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  • The Credit-Crunch Christian
    Richard de Lisser

    …celebrity-obsessed culture, where the next outfit, smart phone, car, holiday or house, is more important than living debt-free and happy! In this thought provoking and practical book De Lisser presents a clear message to a confused world: it is time to live simply, biblically and happily.

    $5.99 $3.97
  • The Prophet and the Presidents
    Gilbert M. Valentine

    …formative years. The church’s continued growth through the years since Ellen White would seem to be a clear evidence of the continued blessing of the Spirit. The story unfolded here clearly develops the underlying conviction that the Spirit of truth that uniquely manifested Himself in the…

    $22.99 $11.97
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  • Beyond Death: The Mystery, The Tragedy, The Hope

    …hopeful for Heaven as you explore the subject through the experiences of the various contributors. Readers of this issue will walk away with a clear understanding of the Bible’s teaching on the subject, and will feel a sense of expectancy and hope in the Resurrection and the Second Coming.

    $2.50 $0.97
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  • Stinky, the Skunk That Wouldn't Leave
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …These stories will stay with the reader long after they have finished the book. Author Joe Wheeler says "putting this collection together was exciting because it was such a new and unorthodox theme for a story anthology." Clear here to view all the books in The Good Lord Made Them All series.

  • The Jack Blanco Story DVD
    Network 7 Media Center

    …fatherless young boy who longed for a role model in his life. After miraculously escaping the labor camps in Germany and returning to the States, Jack enlisted and was stationed in Guam. It was here that he met the Father who would be his forever Dad. He authored The Clear Word, a Bible paraphrase.

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  • Royalty and Ruin (Condensed Conflict of the Ages Series) Vol 2
    Ellen G. White

    …Ruin is an adaptation of Prophets and Kings. It is the second volume in a five book series approved by the White Estates that will bring the clear messages of the Conflict of the Ages set to a new generation of readers. These books were commissioned by the GC Sabbath School and Personal Ministries…

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  • Selected Messages Book 2
    Ellen G. White

    …her counsels that instructed and strengthened the Advent movement as it developed from a scattered band of believers into a global church with a clear sense of mission. Counsels in the present volume deal with a wide range of topics from fanaticism, sensational teachings, and false religious…

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  • Spot: The Dog That Broke The Rules
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …men, women, or children they barely knew! These stories remind us that God created all creatures - the wise, the wonderful, the great, and the small - with an amazing capacity for courage and forgiveness, love and sacrifice. Clear here to view all the books in The Good Lord Made Them All series.

  • Owney, the Post Office Dog
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …whole family, Owney the Post-Office Dog and Other Great Dog Stories celebrates the timeless virtues of loyalty, honor, friendship, and devotion through tales that are among the most moving and memorable you’ll ever read. Clear here to view all the books in The Good Lord Made Them All series.

  • Biografías Bíblicas (Espanol)
    Mario Pereyra

    …de estudio bíblico. Biblical Biographies This book reflects a richness and literary profoundness making reading easy. Presented in relatively simple and clear language, the psychological analyses the author does of the people as well as the problems presented reflect reality as we know it.

    $9.99 $6.97
  • Friends In All Places
    Randy Fishell

    …poignant story of a Civil War soldier's close encounter with death or the wacky skit "Maximum Makeover," these lively presentations drive home a clear message-no matter who you are or where you life, there are friends in all places! Activity Guide included! Total running time: Approximately 71…

    $14.95 $11.97
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  • Belief and Work of Seventh-day Adventists
    Alonzo L. Baker

    …the outstanding teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in these pages. In so doing his purpose has not been to present a creed, but to bring to the public mind a clear and understanding view of the beliefs and purposes of this fast growing movement. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • There Is an Answer!
    Alejandro Bullón

    …from and where are we going? Why is there so much suffering? Is it possible to be happy? What happens after death? Alejandro Bullón is very clear at raising the problems, honest at pointing out the consequences, and humble at providing solutions. His vast experience in dealing with people of…

  • My Gifts
    Anne Pilmoor

    …you have ever received? Our gifts are given in order for us to bless others, as Ellen G. White’s book, Christ’s Object Lessons, makes clear in the chapter on Christ’s parable of the talents. We present some of her thoughts from that chapter here, along with appropriate Bible texts…

  • What The Bible Says About
    Mark Finley

    …directly from Scripture. If you have never studied the Bible before, you will be amazed at how clear and powerful it is. Even if you have opened its pages many times, you may still be surprised at how clearly the Bible speaks on topics often ignored. With this study guide, what the Bible says will…

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  • The Cure for the Last Daze
    Karl Haffner

    …challenged who are serious about being ready when Jesus comes. If that is you, then open this book and let the easy-to-understand commentary and personal applications clear away the prophetic fog and give you a clear view of your soon-coming Lord. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • The Battle for Freedom
    Erwin R. Gane

    …conflict, but Paul’s response cut through the cloud of misunderstanding. He gave a clear model for us to follow in dealing with controversy in the church. And he gave a refreshingly clear outline of the basis for our salvation—an outline that places justification and sanctification…

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  • Speaking Well of God
    Edward W. H. Vick

    …through the meaning of his faith in such a way that it can be clearly presented. That is our task in this age of unparalleled scientific and intellectual achievement—as well as rapid and constant change. We must try to make clear what faith in Jesus Christ means, what is involved in saying,…

  • The Book of Daniel Bible Book Shelf 1Q 2020
    Elias Brasil de Souza

    The Book of Daniel makes it clear that God is the Lord of history, nations, and individuals. From the ashes of exile to the glory of resurrection, the Prince of Peace stands sovereign over the kingdoms of the world and watches over His people. Many Christians feel overwhelmed at the thought of a…

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  • Vibrant Life Tracts, Sample Pak (1 of each tract)
    Vibrant Life

    …Cancer * Forgiveness: A Key to Better Health * The Healing Power of Prayer * You Can Stop Smoking * 16 Ways to Reduce Workday Stress, * Water: The Clear Choice * Tired of Being of Tired * Diet & Exercise: What They Can do for Type 2 Diabetes * Little Tips to Lose Lots of Weight * Walking:…

  • Jack: An Incredible Life
    Jolena Taylor King

    …death and years of near starvation that ultimately launched him into what would become a lifetime of one tumultuous experience after another. Only God could develop this disillusioned, religion-hating man into a respected theologian and author of the best-selling Bible paraphrase The Clear Word.

  • Cómo alcanzar al mundo de hoy (Espanol)
    Ricardo Norton

    …contiene una guía de estudio. How To Reach Today's World is practical manual about witnessing in the 21st century. It contains a simple clear analysis of the current challenges to evangelism. The author discuss the effects of post-modernism and the New Age, how people assimilate truth…

    $12.99 $2.97
  • Smoky, the Ugliest Cat In the World
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Wheeler’s readers are never disappointed with his ability to collect the most memorable and heart-tugging stories. Here’s one more collection that will evoke laughter, tears, wonder and an insatiable thirst for more! Clear here to view all the books in The Good Lord Made Them All series.

  • Dick, the Babysitting Bear
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …They will captivate any reader. A wide variety of animal protagonists can be found in these pages, bears, rabbits, raccoons, moose, elephants, buffaloes, blacksnakes, razorbacks, coyotes, even barn swallows and a peacock.” Clear here to view all the books in The Good Lord Made Them All series.

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