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  • Sanctuary Light
    Nicole Parker

    …of God’s visible presence at the nearby Sanctuary? Adventure with Asher and his little sister Zara in a delightful yet sobering journey of conviction, atonement and assurance. Feel the terrible guilt of sin and the stunning grace of redemption. Discover the glorious Sanctuary message, not just…

  • Faith Roots
    Nicole Parker

    …you pray? Struggle through Asher’s questions about why a God of love allows so much pain, in this gripping story of heartache, anger and conviction. Experience his hate and despair at the injustice of slavery. Will God make things right in the end? Can Asher choose faith over fear? Learn to…

  • Un santuario en el tiempo, primera parte DVD (Espanol)
    LLT Productions

    …saw the seventh-day Sabbath as the mark of their faithfulness to the Creator God, and who were willing to die rather than live contrary to their convictions. Produced by LLT Productions and funded substantially by ASI, this video presents the Adventist perspective on the Sabbath truth in a way that…

  • It's Time to Stop Rehearsing What We Believe and Start Looking at What Difference It Makes
    Reinder Bruinsma

    …Answers that matter. Answers that motivate you to live your faith in the real world. Answers that transform Adventist traditions into heartfelt convictions. If you agree that Adventism shouldn't be the 'dos & don'ts' and just a bunch of talk . . . And if you're ready to start walking the walk…

  • America the Beautiful
    Ben Carson, M.D.

    …preeminence among nations Written by a man who has experienced America's best and worst firsthand, America the Beautiful is at once alarming, convicting, and inspiring. You'll gain new perspectives on our nation's origins, our Judeo-Christian heritage, our educational system, capitalism versus…

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  • Face Time
    General Conference of SDA Youth Department

    …There’s no one right answer expected—rather an honest exploration of the subject at hand, with the freedom to stand for personal convictions. You, as the parent or leader, are provided with a road map for navigating topics that range from abuse, spiritualism, and premarital sex to…

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  • Faith: Saying Yes to God
    Herbert E. Douglass

    …make the too-often erroneous assumption that everyone understands the nature of faith itself. What is faith? Is it intellectual assent, a deep conviction, a trust in something or someone, or what? Revelation 14:12 declares that God’s people before His return will have the “faith of…

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  • Understanding Creation
    Humberto Rasi

    …international group of experienced scientists, researchers, and thinkers who provide thoughtful answers to these questions. They all share several convictions: the biblical record is an essential component of Christian doctrine; Christian faith and empirical science can work fruitfully together; and…

  • Historias bíblicas asombrosas (Espanol)
    Mario Pereyra

    …eternalized them. In Amazing Bible Stories, the author offers us a bouquet of lives that convey a message, lives that are like mirrors in which we can see our weaknesses and our goodness, whose experiences stimulate the reflection and remove our convictions. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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