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  • Hannah's Girls: Ann
    Ruth Merkel

    A long, long time ago in New York State lived a baby girl named Ann Eddy. And on the cold November night that falling stars filled the sky, Ann's parents took her outside to see. Now the family was moving to Wisconsin territory. The wagon train journey would take many weeks. "Please, God," Ann…

  • Hannah's Girls: Marilla
    Ruth Merkel

    …classes. Being eighth graders is especially exciting for Marilla and Cinda. But hundreds of miles away battles being fought are touching their lives in Wisconsin. Then both Marilla's and Cinda's fathers enlist to help President Lincoln, and the war seems close indeed. This is Marilla's story--the…

  • Elsa, Sweet Singer of Finland
    Elsa Luukkanen, E. Olavi Rouhe

    …Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Elsa Luukkanen and Aino Lehtoluoto, two women of Finland, were evangelistic pioneers in their country. Much has been said about the priesthood of women and about ordaining them into the gospel ministry, but the question of being ordained never seemed…

  • A Pause for Peace
    Clifford Goldstein

    …gift of the Sabbath can mean to you! A recession grips this country—one that has nothing to do with money. It is bankrupting our home lives, depleting our personal energy reserves, and eroding our devotion to God. This is a recession of time. Time to enjoy our family and friends, Time…

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