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  • Does God Care?
    Meade Macguire

    …time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. “Why does a loving God permit pain and suffering?” How often this question is asked! The necessity of suffering in this world is clearly taught in the Scriptures,…

  • Pocket Signs - Does God Care That I'm Hurting? - Package of 100
    Signs of the Times

    This attractive and easy-to-read sharing tract offers hope and reassurance that God is there and that He does care – a message that many need to hear during these difficult times. Tracts in the Pocket SIGNS series deliver one truth-filled article from the full-sized, 32-page monthly SIGNS, in…

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  • Wisdom and Caring
    Wendy Bradley

      God never promised us an easy ride, but he does promise us his constant presence and a safe arrival. He is the God of all caring, wisdom and hopefulness. Whatever you need, God has it.

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  • Experiencing God's Love

    …for certain that Jesus died for you? That His everlasting love is yours? Experiencing God's Love will provide Bible-based answers to these important questions and more. You will discover* that God really cares about your life* that you can trade anxiety for peace* that true forgiveness transforms…

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  • God's Everlasting Sign
    J. L. Shuler

    God’s Everlasting Sign focuses on the proposition that the Sabbath is a sign of Christ, our Creator and Redeemer. Any divine worship that ignores Christ’s roles as both Creator and Saviour does not measure up to God’s ideal of worship in spirit and in truth. God’s Everlasting…

  • God Is Listening: Help in Daily Living
    Ellen G. White

    …discovery. Genuine prayer does not have to consist of lofty words and phrases. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Prayer does not bring God down to us, but brings us up to Him. Jesus taught His disciples to present their daily needs before God and to cast all their care upon Him. Our heavenly…

  • 7 Reasons Life is Better With God
    Nathan Brown

    …bad—life might seem, God still calls us to follow Him. This book ponders seven reasons life is better with God—when things are bad, God can make them better; when things are good, God makes them better still. The truth is that God not only matters; He loves us and cares for us.

  • I Changed Gods
    Maria Ana Hirschmann

    God make a mistake? In class I learned Hitler could provide all our needs; I changed gods and began worshipping Hitler. However, God remained close and led my path during chaotic post-war Germany through "coincidences" and a little voice. He saved my life, showed me He really does exist--and cares

  • Mini El Centinela: ¿Le importa a Dios cuando sufro? – Paquetes de 100 solamente (Espanol)
    El Centinela

    …el gran amor de Dios y su plan para nuestras vidas. Mini El Centinela - Does it Matter to God That I Suffer? This attractive and easy-to-read sharing tract offers hope and reassurance that God is there and that He does care – a message that many need to hear during these difficult times. Mini…

  • A Garden Of Praise
    Calvin Taylor

    …Is Well With My Soul,” “Does Jesus Care?” and other favorites. Song List* He Hideth My Soul * Under His Wings * Nearer, Still Nearer * Safe In The Arms Of Jesus * It Is Well With My Soul * I’ve Found A Friend * Does Jesus Care? * God Leads Us Along * Beneath The Cross…

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  • Miracles, Faith, and Unanswered Prayer
    Richard Jensen

    …that God really does exist. And we have all questioned why God chooses to help some people but not others. Why does He decide to grant one request and deny countless others? We wonder what makes the difference. Does God play favorites? Doesn’t He care about the others? Doesn’t He care

  • Perfect In Christ
    Helmut Ott

    Does God demand that we become perfect before He comes? That thought can leave a tight feeling in the stomach when we sense the difference between our personal behavior and the flawless life of Jesus. Perfect in Christ relieves this anxiety. It shifts attention from our behavior to Christ’s…

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  • Counsels on Stewardship
    Ellen G. White

    …that God has committed to our care. This volume gathers together all of Ellen White's published statements on the subject. Topics discussed include tithing, indebtedness, charity, making a will and soliciting funds from outside sources. What about speculating in the markets? Does God require…

  • Songs From The Heart CD
    Danny Shelton

    …Tracks:* Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place* All My Praise* Tell Me the Story of Jesus* Last Move for Me* Heaven Means Home to Me* Does Jesus Care* Leave It There* I Love You Lord* Have I Done My Best for Jesus* In The Garden Visit to listen to sample tracks from this…

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  • The Voice of the Spirit
    Juan Carlos Viera

    …against Ellen White? Was she guilty? Or were her practices completely acceptable for one of God's prophets? How should we interpret her words regarding the earth being "6,000 years old"? Does God inspire the prophet's words or the prophet's thoughts? The author of this book is an individual…

  • Rock Of Ages
    Jaime Jorge

    …Eyes Upon Jesus * Standing On the Promises * Hold On * Wayfaring Stranger * No, Not One * In My Heart There Rings A Melody * Does Jesus Care/Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior/Rock of Ages * The Prayer of Jesus * A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Visit to listen to sample tracks from this album.

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  • Out of the Hot Tub, Into the World (Timeless Adventist Classics)
    Karl Haffner

    …how we behave. Does this sound familiar? Well then, it’s time to get real. Real faith, that is! Popular author and pastor Karl Haffner is back, this time to bring us God’s cure for the comfort-zone brand of Christianity from the book of James. With warmth, caring, and the lively sense…

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  • Seeds, Dirt, Fruit
    Vision Video

    …for it to sprout. Then it becomes the plant it was designed to be. In this episode, Jim conveys that, whether it is literal seeds or the Word of God, seeds contain LIFE! DIRT As he digs further in "Dirt," Jim examines the various kinds of siol, bringing to life Jesus' Parable of the Sower. He visits…

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  • Swimming Against the Current
    Chris Blake

    “When Jesus says, as He does often, ‘He who has ears, let him hear,’ He means hear what you should. God exhorts the lazy to ‘work harder.’ and the workaholic to ‘take it easy’ and the sluggard relaxes as the frenzied worker increases effort. The question is…

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  • El evangelio eterno (Espanol)
    Jon Paulien

    …be careful to treat others with respect regarding their different points of view. Jesus was very good at this. Paul had the same ability, even to the point of identifying himself with different people. This doesn’t mean you have to soften your beliefs or compromise your values. It does mean…

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