Darold Bigger

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  • Forgive Now Workshop DVD Set with Workbook
    Darold Bigger, Barbara Hernandez

    The Forgive Now Workshop is a series of DVD presentations for use by individuals or groups. Recorded live, the workshop explores the physical, mental, relational and spiritual aspects of forgiveness. It describes the advantages of forgiveness and the consequences of non-forgiveness, then points the…

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  • A Time to Forgive
    Darold Bigger

    …wasn’t so bad after all?” This book has three parts. In the first, Darold Bigger tells us the story of his daughter’s death and what he went through after it. This isn’t a view from a distance. Dr. Bigger lets us into his heart, lets us see what he was thinking and feeling,…

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  • No Greater Love
    Karl Haffner

    No Greater Love is a compilation of timeless stories of human sacrifice and divine love. Full of inspirational stories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for others--both known and unknown--this book will be perfect for family or school worships, sermon illustrations, or anyone who wants a…

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