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  • Voo: o talento das aves DVD (Português)
    Illustra Media

    Voo: o talento das aves DVD (Português) é o primeiro filme da nova série da Illustra Media, O Projeto da vida. Cada episódio explora uma área diferente do reino animal e os sistemas biológicos notáveis que tornam a vida na terra possível.…

    $19.95 $9.99
  • The Final Battle DVD

    …The last chance is offered. Lucas makes up his mind. You, too, have a decision to make. In this war there is no neutral territory. The final battle has already begun. This 100 min. DVD is presented in 4 languages. Originally in Portuguese and dubbed in English. Spanish and French also included.

    $19.95 $2.97
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  • Beware of Angels DVD
    Lifestreams Media

    Beware of Angels features the real-life story of a Bible study group that fell into spiritualism and ultimately murder. Former occultists add their sobering personal accounts: a new age priest, the grandson of a high-ranking Freemason, a “Secret” disciple and a man who nearly committed…

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  • Surprised by Love DVD - 2V Set
    Elizabeth Talbot

    Surprised by Love DVD - 2V Set The two volume DVD set contains 10 video presentations. The video presentations are designed to be used most effectively with the Study Guide, either in small group or individual Bible studies. From Genesis to Revelation, Elizabeth Talbot beautifully unfolds the plan…

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  • Tell the World DVD
    General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

    For a limited time, purchase 5 or more Tell the World DVDs and receive an equal number of Adventist 2 DVDs free! The correct equations, but the wrong interpretation. The result was sadness, pain and discouragement. That’s how the story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church begins. Based on true…

  • Natural Lifestyle Cooking DVD
    Ernestine Finley

    Seven presentations that show how to prepare healthy, delicious, and well-balanced plant-based meals. The two DVD set includes seven shows: 1. Homemade Breadmaking Made Easy 2. Making Breakfast a Better Meal 3. Planning a Balanced Menu 4. Advantages of a Total Vegetarian Diet 5. Simple, Healthful…

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  • Live It DVD
    Loma Linda University

    …viewers to LIVE IT. Each 2-3 minute online video health series features simple tips to live healthier, longer. Running time approximately 35 minutes. DVD Contents (Click on the links below to watch on YouTube) 3:12 Nuts 2:40 Mediterranean Diet 2:39 Reusable Grocery Bags 2:31 Spiritual Health 3:24…

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  • The Midnight Cry! DVD
    Vision Video

    A truly American story about one man of the most remarkable episodes in the history of modern religion.

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  • 7 Deadly Relationship Sins DVD
    Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

    * Escalation* Invalidation* Defensiveness* Withdrawal* Denial* Misinterpretation* Stuffing These seven relationship pitfalls too often find their way into our nearest and dearest relationships. If left uncorrected, they can wreak havoc and destroy what might have been saved and cherished. The…

  • 7 Deadly Psychological Sins DVD
    Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

    This DVD will help the viewer discover seven personal negative thinking patterns – worry, avoidance, criticism, complaining, self-pity, emotionalism, bitterness – that influence one's emotional health. Learn how to “fix” them with simple replacement behaviors. The goal? A…

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  • The Adventists Trilogy 3V DVD Set
    Martin Doblmeier

    Three dynamic films, capture as never before, the story of Seventh-day Adventists. For the first time, in one collection, three films as seen on Public Television, from film maker Martin Doblmeier. * The Adventists explores the development of the Seventh-day Adventist church - an American-born…

    $29.95 $19.97
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  • Meet Ellen White DVD

    In this unparalleled production, documentary and drama are combined to present the amazing life of Ellen G White (selected scenes from Keepers of the Flame). You’ll picture her as never before, as Meet Ellen white explores her prophetic gift and her personal life. Part 1 Ellen G White: Messenger of…

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  • The Privileged Planet DVD
    Illustra Media

    This 60-minute documentary explores the scientific evidence for intelligent design and purpose in the universe. In the process, Earth is revealed as far more than the product of time, chance, and random natural processes.

  • A Musical Journey Animated DVD
    Saustin Mfune, Dumisani Mfune

    A Musical Journey DVD is a stunning animated treat full of exciting adventures as children follow the Pro-Active Kids to the Celebrations Castle. They will learn fun songs about healthy habits and how to live a healthy lifestyle as they follow Jesus.

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  • Living Waters DVD
    Illustra Media

    Photographed throughout the Pacific, Caribbean, and Atlantic oceans, and the rivers of Washington and Canada, Living Waters explores the mysteries of Humpback whales, sea turtles, dolphins, and salmon from a perspective ignored by the BBC, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel. This film…

  • Scared To Death DVD

    …the Bible says about death! This eye-opening movie deals with the dangers of spiritualism in a way kids can understand! Answers such questions as: What happens when people die? Can people talk to the dead? Should I watch scary movies? The DVD includes a complete Bible study on the state of the dead.

  • The Adventists 2 DVD
    Martin Doblmeier

    Around the world, over one billion people have little or no access to healthcare. And in the developing world, faith-based organizations often play a critical role in delivering life-saving treatment. The Adventists 2 is the story of how for more than a century, Seventh-day Adventists have brought…

    $19.95 $11.97
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  • Our Inspiring Heritage DVD 2 Volume Set
    Hope Channel

    The 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas, included a remembrance of the centennial of Ellen White's death. Each evening, Adventist historian Jim Nix told inspiring stories of sacrifice and commitment about Ellen G. White, William Miller, J. N. Andrews, and others. This two-DVD set…

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  • Abraham's Promise DVD
    Vision Video

    On this trek, Stevie explores the land where it all happened! Have you ever wondered how big the Sea of Galilee really is, or how hard it would be to climb Mt. Sinai? Have you thought about what Abraham’s life was actually like? Well, Stevie is in the land of the Bible and still find amazing…

  • Relax, Renew Sampler DVD
    J. Michael Media

    Five new media volumes for your library Relax, Renew--available in DVD or Blu-ray--will create a restful atmosphere of quiet inspiration. Breathtaking nature footage, soothing music and, on some, a collection of Bible verses will provide opportunity to relax you body and mind, and renew your spirit.…

    $10.00 $6.97
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  • Powerful Biblical Preaching 2 Volume DVD Set
    Derek J. Morris

    Discover how you can move to the next level of effectiveness in your quest to become a powerful biblical preacher. Disc #1 - Developing a Working Methodology — 12 steps Disc #2 - Effective Delivery 2 DVD Set

    $14.99 $9.97
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  • Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Limited Edition 3 DVD Set
    Dr. Jobe Martin

    Have you ever wondered . . . What bird can kill a lion with a single kick? Are there really creatures that produce fire to defend themselves? How Emperor Penguins can go two and a half months without eating or drinking? How do some dogs know a storm is brewing before it appears, or can sense when…

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  • Grand Old Camp Meeting DVD
    Kelly Smith Mowrer

    Jimmy Rhodes and Kelly Mowrer combine their musical talents, bringing you the best arrangements of the Grand old Camp Meeting songs! Grand Old Camp Meeting features 24 of the best arrangements of camp meeting music!

    $19.98 $12.97
  • Called to Serve DVD
    Adventist Frontier Missions

    The Palawano Project with Kent and Leonda George The last question we face as Jesus comes is how we served our fellow man--did we feed, clothe and visit the least of his children? See how the Georges sacrificed 14 years of their lives to bring healing, ministry and the gospel to the Palawano tribe…

    $14.95 $8.97
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