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  • God Said It: The Life of Joseph Book 2
    Bradley Booth

    …family. Most important, the book teaches important lessons about trusting God and forgiving others. The God Said It series uses beautiful pictures and fascinating, true stories to introduce children to the Bible. It helps them understand the importance of reading and learning from the Word of God.

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  • Jack and the 10 Rules (Stewardship Jack Book 2)
    Janice Mathews

    …second book Jack the dog shares his uncanny wisdom about the importance of keeping the Ten Commandments. Young stewards in training often balk at the idea of obedience, but good old Jack has this particular concept down pat. Lilting verse and captivating photos make it fun for children to learn that…

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  • Forever Stories: Jesus Lives With Us (Book 4)
    Carolyn Byers

    Children find Jesus "In the Temple" and learn about His childhood. "God’s Son" tells the story of Jesus’ baptism and temptations. Children spend "One Day With Jesus" as He heals the sick, raises the dead, and tells everyone about His special plan to forgive their sins and take them home.…

  • Forever Stories: God Makes Our World (Book 1)
    Carolyn Byers

    …the enemy and brings sin and sadness into the universe. * "A New World" brings them the splendor and color of Creation! * Next they visit "God’s Park" to attend a special wedding and tour Adam and Eve’s Eden home. * In "Two Trees" children learn about an important Adam and Eve must make.

  • Forever Stories: God Makes a Promise (Book 2)
    Carolyn Byers

    …Satan! In "The First Baby" they meet Cain, Abel, and Seth, and learn the meaning behind sacrificing a lamb. "One Little Star." God promises one of Abraham and Sarah’s descendants will be the promised Saviour! In "The Offering" children wait breathlessly as Abraham makes the hardest decision of…

  • Forever Stories: Getting Ready for Jesus (Book 3)
    Carolyn Byers

    …the thrilling story of how God helps Pharaoh change his mind and set the slaves free. In "The Day Nobody Could Forget" children join in the miraculous escape from Egypt and learn about God’s 10 rules for a happy life. In "Neighbors" God asks his people to build a tent-church. "Desert Boy,"…

  • Healthy Inside Out - Fun Skits For Kids
    Amanda Bews

    This book of fun skits is designed to help children learn: * The importance of eating healthy food* The Importance of drinking water* The importance of healthy eating* The importance of sleep* The importance of passing on your faith Participating in skits is active learning for any child. This book

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  • Great Stories for Kids 5 Volume Set
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …kid and a hungry bear? Parents --while your children are reading these entertaining stories, they're also learning about developing self-esteem, dealing with fear, making choices, living in blended families, and many other issues. These five hardcover books will not only last for years to come, but…

  • Beanie The Horse That Wasn't a Horse
    Heather Grovet

    …Horse, by Heather Grovet, is a story about differences and learning to love them. This cute tale of a homely little hinny with a big heart will have children aged 6-10 grinning from ear to ear. As they laugh they’ll also learn not to judge by outward appearances and that God knows what’s…

  • Worship Time
    Dorothy B. Walter

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Would you have your children know God and experience His love? The…

  • Secrets of the Sea
    Colleen L. Reece

    …oysters, herons, cormorants, pelicans, puffins, grunions, pigfish, seals, walruses, sea otters, octopuses, starfish, loons, porpoises, dolphins, gulls, whales, sea anemones, sea urchins, jellyfish, crabs, limpets, and many other living things. But all the while they are learning lessons about Jesus.

  • God's Ten Promises
    Kimberley Tagert-Paul

    …portrayal of the Ten Commandments can often seem negative to a kid. In God’s Ten Promises you will find a refreshingly different approach to learning about this important topic. Join twins Cameron and Kaitlynn as they discover something exciting – the commandments are not a list of…

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  • God Said It - Sampler
    Bradley Booth

    …introduces children to the Bible. It is designed to help children understand the importance of reading and learning from the Word of God. The Scriptures contain hundreds of stories about God’s people who became faithful witnesses for Him. Five of those stories are included in this book. The…

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  • Draw Me Healthy
    Brandon Reese

    Noah doesn’t feel very good. He’s been sitting on the sofa watching TV and eating junk food. Will you help him feel better? Will you help him learn how to be healthy? All you need are some sticky notes, a pencil, and oodles of imagination!

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  • Julius! The Perfectly Pesky Pet Parrot
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …readers of all ages. Preschoolers and early readers will appreciate the easy-to-read sentences and humorous illustrations. Learning the responsibilities of having a pet can often be hair-raising experience, as Mitch found out. But through every incident, he learns valuable lessons in living his life…

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  • Fruit of the Spirit
    Kimberley Tagert-Paul

    …spend the summer learning about the fruit of the Spirit—and why it matters that we know about them. And even though, as Mishanda says, things such as patience, goodness, and faithfulness “don’t sound like anything you could bake into a pie,” you can learn how the Holy Spirit…

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  • Tiny Tots For Jesus 3V Set
    Cinda Sanner

    …farmyard to see what special surprise is waiting in Grandpa Chuck’s barn. Another book has Miss Cinda cooking up some fun in the kitchen for Michael, Delmas, and Hannah. In the third book Noah and Mirielle learn about Jesus and His love for them in a visit with Auntie Linda. Three volume set.

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  • Ossie the Otter
    Kenneth C. Crawford

    …But Ossie, a baby river otter, barely noticed—he was on a mission. Tag along with Ossie on his aquatic adventures as he encounters the rough and tumbling river, battles a hungry osprey, ad makes friends with a beaver named Sage—all the while learning to survive in the Alaskan wilderness.

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  • Childhood Friends of Jesus
    Inez Brasier

    …be white, and there would be a place in the wall where the beds were put away during the daytime! This delightful book for younger children will tell the story of Rhoda, David, Joel, and Esther, who lived in houses like this. Children will learn what it was like to live in Nazareth when Jesus did.

  • It Did Happen
    Enid Sparks

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Introduce your children to a time when life was simpler and…

  • 52 5-Minute Sermons for Kids
    Anne Pilmoor

    You want your children to learn and remember biblical truths they can apply throughout their lives—but you are short of time? You’ll find this book helpful, as it’s packed with simple yet memorable object lessons that you can show your children at home or at church, reinforcing…

  • My Quiet Time With Jesus - Prayer Calendar and Journal
    Karen Holford, Linda Koh

    …"It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer: and while they are still speaking, I will hear" (Isaiah 66:24, NKJV) My Quiet Time With Jesus: Prayer Calendar and Journal will help you to experience the power of prayer and learn about God's love for you. Are you ready? He's listening.

  • Uncle Ben's Cloverfield
    W. H. B. Miller

    …young children will find that worker bees’ interactions in the cloverfields can teach them many lessons about how to be a “worker bee” for God. Within the pages of this book are many new things to learn in nature and lessons about God and the work his children are meant…

  • Blondie's Big Ride
    Heather Grovet

    …riding instructor, gets cancer, Megan learns that even when things don’t go the way we’d like, God can make a difference in our lives. In Blondie’s Big Ride, book four in the Ready-to-Ride series, the girls have lots of questions when they learn about Trish’s cancer. They…

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