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  • Connection Audio Book 7- Set
    Steve Case

    In this audio book, Connection, author Steve Case draws from the classic Steps to Christ, and provides a fresh perspective that will strike familiar chords and new harmonies with those who have already searched for God. Those who have given up or not even attempted a search for God will find new…

    $19.95 $11.97
  • Portal Digital Audio Book
    Mark Witas

    …Do ancient Biblical characters have something to say to teenagers today? Join Mark Witas as he finds these answers from Genesis to Revelation. Portal will bring biblical truth to the daily grind and connect God’s Word to your life. Begin each day with a best-selling story. God’s story. Your story.

  • Our Father Cares Digital Audio Book
    Ellen G. White

    …trusting that as you meditate on each passage you will come to appreciate more than ever how much God cares for you.* 367 MP3 Files* Approximate lenght of 18 hours and 22 minutes* File size is 1.98 GB This download may take a long time to complete, depending on your internet connection and speed.

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  • Moments With God - Audio Book CD
    Brenda Walsh

    Life is busy. It’s hard to find a moment to ourselves, a moment to think, to pray, and to connect with God. Yet the busier we are, the more we need that moment when we can take a breath and remember that we are not in this world alone. Unlike your typical devotional, with a reading for each…

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  • Lift Him Up
    Ellen G. White

    Are you seeking a more intimate relationship with Jesus? Are you struggling to connect with Him in a world that continually seeks to tear Him away from you—in a culture in which, tragically, endless distractions try to make Him more obsolete and distant in your life? Then Lift Him Up is for you.…

    $24.99 $6.97
  • P2P Peer to Peer
    Stella Duncan Bradley

    …are real-life stories about overcoming sadness and finding true happiness wherever you are; some are imaginative adventures that are a great escape ... but each and every day you'll love how each one connects you to Jesus. Total Running Time: 11 Hours, 38 Minutes, and 4 Second. Read by Michael Neeb.

    $24.99 $2.97
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