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  • Heaven Came Down
    Geoffrey E. Garne

    …and their contribution to the Gospel saga clearly laid out. Highlighted are the close encounters with the divine--experienced by men like Moses, David and Daniel, and women like Rahab, Ruth and Esther--and culminating in the coming to Earth of God as Jesus. The immediacy of the encounters of Jesus…

  • On the Trail of Livingstone
    W H Anderson

    …Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. David Livingstone, physician, missionary, explorer, geographer and lover of humanity. From 1840 to 1873, he devoted his life to teaching the "heathen"…

  • They Called Me Bwana Munanga
    Corrine Vanderwerff

    …a doctor and planned to dedicate his life in service for those less fortunate than others. He received his inspiration by reading books about Dr. David Livingstone, Robert Moffat, and Mary Slessor of Africa. Twenty years of his life was spent in the Belgian Congo and as a relief physician among many…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 1
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Fulton Oursler 6. David's Star of Bethlehem By Christine Whiting Parmenter 7. The Red Mittens By Hartley F. Dailey 8. The Promise of the Doll By Ruch C. Ikerman 9. The Christmas of the Phonograph Records By Mari Sandoz 10. Guest in the House By Helen Marie Amenrud 11. Gift of David By Lon Woodrum…

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  • Detective Zack 03 - Detective Zack and the Red Hat Mystery
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …in the red hat joined their tour group, someone keeps trying to steal their video-camera bag. From Mount Sinai to Jerico, and from the valley where David fought Goliath to the pool of Gibeon, Zack, his new friend Stephanie, and Achmed try to keep one step ahead of a thief while gathering more clued…

    $15.99 $13.95
  • Blinded by the Light: The Anatomy of Apostasy

    What turns an earnest guitar-strumming teenager into a David Koresh? What tempts a pastor to disconnect his congregation from the local conference? What bounces an Adventist from perfectionistic legalism to antinomianism, liberalism, and finally unbelief? What turns a faith-defending college…

  • When God Calls, Expect Adventure
    Lester Hawkes, Brad Watson

    …of Seventh-day Adventists Lester Hawkes, with his wife Freda, is now retired in Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia. Brad Watson is a lecturer in international development studies at Avondale College of Higher Education in Cooranbong, NSW. He is author of the Finding David series of books.

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  • The Future Unfolded
    Earle Albert Rowell

    …read aloud, his tone growing more amusedly cynical as he followed the item: “INFIDELITY CHALLENGED AND REFUTED. “An unusual lecture by David Bergman, an ex-infidel. All skeptics, scoffers, unbelievers, infidels, —all classes of doubters—are especially invited to hear this…

  • Detective Zack Series V2
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …in the red hat joined their tour group, someone keeps trying to steal their video-camera bag. From Mount Sinai to Jerico, and from the valley where David fought Goliath to the pool of Gibeon, Zack, his new friend Stephanie, and Achmed try to keep one step ahead of a thief while gathering more clued…

  • Pressing In To His Presence: Developing an Intimate Relationship With Christ Through Prayer
    Shelley J. Quinn

    …and, more importantly, in sound scriptural reasoning. The sequential PRAISE structure for prayer is well-developed but not overly formulaic. Pressing in to His Presence will, I am confident, bring lasting benefit and blessing to those who read and apply its words." David Asscherick, Director, ARISE

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  • Christmas In My Heart Book 20
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Christmas Tree By Margaret Weymouth Jackson 10. A Christmas in the East Bronx By Penelope Hope 11. Hope By Mike Huckabee 12. Midnight Dreams By David T. Doig 13. Happiness for Sale By Grace Noll Crowell 14. For Value Received By Christine Whiting Parmenter 15. Something to Celebrate By Isobel…

  • Beginning of the End (Condensed Conflict of the Ages Series) Vol 1
    Ellen G. White

    …Now it was time to begin to implement it. God recruited some imperfect, yet teachable, followers to spread the news: Noah, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, David and others. From the very first day sin entered our world God’s love and grace fought against it. What Satan thought of as a victory was…

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  • Gospel of Matthew DVD
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …story of Christ's love and salvation in a way that appeals to all ages. She uses every day items to demonstrate the object lessons as she speaks. Each CD is sold separately and contains 4 26-minute sermons. Presentations included: * The Davidic King * Jesus' Great Grandmothers * Immanuel * Star Trek

  • The Essential Jesus
    Bryan W. Ball, William G. Johnsson

    …life and the one to come. Contributors: Drs. Roy Adams, Bryan W. Ball, Ivan T. Blasen, Raoul F. Dederen, William G. Johnsson, Andrea T. Luxton, David N. Marshall, Jan Paulsen, Steven W. Thompson, Laurence A. Turner, Nancy J. Vyhmeister, and Norman H. Young. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Christmas In My Heart Book 26
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Told By Luke and Matthew 3. Tears Tomorrow By Isobel Stewart 4. A Homespun Christmas By J. Stephen Conn 5. Mary: Blessed Among Women By Editors of David C. Cook 6. A Wise Man By Frank Bennett 7. Listen to the Bells By Catherine R. Britton 8. The Three Strangers By Paul McAfee 9. A Silver Christmas…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 4
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Miracle By Hartley F. Dailey 5. Christmas in the New World By Rosina Kiehlbauch 6. Charlie's Blanket By Wendy Miller 7. A Day of Pleasant Bread By David Grayson 8. Unlucky Jim By Arthur S. Maxwell 9. Christmas Day in the Morning By Pearl S. Buck 10. Pink Angel By Author Unknown 11. Christmas Lost…

  • Prayer Warriors
    Céleste Perrino-Walker

    …'No!' she screams hysterically. Noble glances at the two angels, and they nod in silent agreement. The decision is made--the judgment is fair. Both David and Toby O'Connell will have their chance to be drawn closer to God . . . if they so choose. Billie Jo Raynard stares into the closed eyes of her…

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  • The StepFast Lifestyle Series
    Barbara Watson

    …immune system naturally, and Dr. Tim Arnott will show you how. Learn about the many cancer-protective foods available to you. Weight Control: Dr. David DeRose presents practical weight-loss that help you win at losing! Diabetes : Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel presents the "Diabetes Mastery Program"…

  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Families* Christmas Echo* A Certain Small Shepherd* A String of Blue Beads* David's Star of Bethlehem* The Red Mittens* The Promise of the Doll* The Christmas of the Phonograph Records* Guest in the House* Gift of David* The Way of Christmas* Bethany's Christmas Carol* A Few Bars in the Key of G*…

  • DayStar
    Christian Edition

    Song List* I Will Rejoice * Lead the Way * Children’s Medley * Lord, Give Us Grace * Whispering Hope * Cleanse Me * Where Could I Go? * I Know That You Care * Gentle Like You * Little David, Play on Your Harp * As a Little child * DayStar (Shine Down on Me)

  • Old Testament Stories

    …retells stories from the Old Testament for young children. Each sturdy little book has simple text and bright illustrations. Plus children can turn all the books over to make a fun picture puzzle. Stories include: In the Beginning, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Daniel, Jonah

  • K.I.D.S. CD
    One Voice

    …Ha La La* I’m Gonna Sing (Swing Low, O When the Saints, This Train)* Hey Mon!* I Have Decided to Follow Jesus* Sweet Love of God (I Like Bananas)* Homesick for Heaven (with Do Lord)* When We All Get Together* O Give Thanks* Only a Boy Named David* Jesus Loves Me* Siyahamba (We Are Marching)

    $15.98 $3.97
  • Kidz Of The Kingdom
    Christian Edition

    …Christian Edition, sings familiar songs with kids to appeal to kids. Song List* Kidz of the Kingdom * I’m Gonna Keep Walkin’ * Little David, Play on Your Harp * Jesus Loves the Children * Something * Speak to Me, Lord * He’s Still Workin’ on Me * The Armor of God * Just a…

  • We Have This Hope
    William Chunestudy Mens Chorus

    …bring back many memories as you listen. Available Tracks:* Good News, Chariot's A-Comin'* Now Lool Away* The Lord Is Coming* Only A Boy Named David* Heavenly Music* Always Cheerful* O Lord Of Space* Jacob's Ladder* Gleams Of The Golden Morning* O Come, O Come Immanuel* Go, Tell It On The Mountain*…

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