Swimming Against the Current - Set
    Chris Blake

    Now available! Two insightful books from Chris Blake are available as a set at a discounted price for a limited time only. Best-seller Searching for a God to Love has been updated with additional material and study questions making it an excellent choice for small group Bible studies. If you have…

    $24.99 $10.97
  • Manifest: Our Call to Faithful Creativity
    Nathan Brown, Joanna Darby

    …and how we be creative in our church and in our everyday lives. Contributors include:* Kay Rizzo* Dick Duerksen* Andy Nash* Trudy Morgan-Cole* Chris Blake* Terry Benedict* Gary Krause* Tony Knight* and more "The arts should flourish within Christian community and ministry because God is the Creator,…

    $19.95 $14.97
  • A Reason to Believe
    Chris Blake, Don Jacobsen, Maylan Schurch

    Introducing the first Seventh-day Adventist Church-sponsored youth doctrinal/baptismal course anyone has seen for a long, long time! We've boiled down the SDA fundamental beliefs to 10, because we like 10 better. Here they are:* Divinity * Rebellion * Humanity * Revelation * Jesus * Response * Love…

  • En busca de un Dios para amar (Espanol)
    Chris Blake

    En busca de un Dios para amar es un pequeño libro ideal para compartir con las personas más cercanas a usted que se han alejado de Dios o quienes simplemente nunca han encontrado a un Dios a quien amar. Searching for a God to Love is a much-anticipated sharing book for those closest to…

    $11.99 $4.97
  • Do Justice
    Nathan Brown, Joanna Darby

    …side where we touch the world’s hurt. The side of risky response. The side that moves us beyond loving mercy to doing justly.” –Chris Blake “With such a prophetic heritage, Adventists must always be people who speak to what we see around us, even as we continue asking God for…

  • I Hope
    Nathan Brown

    …address tough issues – ones too many Christians avoid – and he does so with grace, candour, deep discernment and passion. From an American’s perspective, two words best describe this book: ‘fair dinkum.’” – Chris Blake, author, Swimming Against the Current

    $12.99 $6.97
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