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  • Como ajudar seu filho a amar Jesus (Português)
    Donna J. Habenicht

    Na sociedade atual, a tarefa de educar os filhos é um desafio. O que fazer? Que abordagem usar? Como transmitir os valores espirituais? Com base em seu conhecimento nas áreas de desenvolvimento infantil e educação religiosa, a Dra. Habenicht explica como as…

  • 10 Christian Values Every Kid Should Know
    Donna J. Habenicht

    …values in school and in the media. What can a parent do? What are the secrets of growing a child into a happy adult? Using the latest research, Donna Habenicht provides more than 1,000 strategies for teaching kids the basic Christian values of respect, responsibility, self-control, honesty,…

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  • How to Help Your Child Really Love Jesus
    Donna J. Habenicht

    Practical Ideas on How to Help Your Child Grow Spiritually Based on her insights from the fields of child development and religious education, Dr. Habenicht explains how children develop spiritually and offers practical suggestions on how you can help your child establish a lasting friendship with…

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  • Green Ink
    Donna June Taylor

    …Green Ink is both serious and funny, happy and sad. Sometimes it is exciting, often thought provoking. Without moralizing or sermonizing, author Donna Taylor weaves an intriguing pattern that eventually reveals a powerful message—that Christian warfare is a battle with one’s own self…

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