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  • Hijas de Dios CHL (Espanol)
    Ellen G. White

    …(El evangelismo, p. 341). Daughters of God CHL (Spanish) Designed to be an encouragement, inspiration, and affirmation to women around the globe, this compilation brings together significant portions of Ellen White’s counsel to women in the work of God. It includes counsels that lead…

  • Sons and Daughters of God (2017 Evening Devotional) (French)
    Ellen G. White

    …unpublished letters and manuscripts. Each reading holds forth the highest possible standard of spiritual attainment, offering to every son and daughter of God "an outlay of heaven's treasures, an excellency of power" that will place the redeemed "higher than the angels who had not fallen." In every…

  • Hijos e hijas de Dios (Espanol)
    Ellen G. White

    …actualizados y la traducción totalmente revisada, será de gratísima lectura ¡y relectura! Sons and Daughters of God (2017 Evening Devotional) (Spanish) From the inspired pen of Ellen G. White flowed a steady stream of messages of encouragement, counsel, instruction, and…

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  • Hijas del Rey (Espanol)
    Diane Aguirre

    …llevó en su vientre la gloria suprema del universo: el Creador del mundo y Redentor de la humanidad. Daughters of the King (Spanish Women's Devotional 2019) The last creation of God in our world was also the most beautiful: the woman. She has played a prominent role in the history of…

  • Hasta hoy CD (Espanol)
    Hugo Yin

    1. Háblame hoy 2. Predicaré de tu amor 3. Daughter's Prayer 4. Tiempo 5. To Where You Are 6. Eres Tu 7. Sobre Todo 8. Lluvia de Sanidad 9. Santo Es El Señor 10. Grande Eres Tú Until Today CD (Spanish) Hugo has been a member of "Forgiven" for the past six years. His…

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  • Una cita especial (Espanol)

    …have had intense experiences with the Lord. These experiences, with which all of us can identify, allows us to reflect on the love of God toward each of His daughters and His power and faithfulness to help us in difficult times in our lives. The devotional readings from A Special Appointment have…

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  • Mi refugio (Espanol)
    Ardis Stenbakken

    …Therefore, it doesn't matter where in the world we live; what culture we come from, if we work outside the home or not, if we're grandmothers, mothers or daughters... We are valuable to God, who takes interest in each aspect of our lives and assures us that at His side, we will find a sanctuary.

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