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  • Jesus 101 - Discipulado Auténtico (Espanol)
    Aivars Ozolins, PhD, Elizabeth Talbot

    …lleno de elecciones, algunas más importantes que otras. Cuando Jesús comenzó su ministerio, también tuvo que tomar decisiones extremadamente importantes. Discipulado auténtico estudia la vida de estos hombres imperfectos que fueron elegidos expresamente para una…

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  • Jesús es fiel CD (Espanol)
    Cuarteto Decision

    Los Heraldos de Esperanza tienen una gran selección de música inspiradora en este álbum, que tiene el propósito de traer gozo a su alma y animarle a profundizar en su relación con Dios. Incluye:* Jesús es fiel* Vamos hacia el cielo* Unidos en verdad* Ven al…

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  • Dímelo de frente (Espanol)
    Fernando Zabala

    …crecimiento personal, * cuidar de tu mente y desarrollar tu carácter,* establecer amistades enriquecedoras y perdurables,* tomar las mejores decisiones en tu vida sentimental,* fortalecer tus principios y valores morales,* amar y apreciar el precioso regalo de la salvación que Dios nos…

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  • Nueva vida estudios bíblicos (Espanol)
    International Publications group of PPPA

    …cada viernes contiene una recapitulación y una función de compromiso para ayudar al instructor a llevar al nuevo creyente a tomar decisiones incrementales en favor de Dios. New Life Bible Study Guides (Spanish) Great for Pastors’ Classes The New Life Bible Study Guides is a great…

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  • La única esperanza (Espanol)
    Alejandro Bullón

    …así? En La única esperanza, Alejandro Bullón comparte historias de personas comunes que fueron víctimas de sus malas decisiones y de los embates de la adversidad. Si te sientes atrapado en un laberinto de temor, angustia o depresión necesitas leer estas historias,…

  • Ideas con valor magabook (Espanol)

    …toda la vida. Te invitamos a leer con atención cada historia de esta revista que ha sido preparada especialmente para ayudarte a tomar decisiones en la vida que sean dirigidas a hacer lo correcto. Ideas for Valor Magabook (Spanish) promotes values among children and youth. Small things will…

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  • Spiritual Journey 4 - Abide in Me (Portuguese)

    This books purpose is for spiritual enrichment. The chapters in this book include: Part I – Fundamentals of the Adventist Lifestyle Part II – How to integrate the Fundamentals of Adventism into Your Life Part III – Making the Decision to Live the Adventist Lifestyle

  • The Final Battle DVD

    …routine, he's unaware that all things in this life do come to an end. He puts off the decision he must make. The last call is issued. The last chance is offered. Lucas makes up his mind. You, too, have a decision to make. In this war there is no neutral territory. The final battle has already begun.…

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  • Forever Stories: God Makes a Promise (Book 2)
    Carolyn Byers

    …"The First Baby" they meet Cain, Abel, and Seth, and learn the meaning behind sacrificing a lamb. "One Little Star." God promises one of Abraham and Sarah’s descendants will be the promised Saviour! In "The Offering" children wait breathlessly as Abraham makes the hardest decision of his life.

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  • Identifícate CD (Espanol)
    Heaven's ID

    …sharing the Word of God. Through the music on this CD, Heaven’s ID calls you to make a decision for God—to identify with His kingdom and all it stands for. Listen, be blessed, and make your decision to stand with the King of kings today. Available Songs:* Santo Santo Santo* Da tu luz*…

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  • Buried Treasure How Bad Do You Want It?
    Dwight Hall

    …of the rich young ruler and the man who surrendered everything to acquire the pearl of great price. Only two categories of people portrayed in these stories walk the earth—the saved and the lost. Each one of us has a decision to make about which category we will choose. What will your choice be?

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  • Entrenamiento laico profesional DVD (Espanol)
    Esperanza TV

    …dar un estudio bíblico exitoso y el pastor Eddie Canales le enseñará a cómo ayudar a las personas a tomar una decisión para el bautismo. Duración 88 minutos. Professional Lay Training DVD (Spanish) If you are looking to be professionally trained for lay…

  • Deep River, Lawd
    Jean E. Holmes

    …can’t understand the drastic differences between her white family and their black servants. Her friendship with the young slave girl, Angel, forces Gilbert to make a decision that could both save his family and change life on the plantation forever. Part two in the exciting Weldon Oaks series!

  • Por el camino de la vida (Espanol)
    Eunice Peverini, Milton Peverini

    …vida humana. "La vida se abre ante nosotros como un camino viviente", expresan sus autores. Y que cada hecho que nos ocurre demanda una decisión a favor de Dios, para que nuestra vida avance siempre "hacia arriba y adelante", con esperanza, sembrando para las próximas generaciones.…

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  • Transformado por el espíritu (Espanol)
    Juan Cubero

    …y las drogas. Al leer esta maravillosa historia, te darás cuenta de la forma en como Dios dirige la vida de un joven que hizo la decisión de vivir fuera de la ley. Un joven a quien, si lo mirabas en una forma equivocada, te atacaba con una rabia descontrolada. Nadie habría…

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  • Katya's Gold
    Ellen Bailey

    …one who ever said anything good about God. Katya’s Communist teachers had taught that the Bible was a myth and that there was no God. Finally she learned the truth. When she discovered that she could not keep God’s Sabbath and continue to compete, she had to make the hardest decision of her life.

  • The Book That Changed the World
    Nikolaus Satelmajer

    …Story of the king James Version In 1604, King James I met with England's religious leaders to discuss various issues. A surprising outcome was the decision to publish a new Bible translation. Some fifty scholars gathered at Westminster, Cambridge, and Oxford to work on the project. The end result in…

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  • Women and Ordination
    John W. Reeve

    …does not violate the preservation of God’s name, neither His pre­cepts written in the Holy Scriptures. Only two factors can limit the decision of the Adventist Church in favor of women’s ordination: avoid­ing scandal and the hindrance of the evange­lizing mission to the…

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  • Mohanraj
    Elva B. Gardner

    …family to the Christian missionary school of low-caste untouchables, Mohanraj chose to learn more about the Christian God and the Bible. His decision was not without consequence, for in India, if the wealthy associated with the poor, he would become an outcast himself and his family would never…

  • One Sentence Journal: a three-year record
    Creation Health

    …Journaling has many benefits including:* Stress reduction* Personal development* Enhanced creativity* Emotional healing* Problem solving* Decision making* Capturing ideas* Self-knowledge* Spiritual growth* Goal achievement Why write only one sentence? Life is busy. Most of us believe we…

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  • No manches tu vida (Espanol)
    David López

    Eres joven. Aunque no te guste, ya vas advirtiendo que cada día que pasa, cada decisión que tomas, cada cosa que haces, afectará tu vida para bien o para mal. Generalmente hablando, no hay término medio. No hay zona neutral, ni acción sin reacción. Cualquier…

  • Yosef's Story
    Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

    …break off the betrothal—quietly, though, so as to protect this girl he so desperately wanted to believe. Then the angel came to him. The decision still didn’t come easily—he wrestled long with doubts and questions. I will marry her, he finally told himself. If my dream was only…

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  • Longing to be Loved
    Allan Kennedy, Jill Kennedy, Kay Kuzma

    …life. It began like a storybook romance--love at first sight for Allan; long, romantic walks in the moonlight for Jill. When Jill's genuine decision to follow Christ united them in faith, their marriage seemed "made in heaven." But shortly after the wedding, their relationship took on a completely…

  • Backstage Pass
    Naomi Striemer

    …the core and forced her to re-examine her life. Standing on the threshold of everything she had ever dreamed for herself, Naomi knew she had a decision to make. Would she stay and watch her dreams unfold, or walk away to pursue an incomparable God? Backstage Pass is the candid account of an…

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