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  • Witness
    Jack J. Blanco

    He died for them. They lived for Him. No matter what happened—threats, beatings, stoning, exile, or imprisonment—the leaders of the infant Christian church were determined to take the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection to the entire world. That was their mission, their sole purpose in…

  • Showdown and Other Sports Stories for Boys
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …costs his team the game? How will a sponge diver, who desperately needs $100 for a sloop, handle diving into the dangerous reef where his father died and his grandfather lost the use of his legs? When a hockey player's grand-standing costs his team points, what will the coach--his father--do and…

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  • Mark: The Gospel of Jesus
    William G. Johnsson

    …good news. That is the word John Mark uses as the title of his gospel. Christian tradition says Mark ultimately founded the church of Alexandria and died during the persecution of Nero. Now William Johnsson, drawing on his multicultural experience, offers us new insights into the Gospel of Mark. How…

  • Frau Luther
    Yvonne Davy

    …von Bora had been content to count her beads, do penance for her sins, and close her mind to the truths of the Bible, she would have lived and died in the obscurity of the Convent. But because she followed where God led, she became the first lady of the evangelical Reformation, the wife of the…

  • Mini El Centinela: Cómo puedo vivir eternamente – Paquetes de 100 solamente (Espanol)
    El Centinela

    …muestra cómo. Mini El Centinela - How I Can Live Eternally Would you like to know if you would be saved in the eternal kingdom of God if you died tonight? You can have that certainty. This little booklet shows you how. Mini El Centinela delievers one truth-filled article from the full-sized,…

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  • Questioning Death
    G. G. Albert

    …to do this because through my experience, heartache and all, I have learned some things that have completely changed my life for the better and given me peace of mind that's hard to explain. If you have ever lost someone and wondered about those who have died then I believe this book is for you.

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  • Surviving Grief
    Sandy Zaugg

    …Zaugg knows something about hardships and trials. When her children were 8 and 13, she lost her husband to colon cancer. Nine years later, her son died as a result of an automobile accident. This book is the honest rendition of one woman’s struggle through devastating grief and her ultimate…

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  • The Shoebox Kids 05 - The Broken Dozen Mystery
    Glen Robinson, Jerry D. Thomas

    The Shoebox Kids #5 Sheffield Matheson, Mill Valley's most famous artist, painted twelve pictures of children. But when he died long ago in a mysterious fire, one painting disappeared. When Sammy and Jenny see the Broken Dozen paintings at the Mill Valley art museum, Sammy begins to wonder: What if…

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  • How Jesus Treated People
    Morris L. Venden

    …hospitals. People of all sizes, colors, and personalities. Jesus is the original 'people person.' He invented them, created them, became one of them, died for them, and just can't seem to do without them. How Jesus treated people while here in earth is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding studies…

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  • Christ Is Coming!
    Norman R. Gulley

    …Attack on Jesus Christ * The Christian Coalition and the Endgame * Dominion Eschatology * Precursors of End-time Eschatology * You Will Not Surely Die * The Intermediate State * Purgatory * Holistic View of Human Nature * The Christian View of Death * The Debate on Hell Heats Up * The Cases for and…

  • Julius Again!
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …tears, Mitch felt alone. His feathered friend was gone. But Julius' disappearance wasn't the only thing bothering Mitch. You see, Mitch's dad had died when Mitch was a baby, and now his mom was dating another man. Would she still have time to spend with Mitch? Would he get a new dad? Mitch wasn't…

  • Experiencing God's Love

    …Does your soul yearn for peace? Do you long for forgiveness? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Can you know for certain that Jesus died for you? That His everlasting love is yours? Experiencing God's Love will provide Bible-based answers to these important questions and more. You will…

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  • Service and a Smile
    Nancy Beck Irland

    …Together with the missionaries that accompanied them, they endured severe hardships, especially during the Matebele uprising, and when some of them died with blackwater fever, a particularly virulent type of malaria. Yet they did not give up. One of the reasons for their resiliency was their ability…

  • As the Stars Forever
    Hazel McElhany Greer

    …of harassment by family and relatives, even imprisonment, she still witnesses for her faith. Not until after World War II did she learn several of her persecutors converted because of her adamant fervor . . . before they died in the gas chambers of Europe. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Un Santuario en el tiempo, cuarta parte DVD (Espanol)
    LLT Productions

    …the Sabbath are burned at the stake in the Red Plaza of Moscow. * IN SPAIN: * Constantino Ponce de la Fuente, an outstanding Roman Catholic priest, died in jail during the Inquisition for encouraging the observance of Sabbath. * IN SLOVAKIA: * After hanging for hours, the Anabaptist Andrés…

  • Follow Me: How to Walk with Jesus Every Day
    Miroslav M. Kis

    …to be a disciple of the One who said, "Follow Me". Miraslav M. Kis Miroslav M. Kis was born and raised in then-Communist Yugoslavia. His father died when he was 2. The tenth of 11 children, he faced poverty and persecution because of his Christian beliefs. He has been a watchmaker, a youth leader,…

  • When Death Isn't Fair: Coping With Overwhelming Grief
    Joy Swift

    Four of her five children were murdered in a single night. Then her oldest child, Stephanie, 17, died of cancer. The World Trade Center catastrophe only reawakened her enormous sorrow. Those who lose loved ones, and those who comfort them, need a guide through the storm. Joy Swift has plumbed the…

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  • Sure Salvation
    Philip W. Dunham

    …people throughout Christian history have experienced—the assurance that every believer can and should have—in the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” Read this book and find the peace and joy Christ died to give you. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Secret of the Yellow Van
    Sandy Zaugg

    …ten-year-old Jennifer cried and sometimes she was angry, but most of all she missed her daddy. It had been only six months ago that her daddy had died of cancer. Jennifer knew other people who had been cured of cancer. Why didn’t God answer her prayers? Was it because she wasn’t good…

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  • Humble Hero (Condensed Conflict of the Ages Series) Vol 3
    Ellen G. White

    …disciples. Come meet the Humble Hero, Jesus Christ, who grew up on this earth in human form. He is God and He is your Friend. He left heaven for you. He died for you. He rose again for you, and will come in the clouds of heaven for you. He alone can satisfy the deepest longing of your heart. This is…

  • Called to Serve
    Kenneth Cox

    …has led thousands to the foot of the cross in seventeen different countries, risking his reputation and even his life to reach those whom Christ died for. It will keep you turning the pages-laughing and crying by turns- and ultimately inspire you to do more for the Master! Click here to find this…

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  • Under the Shadow
    Mary Hui-Tze Wong

    …40 years of dedicated service. By the time Yun Foh was born in 1911, his father had thrown away the family gods. Where were you when my family died of the Black Death? He silently asked them with rising rage. He decided to join the Lutherans. He’d heard their God was greater than all the…

  • Transformado por el espíritu (Espanol)
    Juan Cubero

    …Jesús. Transformed by the Spirit (Spanish) This book tells the story of Juan Cubero, a youth who, judging by all human appearance, should have died at the hands of rival gang members or police before he reached his thirtieth birthday. His is a story of a boy who tried to find his place among…

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  • Lucas: Salvación para todos (Espanol)
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …puedes intercambiar tu temor por MEGA GOZO! Jesus 101 - Luke: Salvation For All (Spanish) The news is in! The best good news ever – JESUS died for ALL Luke uses the nouns “Savior” and “Salvation” more than any other Gospel writer. The human race was buried under sin,…

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