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  • Sure Salvation
    Philip W. Dunham

    …notions are preposterous. But Phil Dunham knows from years of pastoral experience that for too many among us, these thoughts are very real. The devil delights to have us unsure of our salvation. Lacking that, he convinces us that we’re “home free” and nothing we do now…

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  • Time for All That's Important
    Tamyra Horst

    …to be who God made you to be, Say No without guilt, live within your means, define and stick to your priorities, establish a God-focus, and find the balance between “doing” and “being.” Trials and busyness will always be part of our lives, but balance comes in knowing how to…

  • Guide’s Greatest: A bíblia por um Punhal (Português)
    Helen Lee Robinson

    …because they are always singing. A missionary stops the raids on his chickens by tithing them. You will read of victims whose only defense is their witness. Of thieves who trade their dagger for a Bible. Of criminals who turn to Christ. And you will know that God still delivers those who cry out to…

  • Steps to Christ UN Cover - Case of 100
    Ellen G. White

    …Single copies of this title are also available. Jesus wants to be your best Friend. Thousands have become acquainted with Jesus through this little book, Steps to Christ. And it has helped many more, including those who have walked with Him for years, to know Him better. Steps to Christ reveals…

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  • Accepting Ellen White
    Theodore N. Levterov

    Do you know anyone who struggles to accept the prophetic ministry of Ellen White? Have you ever struggled? You are not alone. Adventists have questioned her role since 1889. The early and mid-nineteenth century was a time of spiritual enlightenment. Different faith groups recognized over 300 men and…

  • Guide's Greatest Mischief Stories
    Lori Peckham

    “Don’t bother the bears,” Dad had said again and again. “Bears are bad medicine for boys. You can never predict what they will do!” “Sure, Dad. Who wants to fool around with a bear?” I hesitated for only a moment, then gave in to the call of adventure. Could…

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  • Os chamados os escolhidos (Português)
    Ken McFarland

    …world with His good news--of winning them to Jesus Christ so that when He returns soon to this earth, they will know Him and be ready to meet him. Who is called? Who is chosen? You are! The purpose of this book is encouragement for Seventh-day Adventists. As God's faithful people struggle through…

  • Meet God Again for the First Time
    Jon Paulien

    …He cannot demand satisfaction twice for the same sin. If you are in Jesus, God can’t touch you. The book concludes with practical suggestions on how we, in our secular world, can know God. Confused about the Bible? Get the big picture. Let Jon Paulien introduce you to the perfect friend.

  • Ready To Ride 3 volume set
    Heather Grovet

    …she knows no one is perfect. Another very important thing she knows is that God can always be trusted. A Perfect Star, the first book in the Ready to Ride series, will remind you that all people (and horses) are different in one way or another, but God has made all of them special. Zippitty Do Dah,…

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  • Calling (2018 Young Adult Devotional)
    Troy Fitzgerald

    …seeking to know, and do, the will of God. It is for those who find themselves in a season when fleshing out God’s plan is especially relevant. Between the covers of this book are 52 lessons that will inspire and instruct you how to embrace God’s calling in your life. Are you ready to…

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  • Steps to Christ - Caucasian cover - Case of 100
    Ellen G. White

    …is a case of 100 books. Single copies of this title are also available.*** Thousands have become acquainted with Jesus through this little book, Steps to Christ. And it has helped many more, including those who have walked with Him for years, to know Him better. Available in English and Spanish, the…

  • GraceLink Participant's Guide
    Advent Source

    …ready? These new lessons are the first fully integrated curriculum ever produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Although different age groups study different Bible stories each week, the teaching points are the same. We want children who attend our Sabbath school to know:* Jesus loves me * I…

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  • Christ Is Coming!
    Norman R. Gulley

    …Many Christians are petrified by last-day events. Who wants to exchange a comparatively normal existence for what’s just ahead? Yet it will be our finest hour, one we’ll speak about forever in eternity, as we’ll see later. It is the time Satan faces resounding defeat. He knows this and is out to…

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