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  • The Devotional Clear Word
    Jack J. Blanco

    …Word is organized into 365 daily readings that make it easy to read the entire Bible in a year. Each day includes a portion from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Psalms or Proverbs. It has never been easier to read the entire Bible. Enrich your personal worship time with The Devotional…

  • Worship Time
    Dorothy B. Walter

    …old enough to love you, he is old enough to begin learning to love God. But only as God is revealed through those with whom the child comes in daily contact and through the experiences of his everyday life, can the Eternal Presence become a reality to the child. This book is a collection of stories,…

  • 100 Creative Worship Ideas for Busy Families
    Karen Holford

    …out time for daily family worship. 100 Creative Worship Ideas for Busy Families is the answer to that challenge! It is Karen Holford’s second book on worship ideas for kids. Ideas are grouped thematically and include:* 10 worships that lead your child to Jesus* 10 worships about the Ten…

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  • Lord, Keep Your Mansions-Just Save My Children
    Richard W. O'Ffill

    …His 15-year-old girlfriend is pregnant. He drops out of college. Your heart is breaking. You did what good families are supposed to do. Daily family worship. Uncle Arthur and Bible Stories. Where did you go wrong? Once your career was everything. A big house in the country was important. But now…

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  • Prepare the Way
    Joe Engelkemier

    …called to help prepare the way for the promised outpouring of God’s Spirit, which in turn, will prepare the way for Jesus to come! Prepare the Way by Joe Engelkemier is a wonderful daily devotional written especially for juniors and teens, but it would also be worthwhile for family worship.

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