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  • Darkness Will Not Overcome
    Richie Halverson

    Addiction is a disease that affects not only the addict but also everyone who loves them. Spouse, parents, children, friends—addicts end up hurting the ones who love them the most. It creeps into their minds: constant worry, perpetual suspicion, paranoia, and sleepless nights anticipating a…

  • Beyond Ashes
    Marlyn Olsen Vistaunet

    …tells her story with honesty and clarity. From being kidnapped as a three-year-old in Mexico to losing her brother after a house fire, to being drugged and raped as an adult, the author uses the traumas and disappointments of the past as stepping–stones preparing her for a love relationship…

  • God Is Crazy About You
    Cheri Peters

    …as a child, she was thrown onto the streets at age 13 to fend for herself. For the next ten years, her life played out as a dreary nightmare of drugs, violence, and barroom dancing. Then came her miracle. God rescued her, showing her that she was loved, unconditionally. In the years that followed,…

  • From Prodigal to Prodigy
    Jeremy J. Anderson

    …story to the Biblical story told by Christ. For some years Jeremy lost his way in life and became captive & corrupted with sexual promiscuity, drugs, violence and all that comes with living without Christ. As an answer to prayers and support of his parents and grandparents, God kept him in His…

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  • From Rock to Rock of Ages
    Dan P. Casson

    A few years ago, had you met Dan Casson you would have seen a troubled young rock musician plunging ever deeper into drugs, alcohol, and wild living. But God saw Dan, not as he was, but as he could be. When Dan finally turned to God, he discovered that God had a job for him to do. After his baptism,…

  • Lord, Keep Your Mansions-Just Save My Children
    Richard W. O'Ffill

    …home of a conservative minister. Today you are a successful administrator, an author, a camp meeting speaker with high ideals—and your son is on drugs. His 15-year-old girlfriend is pregnant. He drops out of college. Your heart is breaking. You did what good families are supposed to do. Daily family…

  • Foods that Heal
    George D. Pamplona-Roger, M.D.

    Before there were drugs, there was nature You can change your life by changing your diet. You can enjoy more vibrant health just by tapping into nature’s cornucopia of vitality-enhancing foods. Let world-renowned nutrition expert Dr. George D. Pamplona-Roger get you started on the pathway to…

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  • Will I Ever Learn: One Woman's Life of Miracles and Ministry
    Hyveth Williams

    …that no God would allow a little girl to suffer as she had, and so she embraced atheism. She submerged herself in a world of power and politics, drugs, the occult, broken relationships, pain, and emptiness until there was nothing about her to suggest a divine destiny. Only God knew what was in the…

  • It Takes a Church
    Gary Hopkins, Joyce Hopp

    A must-read guide to keeping young people safe and saved Drugs, alcohol, sex, school violence, broken homes and internet pornography are some of the dangers that put our children at high risk today. But the greatest potential risk factor seldom gets talked about—the lack of support from a…

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  • Convicted!
    Melanie Scherencel Bockmann

    …once in a while he spent a night in the local detention center. Then, on Halloween night, he got caught driving a getaway car loaded with cash, drugs, and guns. But this time he wasn’t getting off with a slap on the wrist. Everything he’d done up until now was child’s play in…

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  • Winning Over Sinning
    Patricia Maxwell

    …'How can I stop using bad language?' 'How can I conquer wrong sexual thoughts and deeds?' 'How can I stop overeating, smoking cigarettes, using drugs?' Overcoming sin is a great deal like winning a race. The Olympic Games offer a great way to illustrate God's principles for victory over temptation.…

  • O milionário da caverna (Português)
    Doug Batchelor

    …and his mother was in show-business. Doug had everything money could buy. But money could not buy him happiness and he found himself using drugs, fighting at school, and entertaining suicidal thoughts. Disgusted with life, and without purpose, he decided to search out all the fun and excitement…

  • Armageddon at the Door
    Jon Paulien

    No one would argue the fact that we live in uncertain times. Freedom as we knew it changed drastically after September 11. Scientists tell us that the earth won’t be able to support the existence of life much longer. Rampant crime and new drug-resistant diseases threaten our lives. In the back…

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