Don't Look Down

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  • Don't Look Down
    Nancy Neuharth Troyer, Richard H. Utt

    …story, not of a person, but of what a person accomplished in his 23 short years of life because he took for his motto “Once you start climbing, don’t look down,” and for his aim: “Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God’s ideal for His children.”

  • Sometimes I Don't Like My Kids!
    Candace Schap

    …liking her kids? And, truth be told, most dedicated, self-sacrificing Christian mothers feel the same way at times. Sometimes I Don’t Like My Kids is an honest look at the frustrations of mothering and the dangers of the “supermom” syndrome. From her own experience as a mother of…

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  • Goodbye, Planet Earth
    Robert H. Pierson

    …need to have that hope strengthened. The despairing need to find some ray of light. Don’t lay this book down until you have found that hope. What lies ahead? Of what can we be certain? To whom shall we look for counsel? Read Goodbye, Planet Earth and find the answers. Click here to find this…

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  • Treasure on Spyglass Hill
    Paul B. Ricchiuti

    …completely. And all that remained was the faraway sound of laughter floating down to where they crouched in the dark. Join best friends Gary and Scott as they try to solve the mystery of the floating lights and learn that treasures don’t always look exactly the way they’d imagined.

  • Whispers in the Wind (Shadow Creek Ranch) (3 Books in 1) Volume 2
    Charles Mills

    “Look at that,” the boy said to his big black horse. “I’ve never seen that kind of clouds before. Must be a storm, and I think it’s comin’ this way.” The boiling band of clouds and snow bore down from the northwest with fearsome speed. As the horse and rider…

  • Seekers
    Bradley Booth

    …free, it uncovered a pit that looked like a small cistern lined with stones. The pit was nearly filled with dirt, and in the middle of it was a mysterious clay jar. “Whoa! What on earth is this?” Micah jumped down in the hole to get a closer look, and Koz jumped in after him. “A…

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  • David's Triumph
    Brad Watson

    …glanced down. Several metres below him, the water-swept floor of the cavern glistened in the dark. If he slipped, he would plummet headfirst onto the unforgiving rock. David felt himself slipping and tried to brace himself, as searing pain spread through his left shoulder.” Things were looking

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