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  • The Creation Case DVD Volume 2 - Dinosaurs
    Rich Aguilera

    Dinosaurs are popular in today’s culture, but a question has arrived to Headquarters asking a very important question: When did they live, millions of years ago or recently? Get down in the dirt with Rich as he literally uncovers evidence to help answer this question. Rich, the field…

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  • Creation - Not Evolution
    Alonzo L. Baker, Francis D. Nichol

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Evolution is not an abstract subject with no more relation to the…

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  • Science Discovers God
    Ariel A. Roth

    Does God exist? Did a Master Designer create our universe, or did life spontaneously evolve? Can science retain objectivity in the search for truth while allowing for the possibility that God exists? Does it make any difference? Ariel A. Roth, scientist and Christian believer, examines key issues…

  • God's Amazing Creation
    Vicki Redden, Dee Litten Reed, Joelle Reed Yamada

    …each day about our wonderful, incredible world that God has made. Amazing facts are crammed in each lesson like how many mosquitoes a brown bat can catch in an hour or how horned toads protect themselves. God's Amazing Creation celebrates nature and will connect children early on to their savior.

    $16.99 $11.97
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  • The Creation: The Earth is a Witness DVD
    Adventist Media Services in Australia

    …beauty and variety of life in the sea, in the air, and on land in this cinematic representation of Creation as described in the book of Genesis. Filmed on location in five continents, The Creation highlights the finest cinematography of filmmaker Henry Stober and includes an original soundtrack…

  • The Creation Case DVD Volume 1 - Volcanoes
    Rich Aguilera

    …explosive question has arrived to HQ. Rich’s assignment is to investigate and visit some volcanoes to see if they provide evidence for Creation. Along the way Rich will have to be very careful because visiting a volcano can be explosive! Gear up and let’s join Rich for the investigation.…

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  • Creation and Evolution
    Dwight K. Nelson

    …loving God create this earth or are we the random product of millions of years of natural selection? Is the Bible teaching of a literal six-day creation viable, given the scientific evidence pointing toward evolution? Or can both theories be successfully blended into one? Take a look at the…

  • Origin by Design, rev. ed.
    Robert H. Brown, Harold G. Coffin, L James Gibson

    Did life come from chemicals? In search of evidence for design, the authors leave no stone unturned. After surveying the Genesis creation and flood narratives, they examine coal beds, fossil tracks, mass extinctions, glaciation, volcanism, carbon-14 dating, rates of mutation, and Neanderthal man,…

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  • God's Amazing Creation (eBook)
    Vicki Redden, Dee Litten Reed, Joelle Reed Yamada

    …each day about our wonderful, incredible world that God has made. Amazing facts are crammed in each lesson like how many mosquitoes a brown bat can catch in an hour or how horned toads protect themselves. God's Amazing Creation celebrates nature and will connect children early on to their savior.

  • Explore God's Creation - Resource
    General Conference Education Department

    …pricing and availability. Science and Health Program - Grade 7 or 8 - Resource Textbook Explore God’s Creation leads students to examine the complex structure God designed in His creation through the study of plant life, matter and basic chemistry. Students study the creation/evolution debate…

    $41.95 $4.97
  • God of Wonders (eBook)
    David A. Steen

    …And how does an Anna’s hummingbird survive 10 G’s when it pulls out of a 90-feet-per-second dive? Explore the wonders of God’s creation with biologist David A. Steen, and discover the intricacies of things we usually take for granted: taste, gravity, skin, bacteria, trees, DNA,…

  • In The Beginning
    Bryan W. Ball

    …word on truth, what does? Fortunately, there is great news. It is entirely possible to defend the traditional Adventist positions on Scripture, Creation and the Flood and not be scientifically illiterate. In fact, there are many questions that defy answers on the basis of science alone. Do you…

    $21.99 $7.97
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  • Activity Supercharges Your Life
    Creation Health

    ACTIVITY- Activity includes both mental and physical movement and development. The mind and the body are intimately connected. A fit mind promotes a healthy body, and a healthy body promotes a fit mind.

    $12.99 $9.97
  • Crusader for Creation
    Harold W. Clark

    …Adventist with very limited professional training, became Fundamentalism’s leading apologist in the domain of geology . . . The influence of Price is staggering.” Whether the reader agrees or disagrees with Price’s conclusions, he will profit from reading Crusader for Creation.

  • He Spoke and It Was: Divine Creation in the Old Testament V1
    Gerald A. Klingbeil

    …to grasp the significance of biblical Creation, its terminology, and theology. At its core, Creation is all about who we are, what our destiny is, and how God chooses to save a world that is in direct rebellion with its Creator. For the God of creation is also the God of salvation, and He will…

  • Choose You This Day
    Leonard Brand, Richard M. Davidson

    …of the Bible be of any further interest? But if true, it can guide us through whatever the future holds. The credibility of the Creator and the Creation story in Genesis are becoming increasingly important issues in the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Even Christians are beginning to…

  • Understanding Creation
    Humberto Rasi

    “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse” (Romans 1:20, NIV). For centuries, Western culture operated within…

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  • Origins: Linking Science and Scripture
    Ariel A. Roth

    …Roth examines such topics as the evidence for evolution and creation, the Flood, the strengths and limitations of the scientific method, and the reliability of Scripture. He concludes that the biblical model of a recent creation by God leaves fewer unanswered questions than either science’s…

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  • Beyond Imagination
    John Templeton Baldwin, L James Gibson, Jerry D. Thomas

    Imagine this--there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world! What we see when we look up-- that's like a handful of sand. In a universe this big, our little planet is just a speck, barely worth noticing. In this book, we will explore some of the…

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  • Creation Health Devotional
    Todd Chobotar

    Stories change lives. Stories can inspire health and healing. In this devotional you will discover stories about experiencing God's grace in the tough times, God's delight in triumphant times, and God's presence in peaceful times. Based on the eight timeless principles of wellness:* Choice * Rest *…

    $12.99 $11.97
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  • Snapshots: Focus on Nature in the Bible
    Laurie Chance Smith

    …spiritual application. From bugs and birds to seeds and flowers, from fire and water to moon and stars, she explores the wonders of God’s creation as revealed in His Word. Ideal for use in object lessons and illustrations, these snapshots of nature in the Bible encourage curiosity and further…

    $19.99 $16.97
  • Rest At Its Best
    Creation Health

    Rest is the second guiding principle of the CREATION Health Lifestyle. Rest is incredibly powerful. It refreshes, rejuvenates, regenerates and rebuilds the mind, body and soul. Rest empowers you to function at your best. Optimally, rest includes a good night’s sleep as well as time to relax…

    $12.99 $7.97
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  • Creating Healthy Habits for Life, Part 1 - Choice
    Creation Health

    Choice is the first step toward improving your wellbeing. Before we can achieve positive changes in any area of our lives, we must choose to do so. Conscious decision-making is the key to experiencing the positive impact of good choices. In Part 1 of "Creating Healthy Habits for Life," you'll learn…

    $12.99 $9.97
  • The Creation Case DVD Volume 4 - The Flood
    Rich Aguilera

    The Bible in Genesis describes a global flood that covered the earth. Some people believe that story is a myth. Headquarters has given Rich his new assignment: Is there evidence on our planet that supports the Biblical story of the Flood? Follow Rich as he hunts for clues! Rich, the field…

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