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  • Madison: God's Beautiful Farm
    Harry Christman, Ira Gish

    …themselves within walking distance of a plantation that was for sale. “Not that place,” Sutherland said. “Surely not that rundown rocky plantation.” But— E. A. Sutherland accepted the counsel of Mrs. White and realized that nothing is too hard for the Lord when one…

  • From City to Country Living
    E. A. Sutherland, Arthur L. White

    How do we—people who have grown accustomed to city living, with all its conveniences—make the transition to country living? It’s not easy to lay aside one lifestyle in exchange for another. From City to Country Living not only encourages us to comply with the inspired counsel of Ellen White, but…

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 5
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …5. By Special Delivery By G. E. Wallace 6. The Man Who Missed Christmas By J. Edgar Parks 7. The Blue Christmas Tree By Anne E. Schraff 8. To Springvale for Christmas By Zona Gale 9. Christmas Angel By Ethelyn M. Parkinson 10. Somebody in the Corner By John Sutherland Bonnell 11. Something Quite…

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