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  • Broken Stick
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …spiritual victories and miraculous answers to prayer. Actually, this isn’t just the story of two courageous missionaries from Australia. This book is full of stories about the incredible power of God in the lives of all those who choose to follow Him because somebody loved them enough to tell…

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  • The Time of the End
    James L. Hayward, Sr.

    …references 4. 25-page Subject Index including over 3,000 entries enhances the value of this book. Endorsements: G. Edward Reid, NAD Stewardship Director: "I would highly recommend this important and valuable book to anyone seeking a better knowledge of the time of the end." Roger W. Coon, Retired…

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  • Truth Matters
    Herbert E. Douglass

    …reasons—many of which are groundless in my opinion.” Douglass’s purpose in writing this book is threefold:* to urge Adventists who have been blessed by Rick Warren’s book to take a second look at the theological direction of the Purpose Driven Life movement* to urge others…

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  • To Be Like Jesus
    Ellen G. White

    "We can have what Enoch had. We can have Christ as our constant companion." The Shepherd knows His sheep. When we stumble, He lifts us up, binds our wounds, and leads us on to victory. By daily surrender to His will we can enjoy sweet communion with God. Our trembling hand in His, we walk side by…

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  • Africa Has My Heart
    Valdemar E. Toppenberg

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. The realism of missions is sometimes covered by a romantic frosting;…

  • Hijos e hijas de Dios (Espanol)
    Ellen G. White

    Hijos e hijas de Dios no solo fue el Segundo libro devocional recopilado de los escritos de Elena G. de White; sino que es, entre las obras de meditaciones para todos los días del año, la más citada. Esto se debe a que la inmensa mayoría de sus citas eran inéditas…

  • A visão apocalíptica e a neutralização do Adventismo (Português)
    George R. Knight

    …se autoesterilizou e descubra como o adventismo tem sido tentado a fazer o mesmo. George Knight considera este pequeno livro o mais importante de sua carreira. Sem dúvida, é um livro que deve ser lido por todos os que se interessam pelo futuro do adventismo e o cumprimento da…

  • 101 Perguntas sobre Ellen White e seus escritos (Português)
    Ellen G. White Estate

    …Tudo o que ela escreveu é inspirado?* As traduções modernas da Bíblia são perigosas? Todos os dias, os responsáveis pelo patrimônio literário de Ellen White recebem perguntas sobre ela, seus escritos, sua vida e suas crenças. Neste…

  • Viva com esperança: segredos para ter saúde e qualidade de vida (Português)
    Mark Finley, Peter N. Landless

    …do coração e obesidade. Aqui você descobrirá os reais benefícios da boa nutrição para o corpo e a mente. Além disso, encontrará a fórmula para aumentar a resiliência e verá como o amor e o perdão restauram…

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  • The Miracle of the Book
    E. W. Erickson, Ruth Wheeler

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. This is the story of the Bible. Whether the Bible is read in German,…

  • Outreach Series (3 Book Set)

    Offer valid May 1 – August 31, 2018 Tools to Strengthen Your Impact There are so many great books with strategies for sharing your faith with the people in your life. It’s something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. What’s holding you back? Is it fear of questions? Not…

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 19
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …that could not have ended in bitterness and failure."Stories in this book Introduction The Faded Christmas Tree By Margaret E Sangster Jr 1. Which Was the Greatest? By Joseph Leininger Wheeler 2. The Christmas Letter By Robert E. Johnson 3. Patty's Favorite Doll By Jan Keller 4. A Carol for Katrusia…

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 16
    Joe L. Wheeler

    As we reach the proverbial age of “sweet sixteen” (young for a woman, but old indeed for a book series), it is appropriate to ask, “Why?” Today, when almost nothing lasts and fame itself supposedly expires in 15 minutes, here we have this simple little series of Christmas…

  • Christmas In My Heart Book 20
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …in this book Introduction Christmas Carol By Sara Teasdale 1. Measuring Our Lives by Our Christmases By Joseph Leininger Wheeler 2. Joseph's Coat By Jennie Harris Oliver 3. Midnight in the Stable By Elizabeth Goudge 4. Bell of Truth By Morgan Hill 5. Santa Claus Had Red Hair By Margaret E. Sangster…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 5
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …born with, and then lose somewhere along the way.Stories in this book Introduction We Get Letters--Lots and Lots of Letters By Joseph Leininger Wheeler 1. Christmas in Tin Can Valley By Author Unknown 2. With a Star on Top By Margaret E. Sangster 3. The Invisible Christmas Trees By William Barthel…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 8
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …STORIES Each Christmas, bookstores have displayed stacks and stacks of new Christmas books. Since this is so, why then should we come out with an eighth Christmas in My Heart? Good question! After all, are these books different from most of the others? Dr. Wheeler has been asked that question by…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 11
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …observed the Christmas season in this way? --Joe WheelerStories in this book Introduction Serenity at Christmas By Joseph Leininger Wheeler 1. And the Two Were Made One By Dennis Eberhart 2. This Christmas Business By Margaret E. Sangster, Jr. 3. In Rememberance of Me By Wilbur Hendricks 4. Lipstick…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 6
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …the stories. All you have to do is read them out loud.–Joe L. Wheeler.Stories in this book Introduction From Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus By Joseph Leininger Wheeler 1. Small Things By Margaret E. Sangster, Jr. 2. The Servant Candle By Terry Beck 3. Clorinda's Gift By Lucy Maud Montgomery…

  • Issues in the Book of Hebrews
    Frank B. Holbrook

    …the Book of Hebrews, Richard M. Davidson * Antithetical Or Correspondence Typology? Alberto R. Treiyer * Sanctuary Theology, Alwyn P. Salom Appendix A: Ta Hagia in the Epistle to the Hebrews, Alwyn P. Salom Appendix B: Hebrews 6:19-Analysis of Some Assumptions Concerning Katapetasma , George E. Rice

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 2
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …without Christ is a travesty.–Joe L. WheelerStories in this book Introduction "The 36 Days of Christmas" By Joe L. Wheeler 1. The Littlest Orphan and the Christ Baby By Margaret E. Sangster 2. The Real Christmas Spirit By Helen E. Richard 3. The Gift of the Magi By O. Henry 4. Running Away…

  • Christmas In My Heart, Book 18
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …this book will provide ample inspiration! “If a child has never had to sacrifice for the good of others, that child will most likely grow up to be spiritually stunted. . . . the fondest memories generally have to do with tough times.”—Joe L. WheelerStories in this book Introduction…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 10
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …readers like you not only love the older collections (books 1-9) but continue to anticipate the newest one, and as long as we feel that each new collection is the "best one yet," we’ll keep coming out with new annual collections. This book completes our first decade. Our next will begin the…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 9
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …magically softened and the soul reaches out to others. A time when the cold of the season is offset by the warmth of the joy within.Stories in this book Introduction Home for Christmas By Joseph Leininger Wheeler 1. Waiting…Waiting for Christmas By Elizabeth English 2. His Guiding Star By…

  • The Undiscovered Jesus Bible Book Shelf 2Q 2015
    Timothy E. Crosby

    Thought you knew a lot about Jesus? Think again. Did you know that He was born in a house, not a barn? that He asked disciples to give Him, not 10 percent, but 100 percent of their money? that He avoided cities, crowds, and the title “Christ”? Sparkling insights tumble from every paragraph,…

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